Robexcoin Review: a Notorious Crypto Scam

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Robexcoin Review
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There is no assurance that Robexcoin will successfully utilize investors’ cash. In their defense, the people behind the entity may argue that financial bodies do not need a license. 

Robexcoin is a company that is allegedly selling, buying, and digital trading currencies. The entity is acting like a crypto exchange. The problem is the platform is not recognized on leading digital currency platforms. The biggest mistake you can make is to deal with a crook exchange. 

Robexcoin Review, Robexcoin Company

They will have all your money, and you cannot withdraw the cash. The website lists various crypto pairs with their recent prices. This is to sway potential clients into believing investment is taking place. 

The firm brags about having a superior platform that executes trade fast. Stating and delivering results are two different things. We would love to see the performance of Robexcoin. Unfortunately, this being a scam, they can’t verify their claims. 

 The venture also advertises high liquidity to customers. Their website is easy to use. Beginners, intermediate, and expert investors are welcome to join. However, you won’t find any expert investors wasting their time with an obvious scam. It is not rocket science to differentiate a legit entity from a fraud. You only need to do thorough research. Review

The important thing to consider when choosing an exchange is the security factor. How secure is the platform? What security protocols has the company enforced? In the past years, we have seen even reputable exchanges being compromised. Luckily, they compensated their clients. 

Come to think of it, what if these exchanges were malicious? The money would have been lost without any effort to recover the cash. Robexcoin claims it uses cold wallets to secure funds. They also have a Multi-Party Computation  (MPC) technology. So long as the statement cannot be verified, stay away from the suspicious scheme. 

Any company may brag about enforcing advanced technology to secure your cash. Only to end up exploiting and stealing from customers. You need to choose a reputable company like Binance or Coinbase. 

Robexcoin is a recently established company. The entity made its first digital footprint in July 2022. They aspire to be in the industry for only one year. Ventures with a short domain timeframe rarely renew their contract. They will disappear and never be heard again.

This is why we insist on choosing an exchange that has been in the market for years. You will have the assurance you need since the entity has survived the volatility. Here are some of the top crypto investment ventures in the market. Your money is in the safe hands. 

Who is the Founder of Robexcoin?

You must know the person behind the company you invest with. Unfortunately, the platform does not provide its information. It is awkward for Robexcoin to expect investors to entrust their hard-earned money to anonymous people. Review, Features

If they disappear into thin air, it would be impossible to track them down. Your money will be lost and never to be recovered. Anybody running an investment platform should have a financial background. The law requires the platforms to forward the names of the venture’s individuals.

Almost all exchanges will require customers to verify their accounts. They ask for proof of address and proof of identity documents. Once you share the data, you expose yourself to more danger. Identity theft is on the rise, and this is due to scammers pretending to be investment companies misusing clients’ data. 

To avoid being a victim of Ponzi schemes, only share such credentials with legitimate platforms. Your safety should come first. Stay away from anonymous ventures that are not regulated. 

Trading Conditions and Accounts 

Robexcoin has a welcome bonus for investors. You have to complete a task to earn the rewards. The requirement is that you invite as many people as you can. You obtain 200% from the first deposit of your referral. They must cash in 0.1 BTC or an equivalent amount in other coins. 

The welcome bonus applies only for the first deposit. The entity does not permit opening various accounts. Failure to adhere to their requirements your account can be closed. Additionally, customers can use the web-based trading platform. 

Robexcoin allows customers to deposit $1. It is an affordable amount but does not make the scheme unique. The majority of exchanges accept any amount of deposit. The venture advertises leverage of 1:100. Which is beyond what multiple financial bodies approve. 

In the USA, crypto companies can only offer leverage of 1:5, while in the EU, 1:2. The risks are huge, and you would lose all your savings in the blink of an eye. The financial bodies set a cap to protect investors from massive losses. 

Robexcoin accepts funds via multiple cryptocurrencies. You cannot reverse the payments once you are done. Additionally, it is impossible to track down the recipient of the cash. The popular crypto exchanges in the market allow customers to cash in via Visa, MasterCard, or wire transfer. On the other hand, scammers wish to remain anonymous and retain their victims’ cash.  

Customer Support and Contact Details

Robexcoin states its support team operates around the clock. In case you have an issue, you can reach the company. This is absurd, considering no email address or phone number is available. It is beyond impossible to get the entity.

Additionally, the platform makes no effort to reveal its area of operation. The company’s dedication to remaining behind the shadows is worrisome. Before registering, ask yourself how you would reach the platform if you faced any issues. 

The best crypto exchanges in the market have high qualified support. They answer your queries with thoughtfulness and in a friendly way. There is no hindrance, and you can continue with your investment activities. 

Regulation Status of BullGeko

Robexcoin tries to convince everyone it is operating as per the USA rules. We found the statement in the User Agreement section. The National Future Association (NFA) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) are the two bodies responsible for authorizing investment schemes.

We did not find the name of this scheme in their database. We also highly doubt the venture can survive the volatility in the market. The USA financial bodies require a capital of $20 million from investment ventures. The money is stored in a top-tier 1 bank. 

It proves the entities can survive the market without misusing clients’ funds. Unfortunately, there is no assurance that Robexcoin will successfully utilize investors’ cash. In their defense, the people behind the entity may argue that financial bodies do not need a license. 

Nonetheless, some of the top exchanges in the market, like Coinbase, and Bitstamp, have a license. There is news that Binance is also considering acquiring a regulatory document. This is why we insist you deal with reliable platforms or those with a license. 

You can choose a genuine broker if your main purpose is to trade cryptocurrency. You will easily find a company that has diverse assets. Crypto, forex, stock, and other major products are all under one roof. On the other hand, legitimate entities compensate investors when they suffer bankruptcy. 

Final Verdict 

Robexcoin is an illegitimate crypto company. The scammers behind the Ponzi scheme have designed their site to resemble that of Binance. One of the leading exchanges in the world. Entrusting your money to these scumbags will result in huge losses. Additionally, you are better off without them. 

There are better alternatives in the market you can try out. These legitimate crypto companies are trustworthy and dedicated in helping all classes of investors.  You will enjoy top-notch security and real-time returns. These companies  also work with professionals. 


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