ROI4X Markets Review: Offshore Firm

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ROI4X Markets Review
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ROI4X Markets is a company that is operating illegally. Invest with the best forex trading brokers in the market instead of wasting money in a losing scheme like this one. Their traffic is also low, and there is no client feedback.

ROI4X Markets is an offshore venture that is common with other shady ventures in the market. The venture is based in St Vincent and Grenadine. The location is popular for hosting fraudulent companies. We are against investors dealing with such platforms.

The entity is dealing with Forex and CFDs assets. Once you visit their website, you will notice something is off. The entity offers high leverage and a very tight spread. In this modern age, online investment has become popular.

ROI4X Markets Review, ROI4X Markets Company

ROI4X Markets is one of those firms that look flawless. However, their trading deals are too good to be true. There is a higher need to be careful when investing online. Unfortunately, this broker does not have a demo account.

Therefore, investors can’t familiarize themselves with the activities of the entity. Additionally, this is an outlaw that does not care about the law. We cannot find anything positive or unique regarding the trading activities of this venture.

Before investing in any online platform, you should determine the profitability nature of a platform. Moreover, it would help if you asked yourself the hard questions. You must know the people handling your money. Review

The minimum amount that you can deposit in this entity is $50. This company is offering a variety of products. These include; stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and indices. It appears to be a diverse investment entity.

ROI4X Markets will not make you any stable income. It will be a foul play when it comes to getting your money back.  Offshore firms use various tactics to deceive investors. The possibility of investors losing funds is very high.

Scammers tend to close down their website after being exposed. However, this does not mean that they do not come back. These people will keep on contacting you, asking for more funds. Avoid sharing your personal details with fraudulent entities.

ROI4X Markets is an entity that is not worth your trust or fund. The venture survival is very low. There are several legit forex trading firms that you can use to generate a reasonable income. All you have to do is familiarize yourself with the trading activities.

The company does not reveal the people that are managing their business. Traders must know the qualification of the account managers. Legit investment venture has transparency and mainly targets customer satisfaction.

Trading Conditions

ROI4X Markets is offering the MetaQuotes platform to their clients. Unfortunately, this software is not available for download in this venture. We would recommend that you use a reliable broker that offers the MT5 trading interface.


The trading broker offers a spread of 1.2 pips for the EURUSD currency pair. The leverage cap available is that of 1:500. Considering that you are dealing with unregulated brokers in the industry, it would be best to assume the offer.

This is because you will be exposing yourself to huge risks. The company accepts funds as low as $50.  Traders usually end up losing more money than generating funds. They will ask you to cash in more for them to handle your withdrawal request.

ROI4X Markets Withdrawal and deposits

ROI4X Markets has three investment accounts for their customers. They have the Classic, VIP, and Pro ECN. The entity brags that investors have multiple choices to select from to withdraw funds.

However, we found out that you can only use BTC, Credit card, and bank transfer to cash in. The platform is offering bonuses to its customers. Unfortunately, there are some strict requirements that you have to meet before depositing funds.

Bonus money belongs to the company. Moreover, you won’t find a legit venture offering such lucrative offers. You will not be able to withdraw funds from this dirty scheme. Look for better forex trading companies instead.

Contact Details

The official location of is at SUITE 307, Griffith Corporate Center, Beachmonth, Kingstown, SVG.  Their offices are allegedly opened from 9 Am up to 6 PM. The venture can be contacted via email.

They do not have telephone support, which creates more suspicion. Nonetheless, the entity has an active Facebook and Instagram account. Investors are asked to fill out the contact form in case of any problem.

Unfortunately, scammers are not after offering the best customer services. Their main interest is getting their hands at the funds of naïve investors. Afterward, they cut all communication and avoid you completely.

ROI4X Markets Regulation Status

ROI4X Markets is an offshore investment venture. The problem with these kinds of ventures is that you cannot be sure when they will close down their operation. The firm does not have a license from any reputable financial watchdog.

Avoid unregulated entities like the plague. ROI4X Market Limited is managing the entity. The venture is allegedly based in the SVG. This area’s government has constantly made it clear that they do not license Forex or any other online investment activities.

ROI4X Markets is a company that will do whatever they please. The Government of SR Vincent and Grenadines will not be held accountable when ROI4X Markets ventures disappear with your funds. The country has become a favorite spot for scammers.

We recommend that you deal with licensed brokers. They will handle you professionally, and your money will be in safe hands. Additionally, you stand a chance of being compensated once this company faces bankruptcy.

Is Roi4x Markets Legit?

Unfortunately, this is not a legit company. The alleged forex trading broker is a scam. They promise investors the opportunity of trading like a queen. The venture states that it is a reliable ECN broker. First of all, this is an unregulated firm that offers its financial services illegally. is not after making anyone rich. Their trading conditions are attractive, but there is nothing good that will come out of this broker. Moreover, they do not have client feedback, which is another major drawdown.

ROI4X Markets Review, ROI4X Markets Testimonials

The team of this company remain unknown. The venture has chosen to remain anonymous. Therefore, it is hard to know the qualification or the people that are handling your money.

Invest with the best companies that are reliable and trustworthy. There is no need to trust this unregulated illegal scheme with your funds. Additionally, avoid sharing your personal information with them to sell the data to a third party.

The Domain Insight is a company that was established in December 2020. The entity is barely a year old, yet they brag of being successful. Avoid platforms that do not have a trading history. Moreover, this broker is privately registered. Therefore it is not possible to know the people behind the broker. The geographical location of their clients remains a mystery. Nonetheless, the broker has very low traffic of 7,000,872.

Final Verdict

ROI4X Markets is a platform that is not legit. The entity makes huge promises that they cannot attain. Their trading conditions are exaggerated and out of this world. This is nothing but a scam.

We have constantly warned investors against dealing with offshore entities. This is not a reliable trading firm. The possibility of traders making a profit depends on the legibility of an entity. You cannot just join a firm and start yielding high returns.

Invest with legit forex trading companies that have a history in trading. Your money safety should be your main goal. Never settle for less, and ensure you research about a broker before giving them your money.

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