ProfitedTradeSignals Review: A Heavy Scam

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ProfitedTradeSignals Review
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ProfitedTradeSignal does not focus on the well-being of traders. If you are not keen, you will lose a huge amount of funds, as the trading environment created by these con artists is not ideal.

ProfitedTradeSignals is the domain name of EmpireCryptFX. The venture claims that it operates transparently, offering the best services to investors.  The venture is dealing with forex and cryptocurrency trading activities.

These assets can make you earn real-time returns if you choose the best venture. The market has multiple scammers that deceive traders into helping them to become rich overnight. There is nothing like quick riches. The market is filled with scammers.

ProfitedTradeSignals Review, ProfitedTradeSignals Company

The fantasy that EmpireCryptFX is selling to investors is not realistic. ProfitedTradeSignals is a clone website that copies everything from this other venture. We do not know the association between these two firms.

The company proclaims that it can generate these high returns due to the use of highly skilled technology. Additionally, they have a group of experts that analyze trade for clients. The venture delivers top-notch services.

Unfortunately, since this firm is becoming known, no proof validates they are successfully trading. The entity also guarantees risk-free investment services. The assets that the platform is dealing with are highly volatile. Traders do not know the outcome of the trade. Legit crypto ventures try to minimize the risk to avoid high magnitude risk to the traders. Review

Ironically, ProfitedTradeSignal’s focus is the well-being of traders. We do not believe this statement. If you are not keen, you will lose a huge amount of funds, as the trading environment created by these con artists is not ideal.

Cryptocurrency assets are not a get-rich-quick tool. You must have a background in trading for you to thrive. It is impossible to join the market and start generating high income. The venture is accepting deposits via cryptocurrency only.

Suppose you Pay via BTC limit, you to issue a chargeback. Moreover, you cannot know the person that receives the money. ProfitedTradeSignals is also accepting traders from all over the world. However, the scheme does not have a license from a single regulatory body.

The venture also has an affiliate program. There is no evidence of trading activities taking place as the company does not bother to disclose the currency pairs available for trading. Additionally, we do not know the interface that is available for traders.

The platform claims it is trading forex, yet the leverage and spread information are missing. It is most likely that the company is using affiliate bonuses to trap investors. The Ponzi scheme wants traders to do their dirty bidding for them.

How Does ProfitedTradeSignals Work?

Without making a deposit, you cannot gain using this platform. They allow traders to open several accounts to increase their level of income. The platform claims it is available in over 190 countries.

99% of their customers are satisfied with their services. However, we do not see this reflecting in their reviews. The statistics that the Ponzi scheme avails are vague. You need to complete the registration form for you to enjoy high returns.

ProfitedTradeSignals has five investment plans. The Gold and Premium accounts guarantee 1% interest. The return of the Bronze package is 2%, while that of Titanium is 3%. The Diamond package has a profit of 4%.

The traffic that is visiting this entity does not match what the company displays. Anyone with basic computer knowledge skills can design the charts and tables the Ponzi scheme presents. What we want to see are their trading results. There is nothing for you in this nasty scheme.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum amount that you can withdraw at ProfitedTradeSignals is $12. The entity does not limit clients on the number of funds that they can cash out. The cash-out requests are allegedly handled immediately.

The venture also accepts a minimum amount of $10. It is dangerous to entrust your funds to this firm. The company is collecting funds without having a license, and they do not disclose their trading conditions. They are only showing investors how easy it is to make money.

False Testimonials of ProfitedTradeSignals

The company presents testimonials from its clients. Their customers state the entity is providing high returns than other investment schemes. The support is also credited for being responsive. Despite having fraudulent traits, the traders portray this broker as transparent.

ProfitedTradeSignals increases the potential of traders to get more profits. Their strategy is also risk-free. However, we beg to differ with this statement, as an expert trader will tell you that investment without risks is impossible. Review, ProfitedTradeSignals Testimonials

The broker does not reveal the strategy that they are using to yield ridiculous profits. The Ponzi scheme is using stock images from the internet. It is impossible to triple your investment in a week. They are targeting novice traders, as they are the most gullible.

You are better off without this nasty scheme. Invest with genuine forex trading companies that are reputable and transparent. If a company cannot provide a document showing they are trading, there is no need to waste your time.

ProfitedTradeSignals Customer Support

The entity features an address indicating they are operating from Toronto, Canada. There is also a phone number and email address that one can use to reach the scheme. Unfortunately, this is a VoIP number that scammers usually use. ‘

The con artists will cut you off after realizing you have run out of funds. Additionally, the original location of the platform is another mystery. Why would you want to waste your time with a losing scheme, yet they cannot trust you with their contact details?

The attempt of investors to get hold of the entity will hit a hard rock. The reason that the scheme operates in this manner is to avoid being put behind bars. Make sure that you trade with a reliable venture. A legit venture will hire a reliable, professional team.

Regulation Status of ProfitedTradeSignals

The company openly states that all investors in the universe are free to join. Various countries have put up tough measures to protect investors against severe losses. Scammers are exploiting citizens by making ridiculous promises only to end up exiting the market. Moreover, CNMV blacklists this platform.

The financial watchdogs in the industry require a broker to deposit a certain amount of the capital before commencing their activities. The huge amount shows that the broker can withstand volatility, and in case of insolvency, traders can also be compensated.

The trading conditions also protect traders from risks. There are numerous ways you can use to generate high income. It would help if you made sure that the investment scheme you choose is licensed. The regulated platforms segregate funds of traders into separate accounts.

Final Verdict

ProfitedTradeSignals is working on its own accord. They do not have a parent company or financial bodies that supervise their activities. The scheme will exit the market eventually, and investors will be left high and dry, wondering why to find them.

The scheme advertises the high profits should not be a reason to entrust them with your hard-earned funds. The location of the firm is also unknown. The technique that the broker is using to yield these high outcomes remains a mystery.

Invest in legit cryptocurrency trading ventures that are reputable and transparent. You will get real-time returns. Investors should trust a company that has the best interest of customers. Safety should be the main priority, be it of your data or funds.




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