ProrateCrypto Review: is this a Scam?

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ProrateCrypto Review
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Chances of ProrateCrypto responding to your query are very minimal. We suggest you invest with a company that understands the importance of having world-class support. Legit investment platforms will have a phone number that you can call. Some even have social media platforms to interact with users.

ProrateCrypto is a company that focuses on trading digital currencies on leverage. Some of the assets you can trade are Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Ripple. Once you visit their website, you will keep seeing pops indicate the investors that have earned using the system.

ProrateCrypto Review, ProrateCrypto Company

It is a sale strategy meant to make you deposit money on the platform. This kind of data is easy to fabricate. A country has millions of citizens, and it is impossible to know who made the profits. The broker is only trying to remain relevant in the market.

Additionally, ProrateCrypto claims it has partnered with Coinbase,, Microsoft, Binance, Luno, Samsung, and Blockchain. These reputable ventures have nothing to do with this bogus company. The entity is determined to remain relevant even if it avails false information.

The venture claims it was established in 2017, yet Whois data reveal the company is 52 years old. It made its first digital footprint in July 2021. The project being in the industry for only one year. This is not the kind of company you want to be messing with, as they will leave you high and dry.

The founders of the scheme are determined to continue offering their services behind the shadows. This is not new to us. Most bogus platforms run in this manner. Blowing up their cover would result in the authority coming after them. Review

The parent company of this venture is Prorate Crypto. The entity is also offering investment advice, life insurance, fund distribution, and wealth management. The firm is explaining to investors what forex and cryptocurrency assets are. This is something that you can easily research.

ProrateCrypto should utilize the space and explain the benefits that clients are getting for trading with the scheme. The firm state that the withdrawal and deposit process is swift. They are offering their services in over 145 countries. However, they are leaving out essential information like the payment methods available.

In most cases, murky businesses accept irreversible cryptocurrency payments. This hinders clients from issuing a chargeback. The firm also brags it has won multiple awards. They do not reveal the companies that grant them these titles.

ProrateCrypto advertises a referral program where the company pays users for inviting a new member. The venture guarantees that the amount you deposit is 100% safe. How can you trust an unregulated firm with your hard-earned money? You need to create a wallet, fund your account and start getting profits.

Making money is never easy, as these fraudsters advertise. You need to acquire the relevant skills. Additionally, it is important that you only trust the best cryptocurrency ventures that are genuinely trading. These schemes are transparent.

Withdrawal and Deposits

ProrateCrypto features a table indicating the latest deposit and withdrawal they have processed. This kind of data is untrustworthy as it is prone to manipulation. The scheme can easily fabricate the data to cloud the mind of novice traders into believing the system is working.

In reality, we are yet to spot single investors that have gained using this scheme. The company has an affiliate bonus of 5% that reflect immediately when new traders sign up using your referral code.

The company does not reveal if there are any fees. In most cases, offshore platforms will not process the withdrawal request. Your money will only be available on the dashboard.

Contact Details and Customer Support

The company allegedly is operating from Nigeria, but it does not reveal the exact location of its offices. The venture is only accepting traders that existing members have invited. You cannot trace done this scheme once it leaves the industry.

Furthermore, the entity claims it has a 24/7 support system. However, you cannot rely on the company to generate real-time profits. The founder and team are operating discreetly. The email address the scam provides is different from their domain name.

Chances of ProrateCrypto responding to your query are very minimal. We suggest you invest with a company that understands the importance of having world-class support. Legit investment platforms will have a phone number that you can call. Some even have social media platforms to interact with users.

Regulation Status of ProrateCrypto

The entity assures investors it keeps their funds in separate accounts. They brag about working with Intercertus Capital Limited (ICC). This is Cyprus-regulated banks. The domain which the firm usually uses is or

The venture is using ASIC numbers without being regulated by the financial body. The ProrateCrypto will go the extra mile to defraud users. The scheme is advertising an hourly payout of 0.83% after you deposit $1000. From what we see, this is a shady venture. They will never send the money to your account.

The entity insinuates that investors will earn $72,000 in a year: the more money you deposit, the greater your rewards. There is no segregation, and none of the financial bodies in the world identify this as a legit company.

We suggest you invest with FCA, ASIC, NFA, or CySEC licensed firm. The trading conditions of entities that have a license from these watchdogs are ideal. The venture will never steal your money.

Client Feedback

Despite ProrateCrypto being young in the market, the entity has unpleased clients who claim to have lost their funds. The venture is not genuine, and they promise high returns. We hate to break it unto you that only disappointments await you if you register in the hope of making money.

A transparent company will have both negative and positive reviews from users. Nonetheless, you will never hear about the venture defrauding users. This is a common feature with fraudsters. Everyone would be trading with us if making money was as easy as this platform insinuates. Review, Features

ProrateCrypto, there is no proof of payment from those that claim to have gained. The company is only accepting money via crypto. Therefore, you cannot issue a chargeback. If you genuinely care about your funds, then look for a transparent platform.

Is ProrateCrypto Legit

There is nothing legit about this company. The anonymous firm provides insufficient information about its services. The generic information is basic and does not work in their favor. The offshore entity is not trading, and the returns it advertises are bogus.

They do not have a trading history. The trading condition that ProrateCrypto is using is unknown. Their bot has not been audited. Therefore, we highly doubt the platform is generating profits. The communication channel is via email, which we highly doubt the firm will respond to.

Furthermore, fund safety is not something to joke about. You need to know the person you entrust your money to, their qualification, and their country of origin. Infamous ventures are dangerous.

Final Verdict

You cannot rely on an investment platform that does not have a trading record. ProrateCrypto is a scheme that fakes its own history in the industry. Such minor details highly reflect the unprofessionalism of the scheme. The information of the founder is missing. Stay away from this unpopular investment venture.

Trade with the best cryptocurrency bots that are genuine. These are companies that are transparent and reveal all the necessary data to users. Moreover, their results are also verified. Make sure to check out client feedback on third-party websites to understand what you are signing up for.

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