Raffles Market Review: Rafflesmarket.com A Savage Scam

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Raffles Market Review
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The platform may also disappear with customers’ funds at any given time.  Also, scammers try to find their way with regulations, and they use false documents to try and earn your trust. The same traits are visible in Raffles Market, and this is a major red flag.

Raffles Market is a shady forex broker that aims to bridge the forex world for traders. Also, they brag about being an international broker with global connections in 19 countries, mainly in Asia. The company claims to have more than a thousand customers benefiting from their services. In addition, the company showcases so many red flags that should prevent you from their services.

Thus, you can perhaps invest with these legit forex brokers and earn reasonable profits through tried and tested strategies and risk measures to limit the losses you may incur.  Raffles Market also aims to provide investors with seminars and local events that offer training materials.

Raffles Market Review, Raffles Market Company

Furthermore, they claim to be equipped with trading tools that help in achieving attractive trade results. Using the wrong trading tools will definitely result in losses. How the software operates and the kind of algorithm is unknown. Trading involves taking risks, and legit forex brokers will always have risk measures in place to curb unwanted losses.

However, newbie traders can also benefit from Rafflesmarket.com. Yet, they do not have any training materials that are visible on the platform. They only feature basic knowledge that you can access easily on the internet. Nothing they do or promise traders makes sense, and the website is poorly done and misses a lot of information.

Raffles Market Review

Raffles Market was anonymously introduced to the market. Meanwhile, transparency is what most experts in forex trading look for before investing in any platform. The founders’ data helps in knowing that you are dealing with professionals. Hence trading with Rafflesmarket.com will be putting your funds at risk. Additionally, your funds are at risk, and personal information may end up in the wrong hands.

The platform provides trading services in CFDs, Forex, Commodities, Stock, Cryptocurrencies, and Indices. Raffles Market has tight spreads and includes unparalleled trade conditions. Consequently, the trading world faces high volatility, and trusting the wrong trade directions may lead to massive losses. 

They claim to partner with 10 of the world’s top LPs and financial institutions. To access their services, traders can download the platform on android and IOS devices, or you can choose to use the web-based platform. They also urge traders that through their operation, investors receive a unique trade experience. However, the only experience you will receive is not to trust scammers with your funds.

How Raffles Market Operate

Raffle Market features a similar style of operation as most scam platforms. They will constantly contact you with attractive bonuses, luring you with attractive bonuses and high unattainable profits. Hence once you fall for the catch, they may end up swindling all your funds and blocking your details from accessing any of their services.

Furthermore, they promise traders a wide range of trading tools that will boost the trade results. How the software operates is unknown to traders, and you may end up trusting a tool that will only generate more losses to traders. Raffles Market showcases a lot of murkiness in their methods of operation, and they expose a lot of red flags.

The platform does not seem to have any trade activity taking place. Thus if they were making the said profits, the same should visible via trade results. Besides, legit past trade data helps in knowing the kinds of returns to expect.

Claims of Winning Awards

Raffles Market uses fake testimonials that are just made up to appear legit and rob innocent traders. They claim to have won the best forex broker award in 2020, yet this statement has no reliable backup. Consequently, they feature a common trait that is common among pyramid schemes.

RafflesMarket.com Review, Raffles Market Features

The awards are nonexistent anywhere within the trade market. However, if the trade results were true at all, the traffic on the website ought to be higher. Therefore, the awards are false, and you should not believe any information they provide. 

Fund Safety

Raffles Market should not be trusted with even a single coin. The anonymous founders may even be keeping funds in their personal accounts. Furthermore, the security measures the software adapts are unknown. The kind of algorithm it uses is also left out, and you should always find this information.

Even so, there is no data available of any successful withdrawals made by any trader. Hence if they were making any traders’ lives easier, the same should be visible through trade history. Additionally, there is no banking information to show that your money is safe. They also do not feature a refund policy or demo account to familiarize themselves with Raffles Market’s trade style.

Raffles Market Contact Details and Support

Raffles Market will only offer you working customer support until you make a deposit. Once you fulfill this, they may end up blocking your data from accessing any of the services they offer. Hence you should always confirm that you will receive working customer support.

Meanwhile, legit forex brokers will always respond to your trading needs instantly. To contact Rafflesmarket.com, you will have to fill out a section with your email, legal names, any query related to the platform. In addition, they also have telephone contact +442033180439 that we do not guarantee will work in your favor. Working contact support always shows you are dealing with people who put your needs at heart. 


Raffles Market does not fall under any regulatory body. Therefore, they are illegally generating funds from the public. The only people who are more likely to benefit are the company founders. Raffles Market founders risk facing criminal prosecutions and are the main reason they leave out similar data.

Regulated forex brokers showcase a high level of transparency in the style of operation and you can easily trust them to make reasonable profits for you. Meanwhile unregulated platforms do not last for long in the market.

The platform may also disappear with customers’ funds at any given time. Different countries have set up various measures to protect their citizens from scammers. Therefore, most nations require trade companies to follow regulatory guidelines. Also, scammers try to find their way with regulations, and they use false documents to try and earn your trust.

The same traits are visible in Raffles Market, and this is a major red flag. They feature a fake certificate that appears to have been made up by quacks. The available address points to First Floor, First St Vincent Bank LTD Building, James Street, Kingstown, St Vincent, and the Grenadines. This address has been made up and does not have any relation with Raffles Market.

Final Verdict

Raffles Market does not have a reliable trading strategy that you can count on. Your funds are at great risk, and who is controlling the funds in the platform is unknown. The founders risk facing criminal prosecutions, and the company may go out of existence. Therefore, Raffles Market does not seem to have any trade activities taking place on the platform.

The people behind the company are unknown, and the style of operation they use is shady. Also, if they were generating the said returns, the same would be visible through past trade history. Hence without previous trade activities, the company has a hidden agenda. 

However there are legit trading platforms that operate transparently using suitable methods. Also you will be able to earn reasonable profits and you should avoid Rafflemarkets.com.


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