RFX Capital Review: Rfx.today a monster scam

RFX Capital Review, RFX Capital Company
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RFX Capital Review
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RFX Capital is a forex broker with numerous red flags pointing to it being a Ponzi scheme. The company is operating illegally and fakes documentation to lure investors. The website does not have any trading taking place, and it is operating anonymously. You should not invest in RFX Capital because you will lose all of your investment.

RFX Capital is an investment company that proclaims to be handling investment services. Unfortunately, this platform does not provide sufficient information regarding their operation. Moreover, the firm has been termed as a scam by a reputable financial institution.

It is so obvious that this broker is to no good. The entity is allegedly creating an avenue to help investors take full control of their trading activities. They promise to hold the hand of the novice traders until they become experts in trading.

RFX Capital is a confusing unprofessional entity that eye for the funds of naïve traders. The entity states that it is trading Forex, stocks, and currencies. Unfortunately, there is a lack of evidence on trading activities taking place in this venture.

RFX Capital Review, RFX Capital Company

The company fails to reveal the individuals that are responsible for this entity. The only thing that the platform post is that it was launched by a group of an expert financial professional. They have been trading in the past. Their main goal was to grant other investors the opportunity to exploit the online market.

It is hard to believe the word of people that are operating behind closed doors. Anonymity does not come in handy, especially when the security of investors’ money is at high risk. Moreover, the entity does not have a trading history or results. It would be best if you did not gamble with your hard-earned money.

About Rfx.today

The domain name of RFX Capital is a suspicious entity. Like all other scammers who are patronizing the market, the firm brags about utilising technology to attain high wins. Their services are not limited to individuals as the entity also eye for an opportunity to trade on behalf of organizations.

They are accepting traders from all over the world. It is a great opportunity, but the main problem is that the venture is not trustworthy. The only certain thing that you will get from this platform is the loss of money. There is nothing like an easy way when it comes to an online venture.

You can try out these best forex trading brokers in the market. They are reputable and reliable. Additionally, several investors attest that they have gained reasonable income from the companies. You need to be cautious to eliminate the possibility of losing funds.

Investors are always on the lookout for other traders. You will find multiple reviews regarding an investment company freely on the internet. Therefore, you must customize the act of researching before depositing your money in any system.

RFX Capital displays their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn account on their website. The only problem is that these links lead you back to their main home page. You will never find such a dire mistake with regulated brokers. The entity lacks transparency. There is nothing unique regarding this shady venture. They are also not worthy of your trust.

RFX Capital Trading Conditions

RFX Capital provides a web-based trading interface for its clients. It raises more suspicion since reputable, legit ventures will offer the popular MT4/MT5 trading software. The scammer’s platform plays a non-crucial role in bettering the experience of the traders.

Information regarding the margin, leverage and spread can be viewed from this interface. The entity promise investors spread of 1.2 pips on EUR/USD currency pair. The leverage, on the other hand, is huge. It is that of 1:200 which verify our verdict that this is indeed a fraudulent system.

Regulated brokers offer a leverage of 1:30 and 1:50. This helps in protecting traders against various risks in the market. Moreover, the MetaTrader interface is advantageous and lovable by traders. It is easy to use with financial calendars, trading signals and customizable EA.

Withdrawal and Deposits

RFX Capital is offering trader four investment plans. The most expensive account is Platinum. The other accounts are Mini, Silver, and Gold. The broker fails to disclose their minimum amount of funds that they accept. Leaving out such essential data discredit this as a reliable entity.

The venture indicates that it accepts fund via credit card. We cannot verify whether this is true or another lie. The withdrawal requirement is also not accessible. Therefore, we do not know if there are hidden charges or the minim amount to deposit.

Moreover, another red flag is that RFX Capital is offering a trading bonus. It is a common feature with Ponzi schemes. The requirement for withdrawing the bonus must match blank times for every dollar that is cashed in. We do not know what this means or what how this broker expects traders to interpret this information.

RFX Capital Contact Details

The actual location of RFX Capital is not disclosed. The entity is operating anonymously, which is a shady character. If the company does not have anything to hide at all, it could be a problem displaying their address. The scam is operating remotely.

However, the shady firm features a map that indicated they are based in the UK. How true is this information, and is it verifiable? No, the suspicious entity features this info to confuse investors. The venture is trying very hard to stay relevant in the market.

You will get unprofessional treatment from Ponzi schemes. It is proven that this company is not legit. Therefore, by giving them your money, you will suffer the consequence. Their phone will not be going through, and your personal data might be misused.

Regulation Status

RFX Capital states that it is located in the United Kingdom. However, this venture does not have a license from the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK. Moreover, the financial watchdog has issued a warning against this broker.

The government requires that every investment company offering financial services to acquire a license from them. Unfortunately, this entity is neither registered nor regulated in this country. The company is targeting investors from this area without meeting the requirement of the law.

RFX Capital scam review, RFX Capital Regulation

Therefore, this is an outlaw, and the people running the entity should be put behind bars. Additionally, RFX Capital is using information that does not belong to them to market their fraudulent activities.

The only way to save yourself against having an awful encounter with scammers is by investing with licensed companies. Regulated platforms offer fund safety to their customers. Additionally, in case they face bankruptcy, investors will be compensated.

Final Verdict

RFX Capital is using false data to lure innocent investors into depositing funds with them. It is against the law to sell product and services without having a license. Investors who promote such activities also risk facing criminal charges. It would be best if you avoided scammers because they operate anonymously.

When you consider that there is no client feedback regarding this broker, the best thing is to walk away. Furthermore, no advantage will come from investing in this venture. Investors will lose money at the end of the day. Avoid being one of the people that RFX Capital will scam.

Invest with licensed forex trading brokers that have been serving investors diligently. These companies are among the best ventures in the market. Additionally, you can see their results since they are not afraid of posting them to the public. Furthermore, their customer support team is always ready to help.

RFX Capital is a platform that the FCA has blacklisted. This is a major drawdown and a clear warning that this is a scam. The entity has no intention of generating income for their customers. Additionally, the platform lacks a trading history. Avoid them and choose the best forex trading companies.

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