RoboFXTrade Review: a Ridiculous Scheme

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RoboFxTrade Review
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RoboFxTrade is using fluff content that other fraudsters have used in the past. They fail to talk about the risks that come with trading. The company is only talking about how its innovative feature is going to deliver the best ROI.

RoboFxTrade is a daring investment company that happens to be operating illegally. The entity promises investors to ease their investment journey. They are only delivering profits. Despite its name purporting it is dealing with forex automatic trading, the venture happens to be trading binary options and cryptocurrencies. These are two super volatile assets.

RoboFxTrade Review, RoboFxTrade Company

Therefore, it is impossible to predict the next direction that the market will take. The legit firms in the market try to minimize the risk. The company showcases statistics that are meant to lure in more victims. They brag about having several traders. 230K active traders cannot be obtained overnight.

A company needs time to build a reputation in the market. Several investment entities are available. All of them are trying to outdo the other and providing unique features. It is a surprise that many scammers keep arising. RoboFxTrade should instead provide their trading results.

Furthermore, the entity also claims it is operating legally. However, we do not see a license anywhere on their website. This makes them a dangerous unregulated bot. Investment schemes need to meet the rules of the country it targets investors. This is one rogue firm that does not care about the jurisdiction set by regulatory bodies.

Invest only with the best cryptocurrency trading entities that are actually trading. These are companies that are reliable and genuine. They have several perks compared to offshore ventures. You can invest with them and get passive income. Review

Other assets that RoboFxTrade avails include bonds, currencies, gold, futures, oil, and silver. We highly doubt there is trading activity taking place behind closed doors. They attribute their success to the ghost team, team expertise, and knowledge in the industry.

All of the above cannot be verified. The venture fails to credit the employees by showcasing their skills and qualification. The state has a superior trading platform. In investment, we check for facts by verifying the statistics presented. Unfortunately, in this fictitious bot, there are only narratives.

RoboFxTrade is using fluff content that other fraudsters have used in the past. They fail to talk about the risks that come with trading. The company is only talking about how its innovative feature is going to deliver the best ROI. Those that join the venture should be careful and mindful of the firm.

The suspicious venture nonetheless assures customers that it upholds transparency and fairness. The data of the user is secure. Never trust such companies easily. This is because their marketing pitch is excellent, but the results are far from their promises.

Trading Conditions of RoboFxTrade

The company allows investors to access the platform via phone and from anywhere. The scheme also brags it has effective costs for traders. Interested parties need to register on the platform and verify their account. There are also various plans that traders can select from.

RoboFxTrade is paying traders after every hour. You can watch your account to see what it earns. The company is a get-rich-quick scheme. They have 4 account types. The company offers an ROI of 50% to 70%. We are not aware when the contract expires or for how long it takes to acquire the profit.

No evidence shows the entity is profitable. We cannot even ascertain that they are trading. What we are sure of is that there is no forex trading taking place. The average win rate and the drawdown to expect are left out. Binary options are also banned in various jurisdictions due to the high-risk impact they carry.

No financial regulator in the market will even allow such an entity to defraud its citizens. RoboFxTrade is a big scam! We recommend that you find genuine forex trading entities that have the MetaTrader platform. There are also top crypto trading ventures in the market.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The minimum amount that inventors can deposit is $100 to $900. The scheme is accepting funds via BTC, Credit, and Debit cards. Nonetheless, we cannot attest that what the firm lists are what they are taking. Those that use the bank cards can issue a chargeback. Traders that use crypto payments should know these are futile payments, and tracking down the people who receive the money is impossible.

RoboFxTrade does not mention the withdrawal requirements. This is a big red flag as we do not know if there are applicable fees or how long the entity takes to process the withdrawal request. This is the kind of venture that will not process the withdrawal to investors.

Regulation Status of RoboFxTrade

RoboFxTrade is accepting investors from over 99%. We expect to see their website decorated with numerous licenses. However, this is not the case as there is not a single regulatory certificate. Various agencies ensure the trading environment is conducive for traders. Some of these watchdogs are FCA, NFA, ASIC, CySEC, among others.

This investment scheme purports it is operating from the USA. This is one of the stringent countries that is thorough in authorizing investment schemes. A company cannot collect funds from citizens without having 2 million dollar capital. The amount shows that the platform can withstand volatility.

The only thing that the scheme has to show for it is a DDoS certificate. This will only ensure that your information is inaccessible to third parties. Unfortunately, this is the least of your worries when you are dealing with scammers. The fraud can sell the information itself.

RoboFxTrade does not offer fund safety to customers. There is no segregation of funds. Therefore, the amount that investors deposit is most likely going to the con artists’ pockets. Ponzi schemes never process the withdrawal request of traders.

Customer Support and Contact details

There is an office address showing the firm is operating from the USA. Sadly, this is a randomly generated area. The actual location of the company is a big mystery. They even use VoIP phone numbers. Fraudsters are tactical, and once they get hold of your phone number, the manipulation game starts.

They will contact you and maintain professional communication. Unfortunately, once you request a withdrawal, they cut communication or reveal hidden terms. Investing with a transparent venture provides peace of mind.

RoboFxTrade Clients Testimonials

RoboFxTrade has several reviews on its website. The individuals claim that this is a genuine investment scheme that generates high ROI. Several firms operate in this manner. They pay random people to leave remarks on their website. This is another red flag to watch out for. Review, Testimonials

Unfortunately, there is no proof of payment or screenshots indicating the bot is profitable. Moreover, on third-party websites, we cannot find information that validates they are paying. We recommend you perform thorough research not to fall for such ploys.

Final Verdict

RoboFxTrade labels itself as a legit binary and crypto venture. The tactical scam uses attractive returns to trap naive traders who lack adequate knowledge of the market. Investors who join the entity will lose funds. The important thing to remember is that the firm is anonymous and unlicensed.

Trade with some of the best crypto trading bots in the market. These are companies that are transparent and genuine. You can yield better results. They also do not use false statements to get more traders. You will have professionals at your disposal. Additionally, you can check the trading results of the broker.


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