Rallygates Review: Rallygates.com a Horrifying Company

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RallyGates Review
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Unfortunately, the EU body does not allow legit companies to offer bonuses. This is another proof that RallyGates is targeting clients from the area illegally. There is nothing for you on this platform. You are better off without them.

RallyGates claims it is a genuine investment company. They create a conducive trading platform for their clients. The broker considers itself safe. Various factors make an investment scheme real. All companies that collect funds from the public ought to have a license. That being said, we examined the viability of this scheme.

RallyGates Review, RallyGates Company

Unfortunately, this is an investment firm that fails to follow the rules of investment watchdogs. They do not even disclose their country of origin. The entity lacks transparency. We are not aware that the individuals handling the funds of traders are qualified. For all, we know the entity could have an incompetent team.

RallyGates allegedly has a secure trading account. The venture brags it uses innovative technology to protect the funds and accounts of traders. However, this is a misleading statement to make clients deposit money. There is no segregation of performance in this entity. Trusting the entity with your cash is unwise.

The platform can exit the market at any time without giving notice. Moreover, we are yet to encounter anyone that have cashed out successfully from the scheme. Instead of wasting your funds in a losing venture, we recommend that you trade wisely with reputable forex trading platforms. The safety of your money is guaranteed. Moreover, the trading conditions of the firms are top-notch.

Rallygates.com Review

RallyGates brags it has various trading accounts to help investors select what best suits their needs. You need to register and verify your proof of identity and residence, deposit money and start trading. Don’t you think it is unwise to trust an investment scheme that has not provided information on their whereabouts with such documents?

The venture is anonymous. We do not know what happens behind closed doors. Hence, they can misuse your information. These are fraudsters, and every opportunity to make money that presents itself will serve its greedy needs. Moreover, scammers never leave the market entirely. They come back using a different name with a vibrant narrative ready to defraud more naive clients.

They will keep calling endlessly until you heed their demands. You will never make money with them. Instead, the con artists will make money out of you. The 200 assets that the scheme is bragging about are nowhere to be seen. The scheme is allegedly trading indices, commodities, CFDs, and forex.

Trading Conditions of RallyGates

The entity grants investors leverage of 1:400. The limit is beyond what the regulatory body of the EU allows. The legit firms can only offer 1:30. The platform is shady, and they are pushing clients to an edge. If you lose, they are going to make money out of you.

Rallygates.com Review, Rallygates.com Ventures

RallyGates offers a web trader interface. Investors that are used to the MetaTrader interface will not find the entity ideal. They have four trading accounts: the more money that you deposit, the tighter the spread. For the Bronze account, the spread is at 2.8 pips this wide than the average market standard. The only party that benefits is the Ponzi scheme.

Withdrawal and Deposits

RallyGates accepts funds via credit and debit cards. You have up to 540 days to issue a chargeback in case things go south. However, we cannot validate that the above is what the entity is accepting. The least amount that clients can deposit is $250. You can find a genuine venture that takes as low as $5.

The information on the withdrawal is inadequate. It makes us doubt the entity even more. The bonus policy of the platform proves that the company is only looking after its greedy needs. Those who accept a bonus of $200 must meed a turnover of $5 million, which is 50 lots with 44 days.

Failure to that they will not handle the withdrawal requests. Unfortunately, the EU body does not allow legit companies to offer bonuses. This is another proof that RallyGates is targeting clients from the area illegally. There is nothing for you on this platform. You are better off without them.

Regulation Status of RallyGates

The company is a venture that is allegedly trading from the EU. This region is dedicated to protecting traders against illegal activities. A company cannot operate without obtaining a legal document from the financial watchdog. The requirements are they deposit capital of 730,000 in their name. This proves that the scheme can withstand the volatility of the market. Moreover, they will also not misuse the funds of clients.

The scheme should also provide the names of the financial analysts, the parent company, and the account manager. This ensures that the people handling the funds of traders are qualified. It also allows the scheme to operate in full transparency. RallyGates is an anonymous scheme and does not fit in the above description.

Another thing that the entity must do is to report their daily trading activities. Licensed platforms cannot dare to manipulate prices. This could lead to their license being revoked. The licensed broker is also required to work with a top-tier 1 bank. It ensures that the accounts of clients and that of the platform are segregated.

In the case of bankruptcy, clients stand a chance of receiving compensation. However, if the RallyGates system collapse today, investors will not receive compensation. They will count their losses. The trading conditions of this scam are not as per the agency requirements. If you want to trade safely, stick to brokers that have a license.

Customer Support and Contact Details

Imagine trusting a company that does not have an office address on its website. How would you trace them if the unthinkable occurs? The platform features a phone number for clients to reach them. However, chances of the Ponzi scheme picking are minimal. The venture is not genuine. They are using a fake phone number to appear as if they have offices in the UK. However, the characteristic of the firm proves this is an offshore firm.

Clients Testimonials

RallyGates is the company that has a section for testimonials. You can buy low and sell at a high profit. Investors claim that the leverage of 1:400 is profitable. They are maximizing their returns. They warn those who might join that the losses could also lead to huge losses, and they should watch out.

The customer support is being praised for being responsive. All the reviews are positive. Despite the entity not featuring wire transfer as one of their payment options, one client claims the scheme accepts money via the method. The withdrawal process is also said to take a duration of 3 to 4 days.

It turns out that the scheme uses stock images. Everywhere else in the market, we could not find clients’ reviews. The entity endorses itself by using false testimonials. Forget about making money with the fraud. There is no proof of payment or performance of the scheme.

The Domain Insight

RallyGates.com was established in September 2021. The domain name will expire after one year. The information of the founder is not available on the website. The traffic that is visiting the scheme is also insufficient.

Final Verdict

If you want to trade profitably, then refrain from doing business with RallyGates. The platform is not genuine. They are eying for the funds of innocent traders. The scheme does not have a license.

Invest with a genuine forex investment company with a proven track record. These are ventures that have sound trading conditions. The withdrawal information is also accessible to all.

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