QicMarket.Group Review: A Deceptive Investment Scheme

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QicMarket.Group Review
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QicMarket.Group is operating without having a license from regulatory bodies in the industry. It has come to our knowledge that the company is based in the Commonwealth of Dominica. This area is popular with scammers. The broker will only leave you broke.

QicMarket.Group urge investors to join them and exploit the volatility of various assets. Their experts analyze the market on behalf of their clients. The platform is after improving the living standards of traders. If you are considering joining the broker, we suggest you hold that thought.

QicMarket.Group Review, QicMarket.Group Company

In this review, we provide unbiased information that will shed light on how the entity works. The company is sending its clients trading signals. It is easy to mistaken this venture as a legit firm. One needs to analyze their website keenly.

The people that are managing this business are cautious with the information they present. Unlike most scammers, this website is professionally designed. Often, Ponzi schemes target novice traders as they lack ideal knowledge.

However, QicMarket.group registration process is straightforward. The easy you get in and deposit funds, the happier the con artists get. The trading conditions of the firm expose them as a fraudulent entity. You will not get a desirable outcome from this offshore.

Instead of wasting your time in a losing scheme, we suggest you trade with the best forex trading platforms. These are some of the reputable companies that have been in the market. Additionally, you can also check out their performance.

QicMarket Group Review

Investors can allegedly earn money whether the market is depreciating or appreciating. These are the remarks of QicMarket.Group. The leverage effect also allows its clients to predict on high returns than what they had invested.

As appealing as this might sound, it is important to note that the market is volatile. Therefore, bad days are also inevitable. What most reputable entities try doing is to minimize the losses. It’s funny that the broker is speaking about transparency.

First, QicMarket.group fails to disclose the parent company that is managing its activity. The team it speaks highly about is nowhere to be seen. How can we trust ghost workers that we don’t know what they look like or their qualifications?

The platform is trading forex, shares, indices, and bonds. The only thing they have to display in regards to their transparency is an SSL certificate. The document does not guarantee you safety when you are working with an offshore venture.

The market analysis is presented to traders. It entails the patterns, current trends in the market that helps clients to make a sober decision. The suspicious firm recommends that traders find a niche to specialize in and to balance their portfolios.

QicMarket.group Trading Conditions

The platform offers a spread of 3 pips to their customers for EURUSD. Their leverage is 1:200. As you can see, this is not a profitable offer. The dirty scheme is only meeting its own goals. You won’t realize financial freedom with them.

QicMarket.Group has a web trader interface. It has a stop loss feature, price alerts, news feeds, pending orders, etc. Nonetheless, this is not comparable to the MetaTrader. The reputable software in the market has multiple customizable features.

Furthermore, the dirty scheme claims it has the MT5. Unfortunately, after scrutinizing their website keenly, we did not find the link to the platform. Avoid the pathetic Ponzi scheme that is desperately looking for people to defraud.

The broker brags it has over 21 million opened positions. It also has over 237K active customers. Sadly, the company is only a few months old. Even the best platforms in the market struggle to get a high audience. Therefore, they can’t have such high numbers of traders. Also, their trading value is absurd, and it would be best for them to present trading performance.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The company accepts a minimum amount of $250. The listed payment methods are crypto wallets, wire transfers, and credit cards. If you want to test the water with this scheme, we suggest you cash in via the credit card option.

Qic Market Group Review, QicMarket.Group Trading Accounts

At least you stand a chance of issuing a chargeback. The other two methods are futile and ideal for con artists to conceal their data. The withdrawal requests of the trader are allegedly processed within 24 hours.

It is also to our knowledge that we discovered QicMarket.group is charging a commission. The firm does not disclose the data. This would not be a serious broker. If it were, then it would present all the necessary information to customers.

Additionally, the platform does not intend to process the withdrawal of the non-deposited funds. The entity may lure you with tempting bonuses. However, don’t forget that withdrawing money will be a nightmare.

QicMarket.group Regulation and Registration

QicMarket.Group is operating without having a license from regulatory bodies in the industry. It has come to our knowledge that the company is based in the Commonwealth of Dominica. This area is popular with scammers. The government does not supervise forex trading brokers.

The platform is, therefore, an offshore entity that is an outlaw. Their policy does not protect clients. If any unforeseen event arises there, nobody shall come to your aid. Once they leave the industry, you will not receive compensation.

No one is governing the company. Not reporting their daily activities to a regulatory body means that you don’t know whatever the firm is doing with your money. We recommend that you trade with a platform that is either licensed by FCA, ASIC, CySEC, or agencies that have equal tough policies.

The Domain Insight

QicMarket.group is a privately registered company. The information of the registrar is not available. Additionally, the firm is only registered for a period of one year which is another common red flag with the scammers. They know the chances of being exposed are high.

The platform also does not have a trading history. They expect us to believe their words without providing evidence. The traffic that is visiting the entity is low and unappealing.

QicMarket.group Client Feedback

The best way to understand how a platform is running is to check for clients’ feedback. However, scammers have also become smart, and they pay random people to give them a 5-star rating. These individuals have never used their products or services.

The company ends up looking like the next big thing in the market. QicMarket.Group does not have reviews from its customers. In the future, this might change. Nonetheless, considering the offshore firm is untrustworthy, we suggest you stay away.

It is also important that when you are doing your research, you analyze third-party information. Furthermore, the venture has a low trust score in the traders’ community. Their website is infamous.

Customer Support

QicMarket.Group clients can contact the firm via email. Additionally, you can fill up the contact form available on their web page. Sadly, the entity does not see any need to disclose its address. We don’t know their country of origin.

Once the broker disappears from the face of the earth, they will become untraceable. We recommend that you find a transparent scheme that has a world-class customer support team. The legit ventures care about the safety of their clients.

Final Verdict

The company is mainly targeting forex traders. They even provide educational resources that we weren’t lucky to view. They have 5 worthless trading accounts that we don’t recommend. Their lack of transparency is our major concern. Furthermore, the entity is not licensed.

You can trade with the best forex trading companies in the market. These ventures care about the needs of their clients. They go up and beyond to ensure their customers are well catered for. Try them today!

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