Premium Trade Review: an Obvious Ponzi scheme

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Premium Trade Review
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Premium Trade is a platform that is working on its own accord. They do not have a trading history. Moreover, there is also no parent company managing their operation.

Premium Trade is a platform that you should avoid. After analyzing their website keenly, we cannot conclude the financial assets they are offering. Moreover, the ventures also feature insufficient information on their trading activities.

Premium Trade Review, Premium Trade Company

The entity claims that it provides revolutionary services to investors across the world. However, the company does not have a license. Therefore, the people who are behind this entity are conducting illegal business.

Premium Trade keeps showing pop-ups of clients that have earned profits. The information insinuates their customers are from all parts of the world. However, nobody has come to defend their name by showing they are earning big.

Investing with a discreet entity will only lead you to trouble. Premium Trade lacks transparency. They cannot even trust clients with their real location. The results to expect from them should be futile. A real cryptocurrency company will have all the necessary materials for its customers.

You will easily access their trading performance and support. Additionally, you also sleep better knowing your funds are secure. Once you start feeling your money is not safe with a certain broken trust, your guts. Review

The registration process of the company is straightforward. You only need to verify your email to kick-start the amazing journey of becoming rich overnight. We do not recommend sharing your data with a losing scheme.

This is because the company will keep calling until you heed their demands. Con artists want one thing that is access to your funds. Remember that you are dealing with expert fraudsters. They know that you desperately need an extra source of income.

Therefore, they will play with your mind. Premium Trade system even selects a trading account for you if you cannot do it yourself.  The platform speaks highly about its investment activities. The company state that it is among the leading entities in the world.

The Ponzi scheme even quotes famous entrepreneur Jeff Bezos. The bogus venture wants to show traders how serious they are in the investment sector. Unfortunately for them, we can detect a scam from miles away.

Premium Trade also claims to have over 5K happy traders. There is no proof of payment that can validate the platform is paying. The time that the entity has been in the industry is enough for them to produce trading results. The firm is targeting novice traders as they lack adequate knowledge and skills.

Who is Behind Premium Trade?

You cannot expect transparency from a fraud. The company perfectly understands that it is doing its business illegally. Therefore, exposing the real identity of the founder of the team would put them behind bars.

The authority is against investment companies operating discreetly. Investors have every right to know that the people dealing with their funds have the necessary expertise.  Premium Trade is a broker that nobody knows its country of origin.

Premium Trade Investment Plans and Returns

The company has five investment plans. The minimum amount that you can deposit in their system is $500. It is more than the average standard market. Their other investment plans are no different. Unlike another pyramid scheme, this one is an exception, as it does not feature the ROI that clients expect to generate.

You sign up for their packages without knowing the perquisites to expect. Premium Trade claims that the venture is dealing with crypto trading activities. They assure investors of stable returns. The assets that the platform is dealing with are super volatile. Review, Investment Plans

Therefore, it is hard to predict your next outcome. The majority of the investment schemes in the world minimize the losses. They also put up risk mitigation measures to protect their customers. We suspect that the bogus entity is dealing with binary options trading.

It is impossible to earn over 20% daily returns. The top crypto trading brokers in the market don’t offer anything close to what Premium Trade advertises. The venture is also allegedly undertaking mining activities.

However, the software, hardware, or the location of their mining farm is undisclosed. They also leave out critical data regarding how the firm handles the mining cost. The trading conditions of the company remain shady.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Premium Trade doesn’t mention fees. However, you can expect anything from scammers. They usually ask for enormous fees from traders once they start making a follow-up on their funds. The entity claims that you can withdraw any amount.

They handle withdrawal requests instantly. Unfortunately, the payment option is via crypto. Considering the shadiness with this company, we suggest you avoid them. Once you deposit money, it goes to an anonymous account. It is impossible to recover the funds.

Scammers prefer this option as it helps them to conceal their identity. Invest with reputable entities that do not intend to defraud you. You can never be certain with a murky entity. Avoid this broker.

Customer Support and Contact Details

Premium Trade claims that it is based in Los Angeles, California, USA. However, there is no exact office address on the website. You bet that this is not where the con artists are operating their dirty business.

The only way that one can reach customer support is via email. The lack of a phone number is another huge red flag. The broker is offering services that traders need fast communication from their trading partner. Them not having support available to respond to customers’ queries shows that the company does not care about the services they are offering.

It is the least of their concern of the experience you get from their website. Premium Trade will never respond to multiple emails that come their way. Therefore, look for a better alternative in the industry. The Ponzi scheme is nothing but a fraud.

Premium Trade Regulation and Registration

Premium Trade is neither registered nor regulated to perform its financial activity. The platform chooses the USA as its area of operation. However, this is one of the countries with severe rules for investment entities.

You cannot conduct business without having a capital of $2 Million. Additionally, all the companies with a license must report their opening and closing account trade daily. In case of manipulation of price, the broker is punished accordingly.

Premium Trade is a platform that is working on its own accord. They do not have a trading history. Moreover, there is also no parent company managing their operation. You are better off without this Ponzi scheme.

The Domain Insight

The registration of took place in December 2020. The company targets being in the industry for one year. Scammers never last long in the market. You need to start trading wisely if you need to make an extra income. The geographical audience that the company targets are unknown. Soon the broker will be out of the market. Their lack of customer feedback despite luring investors with huge returns raises eyebrows.

Final Verdict

Premium Trade is an investment platform that you shouldn’t waste your time with them. The company is untrustworthy. It operates by violating several rules set by governments. The platform does not even have enough funds to hire qualified support.

The trading conditions of the broker are also mysterious. Invest with the best crypto trading companies in the market. You will sleep peacefully knowing that your funds are safe. These are licensed entities that will never compromise your trading experience.



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