Rocket Chart Review: Terrible Offshore Firm

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Rocket Chart Review
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Whatever happens in this entity nobody knows apart from the fraudsters behind the show. Issuing a chargeback is going to be a nightmare as offshore companies make it hard to track down your funds. Avoid this platform and do not fall for their ploy. 

Rocket Chart is a company that showcases attractive trading conditions for investors. They are an offshore investment scheme, and this makes everything about them questionable. In most cases, this kind of scheme never survives in the industry. They will exit the market before you know it is leaving you high and dry.

Rocket Chart Review, Rocket Chart Company

Just like all other brokers, even this one fails to disclose the people behind their venture. They leave traders to second guess. The financial bodies in the market make it mandatory for the investment schemes to reveal the people running the system. In doing this, members will have the assurance that the people handling their funds are qualified. 

Tactical individuals manage rocket Chart; they even use the money to get the best trading software. Their determination to remain relevant is on another level. The company is targeting traders from all over the world. There is no problem in being inclusive and non-discriminate. However, the platform should abide by the set rules. 

Invest with some of the best forex trading companies in the market. These are genuine schemes that collect funds from investors by following the enforcement measures. With them, you get peace of mind. You are confident that all is taken care of. Review

Rocket Chart is a new broker in the industry. They have nothing to prove in terms of past trading results. We are yet to encounter anybody that can endorse the venture as a legit scheme. All they do is praise their company, but when it comes to showcasing their results, the experience has nothing to prove.

Moreover, this is a broker that is using false information to trap more victims. The entity lies about its legitimacy status. This is an offense that should not be taken lightly. This is an unethical firm, and they will follow the trend of other frauds in the industry.

It would help if you did not settle with Rocket Chart.  There are way better companies that are transparent. They use tried and tested methods to generate returns for their customers. These platforms never make absurd claims of making you rich overnight. They minimize the risks to ensure consumers don’t suffer more risks. 

Whatever happens in this entity, nobody knows apart from the fraudsters behind the show. Issuing a chargeback will be a nightmare as offshore companies make it hard to track down your funds. Avoid this platform and do not fall for their ploy. 

Approach all the murky business with caution. They have an idyllic sales pitch that is usually moving. Even without intending to join them, you may get yourself signed up on their platform. Getting background knowledge in trading saves you the trouble of buying their narrative. 

Trading Conditions of Rocket Chart

The entity provides the MetaTrader4 interface to investors. This is one of the prominent software in the industry due to its superior features. It has advanced charts, several EAs, and indicators. The platform makes trading easier. The venture is displaying a spread of 1.5 pips for the EURUSD pair. There are better entities that offer even lower amounts of less than 1 pip. 

Nonetheless, Rocket Chart has several red flags, and we will not be recommending their services to investors. The leverage of the scheme is 1:300. The ratio is vast and beyond what the regulatory bodies allow. The regulatory body of the United Kingdom only permits the 1:30 ratio, while the American and the Canadian bodies limit it to 1:50. This should show you the risk the offshore firm is leading traders to. 

Rocket Chart Withdrawal and Deposits

The listed payment methods are; wire transfer and credit and debit cards. However, we cannot validate that this is indeed what the entity is accepting. It seems the entity is only getting the invited individuals to their company. The least amount that the firm is allowing is $250. 

The minimum amount that investors can withdraw is $50. There are no applicable charges. This is a generous offer to mention. Nonetheless, the bonus requirement is unrealistic and only a way of stealing traders’ money. This is also another validation that this is an unregulated scheme.

The financial watchdogs are against investors using such incentives. This is because the money legally belongs to the platform. Rocket Chart requires that traders who accept, for instance, $100 incentive trade a volume of 25 lots. This is equivalent to a turnover of $2,500,000. This is an absurd requirement, and not many clients will be able to meet the terms.

The company will withhold the withdrawal. In terms of account dormancy, the platform says nothing. Leaving such a critical matter behind raises doubt about the scheme. 

Contact Details and Clients Feedback

Rocket Chart does not leave any information about their contact details. Investors can only reach the broker via email. We highly doubt that the entity will make any effort in maintaining contact with traders. Review, Features

There is misleading information from their marketers claiming this is a genuine company. It would help if you did not believe them as the individuals failed to leave proof of payment. The venture is nothing but a shady scheme in the making.

Regulation Status of Rocket Chart

The company holds that it is operating by the law. They claim that the relevant authority in the market comprehensively regulates them. However, as mentioned earlier, this is misleading information. The parent company of this broker hails from Marshall Island. Seventh Line Corporation Limited is an offshore entity. 

There is no financial regulator in the Marshall Islands. Your money will be at high risk if you blindly believe the words of this scheme. How do you think the anonymous people handling your money? They could do the unthinkable. We have seen it before, and Rocket Chart is no exception. 

After checking with several financial watchdogs in the market, we found nil results in the database. The company does not have a license. The firm lacks fund safety. It is also unwise to trust people that you do not know with your money. The authority cannot also help in that case as they have constantly warned the public members against dealing with unregulated brokers. 

Rocket Chart lacks a compensation scheme in place. This means that in case of insolvency, the platform will not be able to refund clients. Furthermore, the venture is not reporting its daily trading activities to the authority. This is a big red flag as they can manipulate the prices without anyone punishing them.

Dealing with a fully regulated broker ensures that your money is segregated. You also get peace of mind as the authority is overseeing the trading activities of the company. Some of the reputable financial bodies are; FCA, CySEC, NFA, ASIC, among others. 

The Domain Insight

According to the information we gathered from, the entity was registered in March 2021. The knowledge of the founder is missing. It is more likely that this venture will not survive for more than a year in the market. Their traffic is also minimal.

Final Verdict

Rocket Chart is a firm that is not transparent. The entity is operating against the law. Their parent company is using from an offshore region. It will be a daunting task going after the con artist. The venture does not even have sufficient funds to hire a good support team. 

We suggest that you trade with genuine forex trading companies on the planet. These are leading ventures that are transparent and always on the lookout for the wellbeing of their customers. 

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