PowerBitFX Review: PowerBitFX.com Unprofitable Forex Broker

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PowerBitFX Review
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PowerBitFX does not have a qualified team that they can present to the public. The authority helps to ensure that the team handling investors’ money is indeed qualified. The first thing that you should check is whether a company has a license from a reputable regulator.

PowerBitFX is not a safe investment company. The platform has many red flags, which makes them a bad choice of a trading partner. The entity is also offering binary assets to investors. The broker lacks transparency and you should walk away whilst you still can.

Nonetheless, this venture brags that it offer high-quality educational materials. You will learn the best strategy to use in your trading. The videos are created in an easy-to-understand manner. We did not have the privilege of viewing the information.

PowerBitFX Review, PowerBitFX Company

Therefore, we cannot attest whether this is true. PowerBitFX claims that it has a high-security protocol. Hence, traders can relax and invest with confidence. It is a bold statement coming from an offshore entity. The firm is operating in multiple countries, violating the set rules.

The company does not provide sufficient information that shows it is offering Forex or Bitcoin trading services. Additionally, the platform fails to disclose the trading tools and currency pairs. The trading conditions are also left behind.

A legit forex trading broker will disclose the leverage cap and spread it offers. They will also show you the multiple currencies that you can trade. The minimum deposit that they accept is also per the market standard. Find yourself the best firm in the market.

PowerBitFX.com Review

PowerBitFX claims that it provides daily market analysis to investors. Hence, once you join them, you will have everything that you need at your fingertips. They want to make their customers successful investors.

The shady firm is using a precise sales pitch to trap more naïve investors into their system. The qualification of their account managers is unavailable. Therefore, we cannot endorse that their reviews will aid traders in making informative decisions.

The market is volatile, and this will never change. The scammers will show you that they have hacked the system and won’t experience any risk. They make all sorts of promises but never deliver. PowerBitFX is one of those firms that are infamous.

The company offers an easy way out. The firm assures investors they do not have to read and keep up with the hard work. The entity provides all the necessary data for you. Unfortunately, they do not have a trading history.

Their leadership board is a weak strategy to lure in more clients. It is impossible to verify that these people have earned these high incomes. Moreover, the table can easily be designed by someone who has basic computer skills.

How Does PowerBitFX Operate?

The trading mechanism which the broker is using remains a mystery. The platform claims that investors can trade via phone and any other gadget. They are also offering commodities, indices, and stocks. The registration process is straightforward, and you will not waste any time.

It would help if you chose the asset that you want to trade. We also learned that you need to be keen when checking the expiry of the contract. It appears that the only products to venture with are the binary options. We have emphasized the risks involved.

PowerBitFX.com Review, PowerBitFX Leadership board

The entity is availed of various payment methods. These include; WebMoney, CashU, MasterCard, Klarna, Neteller, Skrill, QIWI, Yandex, and Visa. However, we cannot verify whether all these options are available.

Scammers will feature such information to make it appear as though you can get a chargeback. However, when it comes to depositing funds, strange options will pop up. Therefore, only invest with a platform that you can trust.

Contact Details

PowerBitFX is a platform whose location is at 1 Bedford St, Belfast BT2 7ES, United Kingdom. However, considering that the UK has strict rules, a murky entity can’t operate from here. Moreover, it has become the norm for scammers to display random addresses to confuse investors.

The company is an offshore firm that you cannot recover your funds. The broker is not transparent, and it is eyeing traders in the United Kingdom. You can reach their support by filling in a contact form.

PowerBitFX does not have an email address or a phone number. The red flag should be taken seriously and acted upon. Financial bodies require investment entities to provide all the essential information of their whereabouts to investors.

A crypto investment venture that has a license will openly disclose its location. Additionally, they will have multiple communication channels that investors can use to communicate with customer support. Furthermore, the entities also have a social media presence.

The information of the fund managers, financial adviser, and the whole team, in general, will also be presented. These platforms have nothing to hide. You should engage only with such firms. It will save you money.

Regulation Status of PowerBitFX

PowerBitFX is an illegal investment company. The entity is offering binary trading options, which the EU regulator has banned. Therefore, it is evident that the firm is not complying with the set rules.

Moreover, the FCA requires an investment entity to deposit at least 730K EUR as the initial deposit. The money act as compensation in case an investment venture faces bankruptcy. The fact that the platform is not licensed gives the fraudsters the audacity to do whatever they please with their money and personal data.

The requirement for the financial bodies varies according to the country. However, the benefits that come with trusting a licensed venture are huge. Additionally, the platforms must report their daily investment activities. It plays a big role in ensuring traders’ funds are not used fr illegal or selfish gains.

PowerBitFX does not have a qualified team that they can present to the public. The authority helps to ensure that the team handling investors’ money is indeed qualified. The first thing that you should check is whether a company has a license from a reputable regulator.

The Domain Insight

PowerBitFX.com is a venture that does not have a trading history. The entity is operating as it pleases. The domain name is only a few months old. Nonetheless, the broker does not aspire to be around for long. The registration will expire after one year.

The entity will likely have disappeared long before then. Additionally, the firm has a low trust score. The traffic visiting the website is low. Investors do not have an interest in this firm. Therefore, approach the platform with caution.

Client Feedback and Proof of payment

During our research, we did not come across the client experience of those that have joined PowerBitFX. The company brags with huge statistics, but none of those people care to endorse them. This is because the numbers are imaginary.

If the platform were paying, then people would come out showcasing evidence of payment. The nasty scam will only leave you high and dry. The best thing is to boycott their services. The Ponzi scheme will not make you rich.

Final Verdict

PowerBitFX is an infamous investment platform that does not have a license. The location of this entity is also unknown. The company survives on being anonymous. The people behind its operation know what they are doing.

They do not want to leave information that can be used by the authority to incriminate themselves. The entity uses false data to attract more victims. Unfortunately, they do not have trading results.

You can trade with legitimate forex trading companies that have multiple assets. These brokers have been in the market for years. They are reputable and transparent platforms that are famous in the industry. Moreover, a number of investors have already tested their services.



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