RoseWoodTrust Review: No, You wont Make Profit with this Broker

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RoseWoodTrust Review


RoseWoodTrust claims that once you join them you will be diving into an ocean of opportunity. Such a moving slogan the platform is using. Moreover, you will be able to manage your account from anywhere in the world. Avoid this scam and invest with the best forex trading companies in the market.

RoseWoodTrust is a company that offers bonuses to its clients. However, this is a fraudulent entity that is not regulated in the market. Therefore, you will not enjoy fund safety with them. Their website is impressive and built with beautiful colors.

However, this is not a genuine investment entity. When it comes to investment you need to ensure that you settle with a reputable and legit entity. Otherwise, you are only going to suffer and make losses by enriching these scammers.

RoseWoodTrust Review, RoseWoodTrust Company

RoseWoodTrust claims that once you join them you will be diving into an ocean of opportunity. Such a moving slogan the platform is using. Moreover, you will be able to manage your account from anywhere in the world.

Unfortunately, making money in forex is not as easy as these scammers insinuate. If you blindly invest with them the only thing you will get is a bad outcome. The company is an outrageous investment scheme that is not worth your time.

RoseWoodTrust is presenting an opportunity for their clients to generate high returns within a short timeline. You will also be able to explore the industry with them. The question that should come to mind is whether you can trust them with your hard-earned money. Review

The entity is more of a utopic investment entity that is eying for funds of innocent investors. It claims that its clients will enjoy trading as they please. You can still travel as you trade. However, instead of this venture talking about their trading conditions, it uses the space to feature irrelevant information.

RoseWoodTrust only has an attractive name but does not perform trading activities. Nonetheless, the firm claims that it is leading in offering the best security to its customers. Your funds are not secure at the hands of these scammers.

The entity states that it segregates the funds of its clients in top-tier financial institutions. The moment you fall for the dirty scheme of this company your money will go directly into their pockets.

Additionally, RoseWoodTrust allegedly is dedicated to boosting the experience of their customers. They however fail to provide enough data on how it plans on achieving this info. We, therefore, do not know if the venture is availing of educational opportunities.

Invest with legit forex trading companies that have a trading history in the market. You can read the testimonials of their happy clients on third-party websites. Moreover, these ventures also present their trading results.

Trading Conditions of RoseWoodTrust

The entity is using a basic trading interface.   It has features like stop loss, time frames, take profits, and chart indicators. It is incomparable to the mighty MT4 trading software. They are offering a leverage of 1:100 up to 1:400 which is way beyond what the financial regulatory bodies’ permits.

The spread is also way too huge and not beneficial to investors. You will be subjected to paying more transaction costs. The only person who has an advantage in this scenario is the one running the firm.

Withdrawal and Deposits

RoseWoodTrust is a platform that is allegedly accepting funds via MasterCard, Visa, Bank Wire, and Maestro. However, scammers usually provide contradicting information to their customers. You will often find these payment method is not what they are indeed accepting.

The minimum amount that you can deposit is $250. There are multiple reliable ventures that accept less. You need to be patient with this firm the withdrawal request will be processed within 7 to 10 days.

The least amount that you can cash out is $100. There is also a commission that ranges from $30 up to $300. The venture states that it does not refund deposits. The firm will exploit you without having any mercy. You need to be cautious with this venture.

RoseWoodTrust Regulation Status

RoseWoodTrust is a shady entity that does not feature information regarding its regulatory status. The venture is operating as it pleases without minding the set rules. The entity is a dirty investment scheme that will exit the market after attaining its objectives.

The company state that it is invested on the hands of their clients. After reading this statement it cracked us since this is a new claim. The venture is violating multiple terms of its customers. Invest with platforms that are licensed by the FCA, ASIC, CySEC, or NFA.

The entity does not segregate funds. Therefore, you will end up depositing money directly into the fraudster’s account. Additionally, RoseWoodTrust does not report its daily investment activities to the financial regulatory body.

The firm is a dirty scheme that is capable of changing its own terms to exploit its clients. Traders cannot rely on them to earn passive income. You should avoid them like a plague. Once their system collapses you will not be compensated.

RoseWoodTrust Customer Support

RoseWoodTrust does not reveal its actual location. The entity cannot be contacted by investors. If you encounter any problem you will have to resolve the matter mysteriously. The broker does not care about their clients.

Investing with this entity exposes you to severe risks. A legit entity will have a convenient channel of communication with its customers. They will operate 24/7 and respond in a friendly manner. Scammers are the only ones that are not concerned with the experience of their clients.

RoseWoodTrust is untrustworthy and unregulated. The best thing when you come across this venture is to avoid them. There is no better outcome that comes from entrusting this firm. Moreover, they will not last long in the market.

False Testimonials

RoseWoodTrust features multiple clients’ feedback on their websites. All their clients appear to be pleased with the services that the firm is offering. These people claim that the withdrawal and deposit process is swift and you will not suffer any delays.

Investors state that they have been using the trading platform for months and haven’t experienced any challenge. The trading process is straight forward and you can also quadruple your money in a very short timeline.

RoseWoodTrust Review, RoseWoodTrust Features

RoseWoodTrust it appears that once you join the company you will only yield profits. This is the perfect and quick money-generating machine in the industry. Sadly, all these are false statements to make you give them access to your money.

Scammers have overused this tactic to scam multiple investors. There is no evidence that the firm is paying. Moreover, they are using stock images to present information that it wants you to see. Avoid this shady entity at all costs.

Final Verdict

RoseWoodTrust is the unregulated offshore entity that is operating as it, please. The venture does not have a customer support team. Moreover, this is a platform that does not have a trading history. The entity is operating on its own accord.

Therefore, if it chooses to exit the market today there is nowhere to run to. Furthermore, the entity is using false statements and testimonials to win over potential clients. The information that the company presents on its website cannot be trusted.

Instead of wasting your valuable time in this losing scheme, we suggest that you try out the best forex trading brokers that are regulated by the government. These are the dedicated platform that wants the best for their customers. Additionally, you can read testimonials from their happy clients. Their trading results are also accessible to the members of the public.

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