ProBtc.Online Review: A Broker to Avoid

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ProBtc.Online Review
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ProBtc.Online lacks transparency. The trading results of the entity are missing. Moreover, the scheme is charging fees that they have not displayed. You can only expect the worse with such a murky business. The offshore scheme can also change its terms of service overnight. 

ProBtc.Online is a company that we spent hours analyzing the way it operates. We manage to uncover various red flags. Investors considering joining the platform should take their time and check and read this unbiased review. The venture states it is a revolutionary entity. The future begins today once you join them. 

ProBtc.Online Review, ProBtc.Online Company

You should be asking yourself whether the entity is worth your time. Let’s start with the website design. If you pay attention to the minor details, you will realize the website interface is not appealing. Compared to the legitimate platform in the market, the entity has inadequate data regarding its operation. 

ProBtc.Online claims it has top-notch security measures to protect traders’ data. You should note that there is no privacy when it comes to offshore schemes. Criminals will have your data, and they can choose to violate your rights. Moreover, the platform fails to disclose the people handling traders’ funds. 

The law mandate all investment schemes to operate in full transparency. Therefore, they should disclose the qualification of the account managers, financial analysts, parent companies, and developer teams. Ventures that observe anonymity are ambiguous and outrageous. Review

ProBtc.Online is also offering educational material to customers. It is a noble act for a broker to educate traders. It instils knowledge that helps customers to trade efficiently. The company is also disclosing the best time to execute trades. The trending market news is also available on the website. 

Th education program should cater to both novice and expert traders. The trading activities also require customers to be patient. You cannot just start trading and outdo those that have been investing. Skill and patience is the secret ingredient for successful investors.

 However, scammers make the process sound magical by assuring clients they can copy-paste the strategies of expert traders. The shortcut is a successful process but carries its risks. Once the trader makes losses, you will also experience the same outcome. 

ProBtc.Online speaking highly of its trading activities. However, they do not have performance reports. The scheme will eventually exit the market, leaving traders devastated. Instead of wasting your time and resources with a shady company, why not try out these best crypto ventures in the market. These are the authentic platforms that have survived the industry’s volatility.

Trading Conditions of ProBtc.Online

ProBtc.Online is allegedly using innovative software. They can provide trustworthy and reliable trading solutions. Their advanced charts are easy to analyze. Clients can also check their trade history. Unfortunately, we did not see their performance during our research. It is important to know how the scheme has been performing in the past. Review, Features

We were expecting advanced software only to see a web trade interface. The platform lacks the superior feature. Clients can only trade manually. Offshore schemes prefer such software as they are prone to manipulation. It is easy for them to change the prices. Additionally, experienced traders used to MetaTrader, and other superior interfaces will find this entity unworthy.

ProBtc.Online fails to provide the trading conditions. The leverage, spread, swap, and commission are missing. Those that sign up have no idea what they shall be getting. Such mistakes are unheard of with legitimate companies. They will clearly outline the benefits, distinguishing features, and terms of trade. This helps in avoiding surprises when you ask for a cash-out.

ProBtc.Online Withdrawal and Deposits 

According to ProBtc.Online Account area, the minimum amount users can deposit is 2 BTC. As per the time of this review, the amount is equivalent to $77,000. This is a pricy platform that lacks unique features. As low as $10, you will get an excellent crypto trading platform. Moreover, we have a different figure on the least acceptable deposit on the legal documentation. The entity states with $250, investors can open an account. 

It shows that whoever designed the website did not have the time to double-check the information. Such mistakes are unacceptable in the investment world. The withdrawal requests take three days to be processed. Traders should also expect fees from the website. However, the entity does not specify the exact amount of charges. 

Acceptable payment methods include; debit cards, credit cards, wire transfers, and other options that are not disclosed. You need to contact support. ProBtc.Online is a company that mainly focuses on crypto investment. They may be using the crypto payment option. 

The method will also limit clients from issuing a chargeback. The scammers can also confidently run their business as no one can trace them down. Do not be surprised when the scheme asks for hefty withdrawal fees and commissions. The main goal of scammers is to withhold your money.

Customer Support and Contact Details

ProBtc.Online assures clients access to all materials and tools they may need while trading. They are providing the best trading experience to clients. The platform uses stock images to represent its team. It is unethical to mislead investors by using false information. The people featured on the website have nothing to do with the shady firm. 

The company must ask you to verify your account user ID and proof of address. Giving them such access exposes you to more risks. There is a phone number and an email address that you can use to reach the platform. However, you should note that the information is only availed for transparency purposes. 

ProBtc.Online will only respond if you are willing to spend more money. If they realize you have run out of money, you shall be cut off. Additionally, the fraudsters show no mercy to their victim. If they pick up the call, they will be rude and unprofessional. 

To acquire the best customer support experience, trade with a licensed platform. These companies operate around the clock. They respond to clients on time. Additionally, you can learn from them. 

Regulatory Status of ProBtc.Online

ProBtc.Online telephone number has a UK code. Technically this is one region the company is targeting its victims from. The country has strict rules for investment companies. An entity must deposit capital of 730,000 EUR to acquire a license. The money is kept in a segregated account from traders’ accounts.

The enormous amount proves a broker can withstand market volatility without misusing clients’ money. The amount can also act as compensation if the scheme faces bankruptcy. It appears the platform originates from Marshall Island. 

Unfortunately, the island does not have a financial regulator. It is, therefore, an ideal location for con artists. Investors who join the platform can lose more money than they initially deposited. This is because the firm does not offer negative account balance protection. 

ProBtc.Online lacks transparency. The trading results of the entity are missing. Moreover, the scheme is charging fees that they have not displayed. You can only expect the worse with such a murky business. The offshore scheme can also change its terms of service overnight. 

Invest with the best investment schemes that respect the law. The licensed companies report their daily transactional reports to the authority. They also have negative account balance protection. They are professional and focus on the well-being of their customers. 

Final Verdict 

ProBtc.Online is a shady broker that is illegally in business. The company is only looking for a way to steal from innocent traders. The people behind the scam are operating behind the shadows. Eventually, they will exit the market, leaving clients high and dry. 

Avoid the shortcomings of offshore investment brokers. Ensure that you trade with reliable and transparent crypto trading schemes. Your safety should come first. Looking for a platform that has been in the market for a longer duration. Read the customer experience to have an insight into what to expect. 


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