QtradeLtd Review: Qtradeltd.com Sickening Scheme

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Qtradeltd.com Review
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QtradeLtd is an obvious scam. You do not need any unique skills to tell if a venture is genuine or fraudulent. Once you take the time to familiarize yourself with investment by reading free online materials you will be safe.

QtradeLtd is an obvious scam. You do not need any unique skills to tell if a venture is genuine or fraudulent. Once you take the time to familiarize yourself with investment by reading free online materials, you will be safe. The venture is offering a huge bonus to its clients. You may see this as a perfect opportunity.

QtradeLtd Review, QtradeLtd Company

However, various regulatory bodies in the market are against investors providing such lucrative services. This is because the fund legally belongs to traders. Moreover, you must meet unrealistic trading volumes for you to be able to cash out.

Furthermore, whenever you refer someone to QtradeLtd, you can earn $500. There is also an addition of a $25 lot for each new client. The platform is mainly trading cryptocurrency. Digital currencies are volatile. It is therefore hard to determine the returns that you are going to make. Whenever you encounter a venture guaranteeing to make you rich overnight, chances of them being fraudulent are extremely high.

Invest wisely by choosing some of the best cryptocurrency investment schemes in the market. These are companies that aim to see investors improving their skills. Moreover, their trading activities are transparent. Their trading results are verified by reputable third parties. 

Qtradeltd.com Review

The company has several assets. It is always inspiring to see a venture that is dedicated to offering several products. This helps traders to diversify on risks. The problem is that offshore ventures only feature the assets, yet they are not trading. 

QtradeLtd claims it has active traders, and they are getting desirable profits. They also brag about having the best team. The assets that the entity is trading include; commodities, metals, forex, CFDs,  EFTs, and Indexes. The entity targets investors worldwide without minding the rules that the regulatory bodies have set.

The venture also states it operates transparently. The entity allegedly treats all its clients equally. The trading environment that the entity provides is not ideal. The venture also claims it executes trade instantly. Investment is not about narratives. We are more interested in the results. The easiest way to lose funds is to trust an offshore scheme. Their sales reps are pretty convincing. They will tirelessly keep calling until you heed their demands.

Moreover, you mustn’t share your personal details with the Ponzi scheme. They could do the unthinkable with the data. The con artists could manipulate you to deposit more funds, and if you fail, they share your ID with criminals.

QtradeLtd Trading Conditions

QtradeLtd is using huge leverage to trap more victims. The venture advertises a 1:500 cap and a spread of o pip. You will never find a selfless offshore scheme. This is only a ploy to make more people sign up. The EURUSD pair attracts a tight spread of 0.1 pips. The scheme has three investment accounts. 

They even feature the latest news. The scheme avails an MT4 trading interface. This is one of the powerful platforms in the market. It has several desirable features. There are advanced tools and charts. However, this does not change the fact that this is a nasty venture. 

Withdrawal and Deposits

The least amount that you can deposit at QtradeLtd is $100. The listed payment methods include; Skrill, Neteller, Credit and debit cards, BTC, and FasaPay. The only secure option is the bank cards. There are fees for them which are 4%, while for the rest of the payment methods, a charge of $40 applies. 

The company claims it handles the withdrawal requests within two days. However, investors could wait for up to 10 days. We are yet to encounter someone that has earned by trading with the broker. 

Customer Support and Contact Details

Before you deposit money in any investment scheme, you must determine the location of the venture. It is also essential that you identify the communication channels available. QtradeLtd allegedly states that customer support operates around the clock.

Qtradeltd.com Review, Qtradeltd.com Platform

Traders can reach them via email or phone. The team is multilingual. Your query will be promptly handled if you speak Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Farsi, or English. The scheme phone code marks it appears as though the venture is operating from the United Kingdom.

Offshore schemes tend to use VoIP. Once the con artists realize you have run out of funds, that will be the end of it. They will not be traced. You cannot reach them. The support, if any, at times gets unprofessional. They can go the extra mile of being rude or blacklisting your phone number. 

Regulation Status of QtradeLtd

The entity does not have a license. They are proudly unregulated. This is a scheme that does not give a hoot of what the financial bodies require. For instance, various governments are dedicated to protecting their clients against fraudsters. They set an enormous amount of capital for investment entities. 

It proves a venture can withstand volatility in the market. The legit companies must also report their daily opening and closing trade. Therefore, the venture cannot manipulate the data. If they do not comply, then their license can be revoked. However, offshore companies have no one to oversee their activities. 

It is also mandatory that the information of the founder is availed. Investment entities must also work with reputable financial institutions. They segregate the funds of traders. This ensures the funds of traders are not used for the wrong purposes. Multiple advantages come with trusting a regulated entity.

Clients Testimonials

So what do investors have to say about QtradeLtd? This is something that comes in handy. You can get reliable information by researching. However, you should also be mindful of tactical con artists. There are entities in the market that pay random people that have nothing to do with the firm. 

For instance, in the case of this Ponzi scheme, there are multiple misleading reviews. Anonymous individuals that have not left their social media account links or revealed their faces endorses the firm. The individuals claim that despite the entity being an offshore scheme, they are offering the best services.

They claim that QtradeLtd is handling the withdrawal requests fast. However, some traders warn potential clients that this is a dangerous Ponzi scheme. The venture is using false information to win over people. Once you deposit money, you won’t be able to recover. 

The scheme has not responded to the accusation. It is business as usual for them. Learn from the mistakes of others. If there is no proof of payment, it is best to refrain from indulging with a company.

The Domain Insight

QtradeLtd is a company that is receiving medium traffic. Their global engagement is 1,435,552. The majority of their customers originate from Iran.  Scammers usually target novice traders. They will convince you that they have the best deals. However, the moment you trust them and deposit money, that will be the end of it.

The venture is privately registered. Their domain name was registered in January 2021. The domain will expire after one year. The company has no hope of being in the industry past this duration.

Final Verdict

QtradeLtd is a dangerous offshore scheme. The trading conditions of the entity are unsound. There is no point in losing sleep over this nasty venture. You can simply trade with some of the best cryptocurrency trading companies in the market. These are reliable and legit entities. 





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