Premium Exchange Review: A Desperate Broker

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Premium Exchange Review
  • Fund Safety
  • License and Registration
  • Contact Details and Customer Support


Premium Exchange will find ways to persuade into making a deposit. They will urge you to seize one-time opportunities, and they will even promise attractive bonuses on the first deposit. Furthermore, they do not have a suitable style for trading, and when you fall for the catch and make a deposit consider any business between you and them.

Premium Exchange is an offshore broker that grants you an opportunity to invest and earn from investing; Stocks, commodities, and forex, among others. The company claims to brag about being a top reliable broker that will attract pleasing returns your way. They promise you returns on your investment that will create a pleasing trade experience. Nevertheless, you should consider several factors before investing your hard-earned money. Review, Premium exchange company

Premium Exchange shows a low level of transparency, and they seem only to have an interest in your funds. Thus, it is a fraudulent scheme if you are probably asking yourself if the company is a scam or legit. In addition, as you read this impartial review on Premium Exchange, we highlight several red flags they expose, and you may reconsider your investment decisions.

Meanwhile, these reliable brokers have a sensible approach to trading. Unlike Premium Exchange, they feature tried and tested traits that will generate good returns. The company website has a poor design, and they omit a lot of helpful important details. Also, they overestimate the returns and want to make trading seem like a walk in the park. Without a proper understanding of how the market functions, you will only be blindly making investments that will lead to nowhere. Review seems to depend on the funds you deposit, and they resemble an MLM platform rather than a trading entity. They estimate very high returns that even well-established companies can hardly attain. Moreover, scammers will often promise you the world with no actual style of meeting the same results. The company claims the use of the most sophisticated tools in the market.

However, they do not reveal any algorithm that the software adapts to beat competitors in the niche.  Moreover, automatic trading is of value while trading because, unlike humans, they do not mix trading with emotions. Thus you should be very cautious not to fall for the wrong trading tools.

Premium Exchange shows poor transparency when it comes to the people behind the operations of the company. They do not avail any information on the founders and that of their employees. Furthermore, you might end up counting on people who hardly have a clue of how the trading world operates.  They will provide misleading trade directions since the founders do not reveal any qualifications.

How Operates urges traders that they do not have to invest any money in the company to receive the services they offer. You can benefit from inviting new customers into the company for affiliate commission. However, you will be exposing friends and family to scam potentials. Premium Exchange promises the use of up-to-date trading tools to attract more desirable returns.

Accordingly, they do not reveal any algorithm that shows you can count on its services. Also, automatic trading is advisable since, unlike humans, they do not trade with emotions. Premium Exchange will not avail any reliable tools, and the people behind the trading tools are anonymous. Moreover, they show a lot of similar traits that resemble that of scammers.

Premium Exchange will find ways to persuade into making a deposit. They will urge you to seize one-time opportunities, and they will even promise attractive bonuses on the first deposit. Furthermore, they do not have a suitable style for trading, and when you fall for the catch and make a deposit consider any business between you and them.

You can hardly withdraw the rewards without first completing certain tasks. Also, they will result in denying you access to the services they offer or even ending any communications with you. Premium Exchange does not show any evidence of successful trading activities on the platform. Thus they may be attracting negative returns, and such data is not welcoming to newbie traders.

Additionally, past trade data for at least three months or more should assist in estimating the returns to expect from the company. Premium exchange claims that registration is fast, and in a few minutes, you can start earning from trading. They assure every trader a chance to benefit from the company, yet they do not have aunty education materials for novice traders. Nothing they do or promise traders makes any sense. The software is not compatible with well-established platforms such as Meta Trader.

Premium Exchange Funds Safety

Premium Exchange does not guarantee any safety of funds, and they also might end up misusing your data. The safety of your money should be a top priority to consider before investing in any entity. The investment firm shows a lot of ambiguity to warn not to make a deposi6t of even a single dime.

The company does not have a demo account, and they immediately require you to open live accounts and start earning. You should familiarize yourself with how the software functions before investing your money in any platform. Also, they do not have any positive feedback to prove that customers can swiftly move funds in the entity.

Moreover, the only ones who benefit from its services are the anonymous people behind the company. They may end up keeping your money in personal accounts while they urge you to await mysterious profits. Premium Exchange does not feature any banking details, and your money is not safe.

Premium Exchange Deposit and Withdrawals

The platform minimum investment amount is $620. The figure is extremely costly, especially since they apply murkiness in their style of trading. Furthermore, if you still want to make any investment deposits with them, you should go for the credit/debit option. They allow a chargeback of up to 540 days.

Premium exchange does not have a refund policy, and in case the service they offer does not please you you cannot have your money back. Also, wire transfer transactions are not reversible. The investment firm does not have any evidence of successful transactions made by customers. Thus you will have a hard time when you attempt to make a withdrawal from them. The scammer will find ways to hold onto your funds for as long as they can. The company may also expose you to hefty hidden fees that were not initially made known to you.

 Customer Support

Premium exchange does not feature any location address that you can reach them. They do not feature any contact information such as email or even telephone contact. Accordingly, working with customer support helps in building more trust between you and the company.

There is no certainty that you will receive any response to your queries once you make a deposit. Scammers will often cut off communications with you once they have your money. Also, how they provide a customers friendly interface with poor customer support is unknown.

Premium Exchange Regulation

Premium Exchange does not fall under the radar of any legit regulator in the market. Unregulated companies do not last long in the market, and they can easily disappear with all your money. Also, they are not limited to any laws; thus, they can break trade guidelines as they please. In addition, it is illegal in most countries across the globe to operate without adhering to regulation.

On the other hand, you can always count on these regulated forex brokers for sensible profits.  They operate with a lot of transparency, and you can easily find and verify the regulation information they avail. Unregulated companies do not last long in the market, and they can easily disappear with all your money.

Final Verdict

Premium Exchange does not have a refund policy, and you can not get your money back. The people behind the company are anonymous and nonreliable to make any profits for you. Also, they do not have any evidence of trade activities to assist in making the right trade decisions.

Hence you should choose to invest with these forex brokers since they apply tried and tested strategies. Avoid at all costs because the company is not reliable or secure for investing.


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