RetroFXProfit Review: a Shady Platform

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RetroFXProfit Review
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  • Fund Safety


You cannot rely on the word of offshore ventures. They only want to serve their selfish interest. Helping individuals earn reasonable returns is never on their list. RetroFXProfit is using a luring sales pitch to get more victims. We suggest before trusting what a scheme claims you double-check each detail by researching.

RetroFXProfit is a platform that allegedly has been in the market for years. They guarantee users better income. You can make $10,000 overnight, and that right there is a big red flag. Online investment products are not something that will get you rich overnight. To earn reasonable and real-time profits, you must have trading skills. You cannot just join the market and start making mind-blowing returns.

RetroFXProfit Review, Review

The broker is looking for an opportunity to steal from innocent traders. They hide behind technology. They want clients to believe the scheme has powerful training tools. The innovative measures help skyrocket the investment. The firm claims it operates in full transparency.

We beg to differ as there is much we do not know. For instance, we are not aware of the individuals responsible for the broker. The information of the founder, financial analyst, account manager, and security experts is missing. Could this be because RetroFXProfit does not have a sound team? Given that this is an offshore company, you can expect the worst outcome.

Invest with the leading forex trading ventures that have nothing to hide. These are platforms that operate in full transparency. You will generate real time returns without the worries of losing funds. The safety of your money should come first., You will only get such benefits if you deal with licensed firms. Review

RetroFXProfit states they use value-oriented pricing and charge reasonable fees. The problem is that the entity lacks a trading history. It could serve in their best interest if they showcased their past performance to win the trust of traders. Unfortunately, we cannot tell if what the scheme promises are true.

Moreover, we are yet to encounter anyone that can endorse what they have earned using the platform. The security of your data is also not guaranteed. We cannot ascertain that the firm is genuine. It would help if you walked away while you still could. Sharing documents revealing your identity or residence could land you in trouble. If criminals commit fraud using your data.

You cannot rely on the word of offshore ventures. They only want to serve their selfish interest. Helping individuals earn reasonable returns is never on their list. RetroFXProfit is using a luring sales pitch to get more victims. We suggest before trusting what a scheme claims, you double-check each detail by researching.

Please stick to the regulated entities as the government is overseeing their activities. Moreover, in case you are not satisfied with the services you could always seek advice. The genuine ventures are dedicated to serving the best interest of clients.


RetroFXProfit claims it has won multiple awards ever since joining the venture. They were recognized as the best online broker in 2016. In the same year, the platform attained an award for having the best trading platforms. This is absurd because the venture does not mention existing using a separate name. Moreover, their website was established 4 years later on. This is enough proof that the scheme is lying. If you cannot trust with such details, what else could they be hiding?

The Domain Insights

According to, RetroFXProfit was established in December 2020. The information of the registrar is private. Hence, we cannot determine who is behind the entity. Their domain name shall expire after one year. Consider this as a red flag. Scammers will rarely be in the industry past year. This is because before then, their business was exposed. The geographical location of their target clients is currently a mystery.


Features of RetroFXProfit

The entity has a beginner course for rookie traders. They teach the basic skills that will assist customers in navigating the industry. The entity’s technical analysis has advanced charts that allow users to navigate and predict the market’s next direction. They also allegedly use effective risk management to gain success.

Trading Conditions and Account

RetroFXProfit has a plan that requires a deposit of $495. It allows investors to enter the market in less than a second. There are various assets that you can trade; commodities and stocks. There is also no dealing desk. The whole time you will have the help of Expert Advisors.

The venture assures clients it does not have hidden fees. The trade fee is $6.95. The entity is trading EFTs, Stocks, and Options. They have over 11,000 account funds. Their trading tools enable customers to attain mind-blowing returns effortlessly. They also customize financial plans to suit the needs of clients. The entity provides a web trader to clients. The information of leverage and spread is missing.

Withdrawal and Deposits

RetroFXProfit fails to disclose the payment methods available. The scheme allegedly handles the withdrawal request within 48 hours. The data regarding the fees is not available. This is an exploitive venture; hence it can decide not to give back your money.

Clients Testimonials

After thorough research, we did not find clients’ reviews on third-party websites. We recommend that you look for feedback on such platforms because companies cannot manipulate the information left behind. However, if you trust what the broker publishes on its website, they could mislead you. Of course, you do not expect to feature feedback from displeased clients. Instead, they cherry-peak the good statements.

In the case of RetroFXProfit, the company testimonials are written in statement form. There are no images of the clients or social media links to their profiles. Therefore, you are left to wonder where the statements are coming from. Our experience in the industry has proven that scammers endorse their own services.

The novice clients are more likely to buy their marketing strategy, thinking the entity is profitable. However, a turn of events will show you that you cannot earn with a shady scheme. Moreover, the statement claims that ever since the individuals joined the firm, they have generated over $500,000. Unfortunately, there is no validation.

Invest only with the trustworthy schemes in the market. The ones that provide legit reviews from their real customers. Refrain from doing business with a nasty firm.

RetroFXProfit Regulation Status

RetroFXProfit brags it is a genuine firm. The entity brags it has licenses from the FCA, KNF, and CMB. They also claim their venture is the 4th largest investment scheme in the market. However, nobody would grant permission to a shady entity to carry out their murky business.

Unfortunately, it turns out the scheme is not regulated. Hence, clients will not enjoy fund safety. The people behind the scheme are operating as they please. Once the venture decides to leave the market, you won’t receive compensation.

Contact Details and Customer Support

RetroFXProfit allegedly has offices in Poland, the UK, France, Turkey, and Germany. In general, the firm boasts it has over 184 branches. Unfortunately, the information is false. They also do not mention the exact geographical location in the vast areas where they are operating from.

The only address available is from the USA. The entity is determined to remain anonymous. Clients can reach the firm via email only. The legit firm has no problem featuring a phone number for ease of communication with their clients. We can assure you the broker will not concern itself with reading multiple complaints from traders. It is easy to ignore emails.

Final Verdict

RetroFXProfit lies about its regulatory status. It is a big red flag for the company to mislead clients. There is no evidence that individuals are earning using the services of the broker. Moreover, the withdrawal information is inadequate. There is a high chance of the scheme refusing to give traders back their money.

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