ProFundsEU Review: Untrustworthy Venture

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ProFundsEU Review
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There is nothing legit about this shady entity. The company has undesirable fees for investors. The deposit and withdrawal requirements are evident that you do not need ProFundsEU. The entity trading conditions are not in alignment with the FCA requirements.

ProFundsEU is allegedly the best investment company in the market. At least this is what the scheme wants us to believe. However, we have enough reason to believe that this is a shady entity that is will soon cease operating.

The company wants the public to believe it is operating from the UK. They do not see the need of acquiring a license. The venture speaks highly of its trading services and how investors will utilize the superior trading interface. 

ProFundsEU Review, ProFundsEU Company

Sadly, ProFundsEU is referring to a web-trader. The venture is targeting investors from European Union as their name suggests. The regulatory watchdog of this region enforces tough measures to protect investors from fraudsters. 

The scheme insinuates that it has a great reputation worldwide. This is a false allegation and the traffic visiting the website is low. The broker claim it has been serving traders for a decade. However, proves the scheme is only a few months old.

The venture made its first digital footprint in Feb 2021. It takes time for every form of business to win the trust of customers. This entity is using a nasty scheme that will say anything to win over traders. Review

ProFundsEU assures traders they will have unlimited instruments at their disposal. The sole objective of the platform is to provide a remarkable trading experience to all traders. We have to give the broker credit for having a top-notch selling pitch. 

The available assets are energies, forex pairs, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. The company advertises quick returns in a short timeframe. You only need to make a deposit to become rich.

ProFundsEU account managers are available to assist clients to make profits. Unfortunately, the suspicious venture does not credit them and we cannot vouch that they are indeed qualified. It is even likely that there is no team involved. 

The firm state it has the best security measures to protect the funds of traders. However, the company fails to disclose the financial institution it uses to segregate the funds of traders. This is no mistake as offshore companies do not care about the well-being of clients. 

Invest with reputable forex trading companies that have the best security measures. These are companies with outstanding trading conditions and are operating legally. The support is also responsive.

ProFundsEU Trading Conditions 

The leverage available ranges from 1:30 to 1:300. The scheme claims it legally originates from the UK yet its leverage is beyond what the regulatory body authorizes. The company has 3 trading accounts.

The EU watchdog does not allow the investment schemes to offer bonuses. ProFundsEU has a bonus of 10%-25%. It is an illegal firm that should not be in the market. The entity brags it has over 500K active customers. Review, Trading Conditions

The number of clients does not align with the traffic coming into the system. The available interface is a web-based platform. Clients can only execute trade manually, the number of indicators is less and unreliable. 

The spread of the EURUSD currency pair is 0. Pips a lucrative offer that allows clients to pay less. Unfortunately, you are dealing with an offshore scheme that is pushing traders to hazardous limits. 

Invest with brokers that are transparent with the best trading conditions. The MetaTrader is the best trading software in the market. It has favorable tools that will assist you to achieve success.

Withdrawal and Deposit

ProFundsEU accepts deposits via MasterCard, Visa, and Wire transfers. The least amount to fund an account is $3500 yet they advertise $250. The company is expensive for nothing. The market standard for a deposit is $200. It is possible to find a genuine scheme accepting $10.

The withdrawal process takes less than an hour to be completed. The company requires clients to submit their IDs. However, given the nature of this broker, we do not recommend sharing such materials with them. The info can be used for identity theft which is a big danger. 

Making a deposit via Credit or Debit card allows you to get your funds back from up to 540 days. Financial institutions have done a wonderful job in protecting investors. The least amount to cash out from  ProFundsEU is $100 for bank cards plus a fee of $25 and $10. Wire transfers have a fee of $50 and you can withdraw at least $250.

Those that accept the bonus without reading the terms and condition policy are in for a rude shock. You must meet a trading volume 25 times the bonus that you accepted and a deposit. Hence, it is evident that this nasty scheme does not want clients to get pasive income.

In case of inactivity of your account for a duration of 6 months a fee of 10% per month applies. ProFundsEU is an extortion broker that only wants to get hold of your funds and never give them back.

Contact Details

ProFundsEU shameless feature a random address from UK. Scammers use such information to appear transparent and gain the trust of traders. Sadly, we do not know where this scheme originates from. 

The company assures investors that its customer support team is efficient. They resolve issues being faced by traders within 24 hours and they are available throughout the week. Moreover, the firm state that customers are satisfied with the results.

You can reach the team via email, or phone. However, we believe this is a bluff since we did not find client feedbacks regarding ProFundsEU. Moreover, the venture is doomed to fail and scammers have the worst customer support services.

Regulation Status of ProFundsEU

The company ought to be on the FCA list of the approved ventures. Investment companies operating in the United Kingdom must have a license before collecting money from the public. However, this is a venture that does not care about these guidelines. 

You should never engage with unregulated brokers. They expose you to severe danger The people that are behind ProFundsEU are anonymous yet they ask clients to share their ID. Your money is not safe in this unregulated entity.

If you trade with a legit FCA company you stand a chance of receiving 85K GBP in compensation if unforeseen events occur. The brokers also usually report daily activities to the watchdog. 

Is ProFundsEU Legit?

There is nothing legit about this shady entity. The company has undesirable fees for investors. The deposit and withdrawal requirements are evident that you do not need ProFundsEU. The entity trading conditions are not in alignment with the FCA requirement.

The company claims it has a trading history. Unfortunately, there is no proof of this as the domain name is young. Additionally, there are no trading results. If they can fake their history who knows what else the venture is hiding. 

You deserve a reliable broker that focuses on providing the best trading conditions. The platform that ProFundsEU avails is basic. The venture can violate its terms to suit it greedy needs without facing any consequence. They will be out of the market without giving notice.

Final Verdict

ProFundsEU is an unregulated scheme that lies about several factors. The entity location is still a great mystery and we do not know the people managing users’ funds. The broker is untrustworthy.

Choose a reliable forex trading partner that will not throw you under the bus when things get hard. Your safety should be the priority and any platform that can compromises your data is unworthy of your funds. Therefore, take your investment activity seriously.

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