PrimeBTC Review: A Blunt Scam

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PrimeBTC Review
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PrimeBTC praises its use of technology. The interface is also user-friendly. Such brokers can only sway newbies traders into joining them. For the experts, they can easily identify a scam from miles away. For instance, this firm lacks transparency.

PrimeBTC is a crypto trading company. The broker allegedly is what every newbie needs to thrive in the market. The firm state it has top-notch trading tools which investors can utilize. You can also trade the popular tokens in the market. The entity guarantees nothing but great results.

PrimeBTC Review, Review

They are accepting traders from all over the world. It does not matter whether you are a rookie trader or an expected investor. Instead of utilizing the available space to educate individuals on the firm’s advantages, the company features basic and generic information. Nonetheless, the broker proceeded to claim it utilizes a top-notch trading platform to earn more.

PrimeBTC praises its use of technology. The interface is also user-friendly. Such brokers can only sway newbies traders into joining them. For the experts, they can easily identify a scam from miles away. For instance, this firm lacks transparency. We do not know the people that are behind the firm. The venture could decide to exit the market without giving notice.

The registration process is straightforward. Once you register, you need to verify your account. The company requires your ID and proof of address. It is extremely risky to share your personal details with shady platforms. They can share it with criminals without your consent. The broker could also use it to manipulate you into giving more money. You are not safe with a scam venture. Review

PrimeBTC is a platform that is not worth your trust. The firm indicates it has a transparency score of 100%. However, the information of the founder and the account manager is missing. The company also claims it has won several awards. Unfortunately, this is another fabrication. Nobody can credit or recommend an offshore venture that has a dozen of red flags.

Ponzi schemes tend to provide misleading information to lure in more victims. If you do not conduct thorough research on a platform, you will trust the wrong entity. The entity also brags it has managed to execute millions of orders. The broker accepts investors from all over the world. However, the firm does not have a license from any of the reputable financial bodies in the industry.

Hence, nobody is overseeing the operations of PrimeBTC. The venture could violate the set guidelines. They can also decide to exit the market unceremoniously. The company states its focuses is on the success of investors. We could not spot testimonials from those that have engaged with them in the past. Hence, we cannot validate that there is anyone that has earned from the venture.

Invest with some of the best crypto trading companies in the market. These are ventures that have earned the trust of traders. You can easily find their trading history without a struggle. Additionally, these are ventures that are operating as per the requirements of the financial watchdogs.

Trading Conditions of PrimeBTC

PrimeBTC allegedly provides investors with a personal account. If you encounter any issue, you are certain it shall be handled instantly. They advertise low spreads and advanced tools, and there are numerous assets that you can select from. Forget about making money with this company. There are legit crypto companies that can help you earn real-time profits.

Despite the venture claiming to be trading forex pairs and stocks, the only available product is digital currencies. The platform also requests investors to leave their information behind for one of their customers to help in opening an account. The firm provides a web-based trader. This is incomparable to the MetaTrader platform.

PrimeBTC is offering trading leverage of 1:50. The cap is extremely high compared to what the regulated bodies offer. The average leverage is 1:5. You could lose all your money in the blink of an eye. Refrain from doing business with such murky entities.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum amount that investors can deposit in the company is $5000. The company has three trading accounts. They also have a trading bonus. The listed payment methods are eWallets, bank wire, and debit or credit cards. Unfortunately, it turns out the only available method is crypto payment.

If you agree to deposit money in this shady firm, there is no going back. Cryptocurrency payments are futile. Issuing a chargeback is impossible. The venture claims it does not charge traders hidden fees. Nonetheless, opening trade in this scheme is extremely costly.

Clients Testimonials

PrimeBTC features several testimonials from their investors. The information state that clients can execute trade fast within seconds. The customer support also responds in time. The statement insinuates that newbies will enjoy using the platform. Everything is straightforward and professional support holds your hand throughout.

PrimeBTC Review, Testimonials

The expert traders are allegedly crediting the company. The entity will take you from zero to a hero. They guarantee quick reaches. If you think this is the next big thing in the market, you should reconsider your choices. You cannot magically start earning high returns. It takes time to master the trading skills.

PrimeBTC is a shady company. Watch out and refrain from trading with them. The offshore entity is using stock images. The information does not come from their actual traders. After searching online, we couldn’t get hold of legit reviews. You should not waste your time with this losing scheme. They will go to every level to defraud innocent investors.

Customer Support and Contact Details

PrimeBTC is a company that it support can be contacted via email or phone. The broker does not have the decency of disclosing where it is operating from. The level of anonymity of the entity is baffling. If the scheme is worth the take, it will attempt to win the trust of traders.

It is easy for discrete firms to abandon their cause. Investors will wake up one day to find the website of this firm has collapsed. If you know what is best for you, refrain from doing business with such brokers. The support will never respond to your query. They will even blacklist you from contacting them.

Regulation Status of PrimeBTC

PrimeBTC doe not disclose its country of origin. The only available thing is a phone number with a UK code. Offshore schemes tend to get VoIP phone numbers. After checking on the FCA database to verify if the broker is operating in legitimacy, we found a warning from the financial watchdog.

There is also no parent company behind the scheme. If they choose to exit the market today, you won’t receive any compensation. There is also nobody overseeing the activities of the platform. They can choose to close down the website today, and nothing will happen. Investors would have to count their losses.

Final Verdict

PrimeBTC is a complete waste of time. There is nothing for you in this company. The scheme is not regulated. Moreover, they have a warning from the British regulatory body. The location of the firm is also anonymous.

If you want to trade successfully, avoid trading with anonymous schemes. Here is a list of some of the best cryptocurrencies investment schemes in the market. You will earn real-time profits, and the safety of your data and information is guaranteed. The trading conditions of the entities are sound.

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