RoyalBC-FM Review: Another Warning from BCSC

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RoyalBC-FM Review: Another Warning from BCSC
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RoyalBC-FM ( is another audacious trading platform stealing from investors. Once you deposit funds from the platform, consider them lost. It has caught the attention of the BCSC, and a warning has been issued. Despite posing as a Crypto and forex trading platform, no one gets to enjoy the fruits of their labor. And this is the reason we have to expose all the red flags found on the platform. Here’s more in our detailed ROYALBC-FM REVIEW.

A Brief Overview of RoyalBC-FM

RoyalBC-FM Review

There’s nothing to write home about regarding RoyalBC-FM. Despite claiming to offer a new trading methodology, the platform is not what it seems. Hundreds of members are complaining of withdrawal issues.

We had to dig deeper and find the root cause of the problem. The platform has an appealing interface and web design. But, unfortunately, most investors didn’t think twice to check the credibility of the platform.

Thanks to our keen eye, we will help expose the red flags found on this review. The platform is utterly careless when it comes to providing excellent investment. Trading with Crypto and forex will only leave your account empty with the platform.

You should invest in proven platforms that offer genuine investment decisions. Go for platforms that encourage users to use groundbreaking and innovative ways of investing. And this means using crypto robots that offer accuracy.

RoyalBC FM is not your average cup of tea, and there are a lot of loopholes. For example, the platform is without a license and is blocking withdrawals. When a platform reaches this extent, you should avoid it like the plague.

Your priority when investing is doing thorough background research on the platform. First, ensure you check whether a platform is regulated. One way is reading our reviews or requesting a review for any product.

Accounts and Investment Packages RoyalBC-FM

RoyalBC-FM offers three investment accounts for members. The three accounts include Standard, Premium, and Luxury. Unfortunately, we have a huge problem with the high leverage imposed on some of these accounts.

Here’s a closer look at each individual account;


It’s the most basic account, with investors having to deposit $250 to start trading. At least the platform imposes the acceptable minimum deposit set by regulators. The account has a maximum leverage of 1:200, which is unacceptable.

There are no commissions for the standard account and offers spreads from 0.6 pips. Leverage for forex is set at 1:100 and 1:200. Stocks have leverage of 1:10 and a maximum of 1:20. You get over 70 currency pairs with the standard account.


For the premium account holder, investors have to deposit $10,000 to start trading with the account. The account comes with a commission of $15 million with spreads set at 0.4. Leverage for Crypto assets is set at 1:1, 1:5, and 1:10.

When it comes to forex trading, the platform offers leverage of 1:200 and a maximum of 1:400. Stocks also come with different leverage of 1:20 and 1:50. You get over 100 currency pairs and 30 crypto assets.


It’s the most exclusive account, with investors having to deposit $50,000 to start trading. Commissions start from $35 million with spreads starting from 0.1 pips. Leverage for forex trading is set at 1:500.

RoyalBC-FM Accounts

When it comes to stocks, the luxury account comes with a set leverage of 1:50. You get all currency pairs and crypto-assets. The stop-out level is marked at 50 percent for all accounts.

Assets and trading commodities

The platform avails five different trading assets. These include commodities, Crypto, forex, indices, and stocks. You get to trade global commodities on a worldwide scale. The commodities to trade with include cocoa, sugar, and wheat.

With Cryptocurrency quickly gaining ground, the platform wants to invest in it. And this is why the platform offers Crypto assets paired with the USD. These assets include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

Forex trading is seen as the core of the platform’s investment opportunity. However, with over 100 pairs, the platform does seem to spread risks. In addition, you get to trade with exotic, major, and minor currency pairs, which is rare to find in a trading platform.

Members get updates on the latest minute spreads of the most extensive indices around the globe. These include DAX Index, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, Nikkei 225, S&P 500, and more. The platform promises tight spreads and transparent trading conditions.

With the stock market offering a whole different ball game, shares are relatively easy to trade. The platform promises technical analysis tools with up-to-date spreads of leading stocks. In addition, you get to trade shares of leading company stocks.

Business Owner

Information on the actual website itself and the owner remains hidden from investors. And this is a huge red flag that we must help expose. Such missing information could mislead investors into believing what the platform claims.

It’s best to do due diligence and find out who is held responsible for funds all over. Unfortunately, the platform does a shoddy job of trying to hide the truth. RoyalBC-FM is an anonymous investment platform.

Client Testimony

An independent review aims at giving users the truth about a trading platform. But, unfortunately, we haven’t seen any positive reviews regarding the platform. And this is a major pain. The platform does not have any praise coming its way.

Are funds safe with

Instead, we have complaints from users who detail their experience with the platform example, one. One user claims the withdrawal is a huge problem with the platform. There’s no way you get to withdraw even your minimum deposit.

Contact and Customer Support

When looking for a viable investment platform, make sure to test their support structure. A simple support structure involves fast customer support. Unfortunately, we don’t see it with Royal BC FM as the platform only offers one-way communication lines.

Deposit and Withdrawals

The platform makes it easy for investors to deposit funds. There are several depository options, including bank and wire transfers. Unfortunately, despite offering Crypto trading, we couldn’t find ways of depositing via Crypto.

We don’t recommend anyone to deposit funds with the platform. The main reason is that WITHDRAWAL IS IMPOSSIBLE with In addition, no one has managed to withdraw funds for the past few weeks.

Fund Safety RoyalBC-FM

Your funds are far from safe with a platform that doesn’t segregate accounts. We fear all deposits are transferred to a single account. If the platform goes bankrupt or faces insolvency, the account is seen as collateral.

We know the platform doesn’t deposit the minimum required amount to start a forex trading business. And this puts your funds at risk as there are no funds to act as insurance cover for your deposits.

Is RoyalBC-FM Licensed or Regulated?

Is RoyalBC-FM Legit or a Scam?

RoyalBC-FM is not a licensed or regulated platform, therefore, putting your funds at risk. It would be best if you stayed away from the platform or danger becoming another target. The problem with unregulated platforms is that there’s no way of recovering funds.

Hiring recovery agents won’t help much as the platform hides funds in offshore accounts. Moreover, these agents don’t have the mandate to freeze these accounts. And this is why you need to stay away from such.

Our Verdict

There’s no way we would recommend a platform that’s already on the warning list of BCSC. The British Columbia Securities Commission was the first platform to issue a warning. Other regulators will follow suit.

The best way to invest is using proven platforms that enjoy the backing of the Crypto community. Make the best investment decision and use reliable bots when trading Crypto or forex.

If you have any questions, leave a comment or write to us.

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