Pluton500 Review: has Unfavorable Trading Conditions

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Pluton500 Review
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Pluton500 claims that it is a trusted broker. However, there are no reviews from their existing clients. Moreover, the company does not have a trading history which is a big red flag. The time that it has been in the industry is also short.

Pluton500 is a company that can easily be mistaken for a legit venture. The entity states that it offers fund safety to investors. However, we are against traders signing up with them. According to the entity, it does not charge commission on deposit.

The minimum amount that you can start trading with is 250 EUR. It is beyond the market standard. Moreover, this platform markets itself as an MT4 firm. The broker believes it should be a destination for all investors.

Pluton500 Review, Pluton500 Company

Pluton500 claims that it is a trusted broker. However, there are no reviews from their existing clients. Moreover, the company does not have a trading history which is a big red flag. The time that it has been in the industry is also short.

The entity allegedly has over 400 trading instruments. Therefore, it guarantees a great outcome to traders. Additionally, investors can trade via phone. We also learned that the broker is offering the best education opportunity to clients.

However, we cannot attest to the same as we do not know what their training involves. You need to be keen when investing as the market is plagued by multiple scammers. Moreover, it is not easy to differential between legit firms especially if you are a novice trader. Nonetheless, acquiring the appropriate knowledge will save you from all the uncertainty. Review

Pluton500 is an illegal venture that is not licensed. The display characteristics have been used by several scammers. The broker promises investors high profits. However, you will not get a penny if you choose to believe their word.

The broker is operating as it pleases. The platform registration process is straightforward. Unfortunately, investors report a difficult time accessing their trading area. The entity is offering 8 investment accounts to investors.

Pluton500 is an anonymous venture that wants to remain hidden. The information regarding the financial officers and managers that are handling the trading activity is not availed. Therefore, we do not know if they are indeed capable of generating desirable returns to investors.

The broker is surrounded by uncertainty. Sadly, they are not doing anything to clear up the doubt. Their offer might make you want to deposit funds with them but it will be a big mistake. It is best to look for a better alternative in the market.

Invest with genuine forex trading companies that are transparent. You are going to earn genuine returns. Moreover, the security of your money is guaranteed. These are credible firms that have been serving their clients diligently.

Regulation and Registration of Pluton500

The company has a section entailing its regulation information. The broker presents itself as a transparent and honest firm. Their main priority is alleged to offer the best services. The platform claims it is complying with Ineternational Regulator and Brokerage E-Market (IRBEM).

The body manages and supervises the operation of this scheme. The financial body also audits the entity’s activities every year. They also assure traders the firm is not involved in money laundering.

Unfortunately, there is no financial watchdog by the name IRBEM. The company is operating as it, please. They also lie about being on the database of MFA. The dirty scheme is not worth your time or resources.

Therefore, traders are not going to get fund safety. There is no segregation of funds. Moreover, considering that Pluton500 is a scam it can exit the market whenever it wants. Additionally, they can change their terms and conditions without giving notice.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of dealing with a licensed venture. It is important that you visit the website of the financial body of your country to determine the legitimacy of a firm. It will save you from engaging with scammers.

Trading Conditions of Pluton500

Pluton500 claims it has an MT4 for traders. The leverage to expect from the entity is that of 1:500. It is a lot and but associates huge risks. You can lose a lot of money. Newbies investors should stick to low cap until they acquire the necessary skills.

Unfortunately, we cannot determine the leverage cap that you are going to get from the platform. You should be careful as their limits seem to be beyond what the financial bodies permit. There are better organizations that care about the experience of their clients.

The terms and conditions of Pluton500 show that the broker is only dedicated to satisfying its greedy needs. The company states it is not responsible for damages of personal data or finance. It leaves us wondering who they expect to be held accountable.


Additionally, this platform does not process the chargeback. If you proceed with the action then you must compensate the firm. They have the right to hold payment if you violate their terms. Additionally, Pluton500 states it has the right to completely close an account of the user without any explanation.

With all these red flags why would you still want to deposit money in this system? They will not release your funds. We suggest that you trade with licensed firms. Moreover, considering that the entity is not governed by any rules it is best to avoid them.

Withdrawal and Deposits of Pluton500

The entity is accepting funds via wire transfer. Kindly, do note that you cannot issue a chargeback. The money will go directly to the account of the people running this firm. Pluton500 leaves out a lot of information from their website.

For instance, we are in the dark regarding the minimum amount to cash out, the time it takes for traders to receive their money. Moreover, we also do not know if there are any fees. This being a fraudulent entity it can inflict hefty charges to you.

Pluton500 inactivity period starts after traders have not engaged in any activity for 12 months. Investors are subjected to paying $25. Afterward, the account shall be closed if there is no action or funds.

Contact Details

The platform presents a phone number and an email address that investors can use. However, this is an entity that does not disclose its office address. Moreover, we do not know the corporate that is managing their business.

Pluton500 Review, Pluton500 Contact

Pluton500 is a scam that does not leave any information that can be used to incriminate them. There is no point in trusting them with your data yet their location is a mystery. They expect traders to be transparent with them yet they are shady.

The majority of investment entities provide the best support to traders. They invest highly in getting the best professional team. However, when it comes to scammers they do not care about the experience of their clients.

The Domain Insight

The broker registration took place in December 2020. It will expire after one year. The company has not built a name for itself. Their Alexa ranking is 6,640,338. Their geographical audience is not known.

Final Verdict

Pluton500 is a company that is self-regulated. The platform is an illegal scheme that can choose to exit the industry at its own timing. Their location is not disclosed. The trading conditions of the entity are absurd. The entity shows that it has no intention of handling withdrawal requests.

Trade with the best forex trading companies in the market that are regulated. These are genuine and credible entities.  You will have a wonderful engagement with them. Register with them today and get the best services.


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