PrimeDeltas Review: A CNMV Alert Warning

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PrimeDeltas Review
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PrimeDeltas claims to offer the best trading platform. However, it’s a disguise as the platform blocks withdrawals from members. Learn more in our exclusive review.

Another platform to watch out for is PrimeDeltas. The platform has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. Prime Deltas claims to offer risky high leverage of 1:500 for all trading assets. One issue with is that withdrawal will be a huge issue. There’s no way you will ever get to enjoy your fruits. Learn more about the platform in our eye-opening PRIMEDELTAS REVIEW.

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About PrimeDeltas

PrimeDeltas claims to serve investors through integrity and professionalism on the about us section. From what we can see, the platform does indeed have some professional traders working behind it.

Pros and cons PrimeDeltas

The website itself shows that there are experts who are running the show. You wouldn’t expect such aesthetics from a lesser platform. And this moves naïve investors into investing with the platform without blinking.

What we have is a platform that fails to offer any meaningful investment. You won’t withdraw funds. Any platform that blocks withdrawals is not worth your investment or time.

We will help expose the nitty-gritty reasons why the platform is a joke. For most investors, it’s hard to spot these features. After all, the homepage looks okay, and the sales pitch is perfect for any investor.

Despite claiming to offer low commissions and transparent trading, the platform hides something. You won’t get to see any information on their background or staff members. And this is something you would expect from a platform claiming legitimacy.

Before investing in such platforms, experts recommend researching them first. Then, try and get to hear or read the experiences of other users. An excellent way is to read our unbiased reviews on all crypto and forex trading products and services.

Accounts PrimeDeltas

PrimeDeltas offers three trading accounts to choose from. These accounts include Basic, Standard, and Premium. Each of these accounts comes suited with several unique features. Here’s a closer look at these accounts;


It’s the most standard account that the platform says is best for newbies. The minimum deposit to start using the account is €250. There are no commissions with the leverage set at 1:100. You get to use their web platform for trading.


Members have to deposit ten times the minimum amount with the basic account. The account sets the acceptable deposit at €2,500. In addition, you get €3.5 commission per lot and the leverage set at 1:200. Assets available for trading include digital currencies, energies, forex, and metals.


There’s a minimum deposit requirement of €25,000 with this account. It’s the most exclusive account, with the platform setting it for the more experienced trader. Leverage is set at 1:200, and traders can set it to 1:500.

Account features

Accounts PrimeDeltas

We have to mention the high leverage set for the two accounts, standard and premium. These account holders will be putting their investments at risk. The platform will be the greatest benefactor of it all.

That’s why regulators have moved in to cap maximum leverage. In Europe, the maximum leverage is 1:100. Retail traders in the United States get maximum leverage of 1:50. All this is the regulator’s effort to protect investors.

Available trading assets

There are five classes of trading assets available on the platform. These include commodities, cryptocurrencies, forex, indices, and stocks. Some of the trading commodities found include your basic household items such as sugar and wheat.

The platform pairs leading cryptocurrencies with major currencies. Some of the listed coins include Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. In addition, these assets get paired with major currencies such as EUR, GBP, and USD.

Forex trading happens to be at the core of the platform’s trading. You get to trade major and minor currency pairs. The platform caps maximum leverage for all forex assets at 1:500. It puts your trading position at risk of making huge losses.

Indices play a vital role in ensuring the trading of commodities on a global scale. Some of the available indices include FTSE 100 Index, NASDAQ, NIKKEI, etc. These are the types of trades best suited for day traders.

Thanks to trading shares, you also get to own a piece of a company. Some of the shares found include global giants such as Apple and Google. In addition, you get to trade shares from companies from all sectors, including manufacturing and textile.

Business holder

Delta Nominees Ltd is the parent entity that owns this platform. The disclaimer at the footer of their homepage suggests it’s an offshore registered company. However, there are no documents to prove so. All we have are random numbers with no way of verifying the fact.

You also won’t get to see the names of the people who own or run the platform. And this is what makes investing and trading with Prime Deltas a colossal risk. In case of any issues, there’s no way of recovering funds.

Those members who hire recovery agents don’t get far. A recent investigation revealed that these agents are part of the scam. The platform will give them your contact details, and agents will make first contact.

Are funds safe with Prime Deltas

These agents claim to have won a lawsuit against the platform. All you have to do to get part of the settlement is cover part of the legal fees. That’s not ideal as these agents will fleece you dry. It’s best to avoid them altogether as there’s no proof of them recovering such funds.

Client testimony

Leonardo Francesco is one of the latest members to complain. He deposited €10,000 with the platform, hoping to get something out of it. Weeks have now gone since he deposited funds.

The balance is €14,450, and he can’t seem to withdraw even a penny. All he gets from the platform are lame excuses as to why this is not possible. The platform claims Leonardo’s bank doesn’t accept their payment system.

Contact and customer support

Despite listing a phone number, the call rarely gets through. We suspect that this is a virtual phone number. The reason we say this is that the code is from the UK. You can remember that the parent company has its registration in Belize.

Deposit and fund safety with PrimeDeltas

Your funds are far from safe with a platform that fails to protect investors. The platform doesn’t offer insurance cover for deposits made by clients. That’s why we need to expose this giant red flag. Once you deposit funds, that’s the last you will see of it.

Another issue with the platform is the segregation of funds. We suspect the platform stores all funds in a single offshore bank account. And this is why no recovery agents can claim to help recover such funds.

CNMV Warning Prime Deltas

License and registration PrimeDeltas

PrimeDeltas doesn’t have any license and regulation. And this makes it a risky trading platform as no regulator will come to your aid.

Trading platform

The platform offers a web trader who is unstable at the very least. Moreover, traders insist that the platform doesn’t even provide accurate charting tools.


After exposing the platform, it’s best to stay away from

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