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Once exits the market you will not receive any compensation. The company does not segregate the funds of its customers in separate accounts. Therefore, you risk your money going directly into the hands of these scammers. Review, is a company that states it utilizes technology to generate high income for investors. The entity allegedly provides the trading tools to all traders free of charge. Therefore, you will be able to optimize your returns.

You can either register for a live or a demo account. However, this is a shady entity. Engaging with them exposes you to severe risks. The website uses filler text. Therefore, it is not possible for the investors to know what the platform is all about.


Additionally, uses generic information. They are explaining forex trading basics instead of telling clients the benefits that they will get for trusting the entity. The venture states that you will get free education.

The customer support of this entity allegedly operates 24/7. This is not a serious investment scheme. It even has grammatical errors on its web page. If they cannot afford to hire a copywriter what makes you think you are going to generate profit with them. is not a safe investment firm. You need to search for a transparent investment company. Try out some of the best forex trading brokers that are regulated. You will earn real-tie returns without compromising your safety. Review

The company is trading various currency pairs. These include; EURJPY, GBPUSD, USDCHF, AUDUSD, and EURUSD. The company will help you be able to read charts by the education opportunity that it avails.

The entity is accepting both novice and expert investors. Unlike other brokers that have several trading accounts this one only has two. They assure clients they will be able to generate real-time returns without experiencing risks.

However, the assets that is dealing with are very volatile. Therefore, we do not know how the company manages to make the risks disappear. There are several scam websites that keep emerging each passing day.

They are very convincing and ask for a lot of money from their customers. Moreover, these form of businesses has no intention of handling the withdrawal request of their clients. Their main objective is to defraud customers.

It is therefore important that you trade with caution. Venture with the best-licensed companies that provide fund safety. You have nothing to worry about once you sign up with them. Furthermore, your personal information will also be in safe hands.

Withdrawal and Deposits is accepting funds via BTC, MasterCard, Visa, Wore transfer, and Maestro. Unfortunately, we do not know the minimum amount that you can deposit into this system. Nonetheless, traders can only cash out $250 and above.

Legit investment schemes will allow you to deposit any amount that you please. It seems like this venture has no intention of realizing the funds of investors. The venture is not worth your time. Moreover, if you still want to proceed to cash in funds we suggest that you use the credit or debit cards option.

This is because you will have the ability to issue a chargeback with 540 days. However, in most cases, you will find scammers not availing of the actual amount that they display. Accounts are considered dormant after an inactivity period of one month.

It is an unacceptable policy. Companies that are licensed usually consider an account dormant after 6 or 12 months of inactivity at most. Additionally, is charging a fee of $85 every month. It proves that this venture is only interested in the money of traders. Trading Conditions is a company that does not provide information regarding spread and leverage. The company is offering bonuses to traders. Investors need to attain a trading volume that is at least 1/10 of the total.

We cannot wrap what this venture intends to mean with this information. However, the company is one that won’t release your funds. You need to be careful and select a platform that genuinely cares about you. Scam Review, Platform avails a web-based trading platform. There are many shortcomings that the interface has and it is also incomparable to the popular MT4 trading software. The company is also offering low spreads to investors.

It provides 3 pips for the EURUSD currency pair. The market standard is 1.5 pips. The broker is the one that is going to benefit. Otherwise, investors are subjected to paying more. Find better ventures that are offering tight spread.

The leverage of is 1:200. The company does not allow investors to regulate the limit. It is fixed meaning that all traders’ are exposed to risks. In most cases, 70% of investors lose the trade. It is only a few that are lucky.

Additionally, this is the reason why regulatory bodies have set up a certain limit. It protects investors. The FCA caps the leverage at 1:30 while the NFA caps it at 1:50. Once you deal with this kind of companies increase your trading confidence.

Regulation and Registration is a broker that is allegedly being monitored by ITM Solutions LLC. The corporate is purportedly registered in SVG. It is impossible to know whether the venture actually exists. It is very easy to register a company in St Vincent and Grenadines.

Moreover, the country does not have a regulatory body. Therefore, there is no fund safety in this dirty scam. The area has become a hot spot for fraudulent firms. The company does not have a license. What is even worst is the fact that it is an offshore entity.

Once exits the market you will not receive any compensation. The company does not segregate the funds of its customers in separate accounts. Therefore, you risk your money going directly into the hands of these scammers.

The venture also does not report its daily trading activities to any financial watchdog. The likelihood of them misusing your funds is huge. We urge you to trade wisely and protect the safety of your money. Contact Details is a platform that does not disclose its location. The only thing that is available in their website is a phone number and an email address. Therefore, you cannot get hold of the scam once it decides to exit the market.


Fraudsters would never reveal their actual area of operation to the public. This would lead to the authority putting them behind bars. Moreover, their phone number will stop going through once they realize you do not have more money to deposit.

Customer Feedback is a broker that is not genuine. They do not have customer reviews which show that nobody is interested in their dirty schemes. The only thing we keep getting is a warning from analysts that this is a potential scam.

You might come across information advertising the venture as legit. These are statements coming from their marketers. You should not believe their lies. Invest with caution and trade wisely.

Final Verdict is a venture that was registered in December 2020. The company aspires to be in the industry for a period of one year. They are not regulated and the corporate that manages their business is based in an offshore area.

Invest with genuine forex trading firms that are transparent. You will earn passive income without exposing yourself to fraudsters. These companies have a trading history and you can check out their results. Moreover, make sure to read the testimonials of their customers.




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