Plunox Review: A Terrible Broker

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Plunox Review
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Plunox states it has a responsive customer support team that operates around the clock. The whole time the sales reps are the ones who will be persuading you to deposit funds

Plunox brags it is one of the reputable CFD brokers in the market. Clients can trade with confidence as everything is taken care of. They even claim to have an award-winning trading interface. The registration process is swift. Within minutes you can start your trading activities.

The entity allegedly guides clients in making the best financial decision. The available products are forex, commodities, futures, indices, and shares. The company attributes its success to the top-notch use of technology. You only need an electronic device to start earning.

Plunox Review, Plunox Company

It is essential that before you start investing, you educate yourself. Understanding the basic things about trading could save you the trouble of dealing with fraudsters. The market is flooded with multiple con artists. They target novice traders as they are the ones that are easy to deceive.

Check if a broker is licensed. Plunox is an illegal venture that does not have a regulatory form. The firm state it analyses the market on behalf of investors.  Provide the latest news; hence you can know what will affect the price of assets. The work with the op-liquidity providers in the market. Most of the statements that the scheme makes can’t be proven.

Trusting an offshore scheme could lead to losing much more than just money. Instead of trading with uncertainty, we have done the leg work for you. Here are some of the best forex trading brokers that are transparent and trustworthy. These schemes have an excellent trading performance. Review

Plunox is assuring investors it segregate their account in top-tier 1 banks. Hence, the money of the traders is safe. However, they leave behind essential information. The name of the financial institution is not availed. Scammers tend to provide misleading data to appear as legit firms.

The venture has competitive trading conditions. The main drawback of offshore schemes is they look for opportunities to exploit the investors. However, there is no evidence that they are trading. Once you are lured to their fraudulent scheme, you cannot recover the deposited amount.

Plunox states it has a responsive customer support team that operates around the clock. The whole time the sales reps are the ones who will be persuading you to deposit funds. Sadly, once things go south, all communication shall be cut. Never share your contact details with a murky scheme.

We cannot seem to find any peerless feature of the broker. You are better off without them. The platform only provides insufficient information regarding its trading activities. Find a reputable scheme that will help you earn real-time returns.

Trading Conditions of Plunox

The platform claims it uses the latest technology in the market. They have everything traders may need to become successful investors. The entity also claims it creates a conducive trading environment. They have a web trader interface. The spread that clients can enjoy is 0.5 pips.

Clients need $5 to open a trade which is a fair deal. However, the main problem with the scheme is they lack a license. The advertised leverage is 1:400, which is beyond what multiple regulatory bodies in the market limit. Once you lose funds, the con artists benefits.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The broker list payment methods like; Credit and debit cards. The least amount that you can deposit is $250. The entity provides inadequate information regarding the withdrawal. The withdrawal request for the bonuses is unfair. Investors need to meet a turnover of $5 million if they take the $200 incentive. Review, Advantages

Regulatory bodies are against investment schemes offering bonuses. The money legally belongs to the companies. Hence, scammers use such benefits to lure in naive clients. Many people never go through the terms and conditions, thus leading to more trouble.

Contact Details snd Customer Support

Plunox is a scheme that does not provide information regarding its whereabouts. The report indicates the scheme is from SVG bit con artists who use the same information to lure innocent people. If they close down their business, it shall be impossible to trace them down.

Once you fall for their catch they will cut off communications with you. Emails will also go unreported. There is no professional team that is going to assist you. Legit companies, on the other hand, hire a responsive and ethical team. They operate around the clock.

Regulation Status of Plunox

The entity does not provide information regarding its regulatory status. The platform is operating as it pleases without minding what the regulatory body wants. The funds of traders are in severe hazard. The entity is not segregating the amount. The scheme does not report its trading activities to anyone.

There are multiple regulatory bodies in the market. They aim to protect investors against dealing with con artists. A hefty capital that varies depending on the countries is set for the brokers. The amount can be used to compensate clients in case of unforeseen risks. Additionally, it proves the financial firms can withstand the volatility of the market.

Plunox is operating anonymously. Clients have the right to know the qualifications of the individuals handling their money. Signing up with the entity is a blind move. They can choose to exit the market without giving notice. Furthermore, the entity is not reporting its daily trading activities to the authority.

We do not know what happened behind the closed door. The lack of transparency is a call for alarm. If they were to shut down their website today, nobody would be held countable for their obscurity. If you want to start training, we suggest that you find brokers that have a license from the FCA, NFA, CySEC, or ASIC. These are some of the recognized bodies in the market. You will have peace of mind that your money is safe.

False Testimonials

Plunox features a section with testimonials from their clients. The company is allegedly a transparent scheme. They have no intention of stealing from their customers, despite the scheme being registered for a short period in the market. The clients claim the venture is here to stay.

The venture allegedly tells clients when to open or close the trade. They recommend the scheme to everyone who is starting the trading activity. Moreover, the trading platform also has several tools. Unfortunately, all the above are false testimonials. We are yet to see anyone that has earned from the company.

Plunox uses stock images. This shows how desperate the scheme is to deceive investors they are genuine. The registration process requires clients to verify their accounts using proof of residence and identity. You should not share such information with con artists.

The Domain Insight

Plunox is a shady investment platform that was registered in August 2021. The information of the registrar is missing. The entity aspires to be in the market for only one year. There is a high likelihood of them not coming back. The location of their clients is currently unknown. The traffic that is visiting the scheme is also insufficient.

Final Verdict

Plunox is a scam, and there is no other way of describing the entity. They provide false information to win over investors. However, the only thing that the scheme is good at is stealing from innocent people. The trading conditions of the entity are not ideal.

Here is a list of some of the best forex trading companies in the market. The brokers have been trading for years. Accordingly with customer support you can rely om pleasant trade experience.

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