RECB Review: Should you trust real-estate MLM company?
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Real Estate Community Bank (RECB) is an MLM company in the real estate industry. It quite different from other MLM companies because most of the other companies are associated with trading or crypto coins. Instead, focuses on people who are interested in investing in the real estate industry.

However, this company has a very controversial compensation plan. In fact, the entire business model is quite suspicious. You must know about it before investing any money in it. Keep reading this article to get familiar with this company.

Overview of RECB

RECB is claiming to be the best real estate community bank that you can find in the world. The homepage of its domain,, entices the users to invest in this company by claiming to provide a massive amount of profits. It states that you can start earning profits immediately without worrying about the legal agreements and paperwork.

The company is claiming that its purpose is to provide comprehensive services in the real estate industry. Such services can allow the members to generate the maximum amount of profits without spending a lot of hours in managing such properties.

Origins of RECB was recently registered on 3rd April 2020. There is no data available about the country from which the company is running. Similarly, the company does not disclose the name of its founder or any other team member. It is quite evident that the company has very suspicious origins. Therefore, it is very hard to trust this platform because it is trying its best to hide all of the details about its origin.

The official video presentation of the company is in Spanish. It indicates that the Spanish audience is the main target of this company. One of the most important aspects that point to the fraudulent nature of is that it gives a fake address in London, UK.


In fact, the address given by the website seems like a joke because it is “221B, Baker Street” which is the address of popular character Sherlock Holmes. This kind of ironic, but silly, tactics proves the fact that the owner of RECB is running a company that is not interested in providing any actual information to the users.

How to Join RECB?

As expected from an MLM company like RECB, it does not provide any retail products or services. The initial affiliate membership is free. However, you must invest an amount between $50 to $1500 to get any kind of income opportunity from this company.

Unfortunately, does not provide any details or further elaboration about the different packages that the company is offering. Lack of information about different income structures and differences between the invested amounts further erodes trust in this platform.

RECB is clearly not a trustable platform. It is presenting very confusing and contradictory information. There is no point in investing in this company because you cannot expect to earn any significant profits from it. Hence, if you want to generate a good amount of money, you should consider using the crypto trading bots. These bots are efficient and provide flexible trading preferences that allow you to earn money via crypto trading on your own terms and conditions. 

The website mentions the following three steps to join the company:

  1. Registration: It includes creating an account on and getting access to the platform.
  2. Select the type and scale of your investment. The company encourages you to make as much investment as you can as you will be generating passive income throughout the year. Yet, there is no evidence to support these claims.
  3. In the third and final step, the company simply mentions that once you have registered and invested in the company, you just have to enjoy the cashouts. There is no information available about the withdrawal methods. It only mentions that daily cashouts and instant recovery is possible with RECB.

Features of RECB claims to have the following features:

Maximum Profits

RECB is trying to present itself as some kind of magical company that is capable of converting even a small investment of $50 into massive profits. However, the problem with such kind of tall claims is that the company does not provide any information about how such profits are actually

It is essentially claiming to be acting as a personal broker that will select the best properties to make your investments. However, since the company has not disclosed its original location, it is hard to say that where such investments will be made.

Founding a Business

RECB promises that once you invest a significant amount of money in this platform, you will eventually be capable of running your own real-estate business. However, there is no proof that the company will be able to fulfil such a promise. You also have to consider the fact that it is a very new platform. It is unlikely to have sufficient resources to help members in establishing brand-new businesses.

Guaranteed ROI promises guaranteed ROI. It encourages the users to spend $150 in the company so that they can earn up to $150,000 in profits from the real estate company. Yet, the company does not give any information about how such a massive amount of profits will be generated and distributed.
It is highly possible that the is only surviving on the fee collected from the affiliate members. This kind of business model is not sustainable as the recruitment of such companies is bound to stop at one point or another. As a result, the company will collapse due to lack of recruitment.

Final Verdict About RECB

RECB is a highly suspicious company. It is making some very tall claims. Yet, there is no proof that the company is actually capable of providing any significant profits to the members. It claims to make revenue through real-estate activities. However, there is no evidence that the company supports any such activities.

You also have to remember the fact that the company’s claims of being able to provide 1000% ROI over the period of 365 days make this platform a Ponzi scheme. It simply means that when the company collapses, the users will be losing most of their investment. The founder and managers of this platform will get the maximum amount of profits while you will end up losing your investment.

Another strange aspect of RECB is that it refers to itself as a bank. However,  it is completely wrong to declare this company to be a bank because there is no regulatory authority that manages this company. It is only presenting itself as a bank to seem legitimate and attract more users.

Therefore, you should avoid investing in RECB because it seems like a fraudulent company. Its suspicious tactics like providing a fake address of a fictional character show that the people behind it have not paid much attention to it. Such kind of aspects of the company does not only show its fraudulent nature but also make it seem like some kind of a joke.

Instead of wasting your resources in MLM companies like, you should consider using the crypto trading bots. You can rely on these bots because they are legitimate and provide a wide range of trading options to help you in making maximum profits.

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