PhytoScience Review: an Overhyped MLM Company

phyto science review, review
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PhytoScience is a nutritional supplement MLM company that mainly deals with health and skincare products.

The company was founded in 2012 and based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Moreover, after 18 months of the launch, the company become one of the top MLM company of Malaysia.

You are thinking to join the PhytoScience, but you have doubt whether it is a real company or a scam then read this article till the end.

In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about the company. Moreover, in this post, I have pointed out some of the red flags that you need to know before joining the company.

About PhytoScience – PhytoScience Review

phyto science review, review

PhytoScience creates the stem cell-based product and their products mainly compromise of moisturizers, sunscreen, perfume, and chocolate drinks. However, there are some products present on the company website which are not backed scientific studies.

The owner of the company is Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Lai Teck Peng. Moreover, his wife is also majorly involved in the company.

According to the information given on the official website Dato’ Sri Lai has more than 26 years of experience in network marketing.

Moreover, he also had a good track record of extensive leadership and operational management skills in global consumer businesses.

However, I am not able to find much information about the owner of the company from anywhere else other than the company official website.

PhytoScience claims themself as a trend maker. According to their website, they are in the business of life transformation. So they welcome all to join the company, or you can say to invest in the company.

Moreover, the company use 4Ps to define their company goal, and the meaning of these 4Ps is Produce -> Plan -> Form -> People.

If you visit the company website you will find out that their website consists of various cheesy catchphrases and buzzwords.

The company claim that they are a multi-million dollar company. In my opinion, a multi-million dollar company can easily afford a better website than this.

In my opinion if you really want to invest your money in a safe place then firstly invest in Crypto Trading Bots. These Bots will help you  to invest your money safely. Moreover, these bots are more trustable as compare to the people who run the MLM scams.

PhytoScience Products

As I have already told you, the company operates in the health and fitness niche. Below is a list of products that are present on the company website.

  • Double Stem-cell: It is a proprietary blend of signature stem cell extracts.
  • 2 Slim: It is a weight loss product that consists of only natural ingredients.
  • Snowphyll:  It is a haemoglobin supplement.
  • H2o Moisturizer: This product nourishes cells and hydrates the skin.
  • Miracle Intense Essence: It helps the skin to maintain the perfect cellular balance.
  • Shine Stem: It is a multi-function anti-ageing product.
  • Parfum Elixir: It is a perfume oil.
  • Double Snow Chocolate: It is an energy drink that comprises of various vitamins, proteins, and minerals.
  • Water Tumbler: It is BPA free water bottle of 650ml.

However, the company does not provide retail pricing on their official website. While researching about the company products, I find out that the company get various regulatory warnings by Malaysia Malaysia’s National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau, but I am not able to verify all the warnings.

PhytoScience Compensation Plan

The company doesn’t provide any compensation plan on its website. Various affiliate marketers have put everything together to describe the company compensation plan.

Moreover, an affiliate only gets an 80% of commission from the total commission that affiliate earns because 20% of commission is withheld into a redemption points balance.

Redemption points is an internal currency of PhytoScience. This currency can only be used by the affiliates to purchase products from their website

Recruitment Commission

The company pays to the affiliate for recruiting new affiliate so that they can do the same thing. The commission that anyone gets depends upon how much a new affiliate spends while joining the company as well as how much the affiliate that is recruiting spend in the company.

There are three memberships an affiliate can choose while joining the company. Below is detail about these three memberships.

Silver and Silver Mix Affiliates

  • $30 commission for recruiting a silver or silver mix affiliate.
  • $88 commission fo recruiting a gold or gold mix affiliate.
  • $176 commission fo recruiting a mobile or mobile mix affiliate.

Gold and Gold Mix Affiliates

  • $30 commission for recruiting a silver or silver mix affiliate.
  • $176 commission fo recruiting a gold or gold mix affiliate.
  • $294 commission fo recruiting a mobile or mobile mix affiliate.

Mobile and Mobile Mix Affiliates

  • $30 commission for recruiting a silver or silver mix affiliate.
  • $88 commission fo recruiting a gold or gold mix affiliate.
  • $588 commission fo recruiting a mobile or mobile mix affiliate.

Key-In Recruitment Bonus

The key-in recruitment bonus is only given to the mobile and mobile mix affiliates. The commission they earn is as following.

  • $3.65 for recruiting a sliver affiliate.
  • $22 for recruiting a gold affiliate.
  • $73.50 for recruiting a sliver affiliate.

Residual Commissions

The PhytoScience pays residual commission by using both binary and uni-level compensation structure. Below I have discussed both of them in detail.


In binary structure, the one affiliate is at the top, and two affiliates are below. In the same way, two-two affiliates are below the above each affiliate, and it goes so on.

The commissions in the binary structure are tracked via points. Moreover, every affiliate package generates a specific amount of points which is as follows.

  • 73 Points: Silver
  • 440 Points: Gold
  • 1470 Points: Mobile

Furthermore, the highest level of commission an affiliate can earn also depends on how many affiliates spend at the time of joining the company.

  • Silver affiliates can earn $58.40 for four pairs.
  • Gold affiliates can earn $116.80 for eight pairs.
  • Mobile affiliates can earn $233.60 for 16 pairs.


In uni-level structure, one affiliate is present at the top, and three affiliates are below. Moreover, three more affiliates are below the above every three affiliates, and in the same way, it goes so own.

In this, the commissions are given depending on the sales volume generated by affiliates within the uni-level team. There are a total of 10 levels in the uni-level compensation plan, and each level earns a different amount of commission.

  • 6%: Level 1
  • 5%: Level 2 and 3
  • 4%: Level 4 to 6
  • 3%: Level 7 to 10

Final Verdict about PhytoScience

PhytoScience somehow seems a legit business opportunity because it is the number 1 MLM company in Malaysia, but I cannot say that they are not doing any kind of scam.

I would not recommend you to join this company at all. Although it is an established MLM company, the idea of stem-cell technology is so enticing, and even the health claims of PhytoScience are so good to be true.

Moreover, there are some transparency issues in the company, and the company doesn’t even bother to provide details about the company compensation plan on their official website.

The PhytoScience business opportunity might work for you. If you have experience in sales and MLM, but if you are just starting, then there is no benefit of joining the company.

If you want to invest your money in a safe place then you can invest in Crypto Cloud Mining Companies. Thses Crypto companies are 100 % safe and provide you the good return on your investment.

I hope this review of PhytoScience is helpful and it gives you full information about the company.

Thank you!!!

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