PomeloFx Review: Pomelofx.com Terrible Ponzi Scheme

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PomeloFx Review
  • Trading Conditions
  • Regulation
  • Customer Support
  • Fund Safety


PomeloFx does not have a license. Moreover, the leverage the scheme offers is beyond what the regulatory bodies permit.

PomeloFx is a company that is enticing investors with a bonus. The venture has a 50% bonus to those that open a live account. You need to deposit $500 for you to receive this lucrative. However, before you get all excited, read this review.

The broker is a cam that has all the traits exposing them. The reputable financial watchdogs in the industry don’t allow investment firms to offer such lucrative. In most cases, clients need to execute trade volumes that are high for them to withdraw.

PomeloFx Review, PomeloFx Company

Scammers will lead you on into taking their offer. If you don’t read their Terms and Condition keenly, you will be in for a rude shock. PomeloFx is available in multiple languages. English, Japanese, French, among others.

The entity has four trading accounts. You can choose the best that meets your needs. Unfortunately, this unregulated entity does not care about the needs of traders. Furthermore, they also lack transparency. We recommend that you invest with a licensed forex platform.

These entities are reputable and have a sound trading history. They have survived the volatility in the market. Additionally, the people that are running the business are well known with adequate expertise. Make an informed decision by signing up today!

PomeloFx.com Review

PomeloFx is trading forex, metals, indices, and energies. The available trading accounts are STP, ECN, Muslim, and standard accounts. They also state that clients enjoy low spreads that make their results more profitable.

The venture allegedly has over 61 currency pairs, 22 commodities, 11 bonds, 13 digital coins, and over 1600 stocks. You may think this is the best entity. But wait until they are not able to prove there are trading activities taking place.

The deposit at PomeloFx reflects instantly, but we doubt the same can be said about their withdrawal process. The firm openly states it does not take a commission from traders. The nasty scheme is tactical with their words.

You may end up thinking the company cares about traders. They also claim that there are no hidden terms. Sadly, this platform lacks transparency. Their results are not known. Additionally, the people that are dealing with clients’ funds’ qualification is also in question.

You cannot expect to have fund safety when dealing with an offshore platform. The dirty Ponzi scheme will devastate you. You may also find them not investing in any of the mentioned assets. However, once this is clear, this broker will not survive long in the market.

Trading Conditions of PomeloFx

The broker has a leverage of 1:1200, which is completely insane. The minimum trading volume is 0.01. The venture proclaims it has over 75 trading instruments. Additionally, their spread is allegedly at 0.0 pips. One of their currency pair is EURUSD.

The spread is tight but considering that you are dealing with a tactical fraudster, it’s best to rethink. Another feature that the company brags about is executing trade fast. The venture provides diverse, real, and deep liquidity.

PomeloFx.com Review, PomeloFx.com Features

The account opening process is easy. If you sign up for the platform, you shall receive access to premium trading tools. These include calculators, indicators, economic calendars, and others. The company gets its liquidity from top liquidity providers in the market. The fast you get into their system, the easier it is for them to con you.

You can use whichever gadget you please to trade, starting from a mobile phone to a desktop. Furthermore, PomeloFx personal managers work tirelessly to assist you in any account problem you might experience. You should not see this as merit since the firm has a ghost team.

Withdrawal and Deposits

PomeloFx lists several payment methods on its website. These include; Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Bank methods, and Neteller. Nonetheless, we cannot attest whether these are indeed what the entity is accepting. Shady ventures end up doing the opposite of what they present.

You may get the method available limiting clients from issuing a chargeback. The minimum deposit is $100. The requirements to withdraw the bonus are not featured in the terms and conditions. Such a reckless mistake should be taken seriously.

PomeloFx Regulation and Registration

PomeloFx presents information that implies the entity has a license from the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). Additionally, the dirty scheme also claims to have a license from Cyprus and UAE government.

Unfortunately, the entity does not adhere to CySEC rules. This is one of the stringent bodies in the industry. Moreover, the Ponzi scheme cannot afford the minimum capital of 730 EUR that the agency has set. They are also required to report to the watchdog.

Which other evidence do you need to confirm this is a scam? VFSC is an offshore agency that is lenient with brokers. However, PomeloFx is not in its database. The venture does not have a license. Moreover, the leverage the scheme offers is beyond what the regulatory bodies permit.

Customer Support

Investors who join the platform can reach customer support via email or live support. They also feature links to various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Sadly, upon checking whether the company has a social media presence, we weren’t surprised to find they don’t have accounts. The real country that the firms originated from is a mystery.

The address that the entity avails shows PomeloFx is operating from Vanuatu. This is an offshore scheme. The reason the platform lacks a phone number is to avoid the nuisance of their victims. Any attempt to reach them shall be futile.

The Domain Insight

PomeloFx.com is a company that made its first digital footprint in May 2020. The shady entity has survived for months conducting its murky business. Like all other scammers in the industry, this firm is registered for one year. They are most likely not going to renew their contract. Nonetheless, the platform is getting high traffic.

According to Alexa.com, the firm has a global engagement of 871,573. It’s something for them and proves their plan is working. Their target audience is from Pakistan. Avoid this entity, as it will only leave you lamenting and devastated.

PomeloFx Clients Feedback

PomeloFx sounds like an amazing investment company. Their sales pitch is perfect, and one would think this is the next big thing in the market. There is a single positive review which we believe is from one of their sympathizers.

The statement is misleading since this venture is operating illegally as it pleases. It states that the entity has a license and works with trustworthy banks. Additionally, the individual does not provide proof of payment that shows the firm is paying.

PomeloFx is a waste of time, and there is nothing good that can even come from this company. Scammers tend to manipulate information to get more victims. At times the con artists might even provide false testimonials.

Before depositing your hard-earned funds into any scheme, we suggest you check for reviews from recognizable third parties. It is also important that you see proof of payment or trading results. Avoid relying only on the words of a platform.

Final Verdict

PomeloFx is a complete waste of time. The platform claim to be licensed but is nothing but another fat lie. Moreover, no one knows where the company is operating from except the scammers behind the whole show.

Invest with the best companies in the market that have a license. They provide world-class services to their clients. Additionally, their trading conditions are the best. Customer support also responds timely to your needs.

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