RoyalFX24 Review: A Discreet Broker

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RoyalFX24 Review
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RoyalFX24 is allegedly generating a monthly ROI of 15% up to 35%. This may seem intriguing. However, the problem is that you cannot get such a high amount of profit within a short duration, especially if you are a rookie investor. There is an increased need to be cautious.

RoyalFX24 is a platform that deals with stocks, forex, indices, futures, and commodities. Once you click on their website, you will notice that something is off. For starters, the broker is overcharging users. You cannot trade if you have not deposited a minimum amount of $10,000. This is way beyond what the regulatory bodies in the market approved. 

RoyalFX24 Review, RoyalFX24 Company

The market standard is at $200, and you can even find legit companies making even $10. Going through the entity, we couldn’t spot anything extraordinary. The company has chosen to operate anonymously. Therefore, we are in the dark regarding whether the people handling users’ funds are qualified. 

RoyalFX24 is allegedly generating a monthly ROI of 15% up to 35%. This may seem intriguing. However, the problem is that you cannot get such a high amount of profit within a short duration, especially if you are a rookie investor. There is an increased need to be cautious. 

Scammers tend to use luring words with their powerful sales pitches. Unfortunately, they cannot validate by showing us their performance. Whenever you encounter a discreet investment scheme, we suggest you refrain from doing business with them. Review

RoyalFX24 allegedly uses the most profitable technique to yield high returns. They have over 145 financial assets that investors can choose from. The leverage that the entity is availing is 1:300. This is a dangerous limit as you could lose all your funds in a blink of an eye.

The platform states its main priority is meeting the needs of its customers. They put them first. They use cutting-edge technology to yield high returns. When it comes to investment, we check on the statistics. Unfortunately, in this venture, there is nothing to prove their statement. They also claim to be using the power MT4 interface.

RoyalFX24 speaks highly of their professional team. However, the company fails to credit them for the tremendous work. Moreover, making money is never as easy as the broker makes it sound. Some factors need to be enforced. 

Before joining any scheme, we suggest that you research thoroughly. You can find valuable information that will save you from making the biggest mistake of all time. Watch out as several scammers plague the market. Invest with only the licensed forex schemes.

RoyalFX24 Trading Accounts

The more money that you deposit, the greater your reward. The scheme is even offering bonuses to customers. The regulatory bodies are against brokers offering such lucrative to investors. There are usually unsound terms that clients have to meet for them to withdraw money successfully. 

The venture is allegedly accepting funds via Visa and MasterCard. You can issue a chargeback from up to 540 days. If you invest using other payment options, you may not be able to get your money back. Scammers tend to state one thing but end up not delivering. Review, Accounts

They assign account managers to their clients. The more funds that one deposits, the greater the benefits. For instance, in the gold package, the venture claims it helps investors manage their risk, avail expert traders two days a week, and free the withdrawal. They also get low spread. 

In the top-tier account, the scheme provides webinars and daily market analysis. Sadly, we cannot seem to find client reviews. It is therefore hard to validate if there are individuals that have earned using the venture. 

Customer Support and Contact Details

RoyalFX24 states it has a reliable customer support team. This is a bold claim coming from an anonymous venture. The firm does not even have the courtesy of availing their address. It is only a scam that would run their business in this manner. You could use better techniques rather than wasting your money and time with a discrete scam. 

Investors can only reach RoyalFX24 via email. The company is promising traders high profits, but they cannot afford to hire a reputable support team. The platform is not going to handle your request professionally. They are only going to frustrate you. 

Invest with the best forex trading companies in the market. These are ventures that have a social media presence. You can also reach them around the clock. They are friendly and help you to improve your trading skills. 

Regulation Status of RoyalFX24

RoyalFX24 is purp[orting to originate from the United Kingdom. This is one of the regions in the world with strict measures for investment schemes. They set a minimum capital that every venture has to deposit for them to commence their trading activities. 

The amount is used for compensation in case of bankruptcy. The company does not report its daily trading activities to the financial body. This is a big red flag. The scheme could be manipulating prices. Traders will assume they are making profits. However, when it comes to actual results and they request a withdrawal, the venture will refuse to heed their demands. 

The financial market is globally regulated. Scammers are the ones that tend to operate as they please. RoyalFX24 fails to reveal the parent company behind their business. Therefore, there is no one to turn to when they venture decides to close down their platform. The safety of your money should be your main objective. The venture does not even reveal its banking information. 

The Domain Insight

The broker was established in October 2020. This is enough duration for the scheme even to publish their past three-month performance. However, considering that we are dealing with scammers, we would be asking for too much. The entity domain name is expected to expire in 2021 October.

They recently updated the domain in 2021. It is business as usual for them. You should not be hopeful with the venture. The Alexa ranking is at 7,805,656. It appears that the entity is not getting much traffic as expected. The location of their victim is also unknown. 

RoyalFX24 Clients Review

Don’t you think it is odd that promises traders over 15% monthly returns, yet they do not have favorable reviews? If, indeed, the broker is profitable, then people would be crowding their website. This isn’t the case as this is a Ponzi scheme. During our research, we encountered a trader who happened to lose his money.

The same individuals behind Royal Forex are running the company. This is a fraud that is based in Cyprus. The promises that the scheme makes will never be fulfilled. There are many reasons to avoid fraud. We strongly recommend that you check what other people have to say about trading. 

Final Verdict

Our primary concern with RoyalFX24 is that they are collecting funds from the public without having a license. The entity claims that it will help investors, yet there is no information showing they are genuine. We cannot find their trading results.

The offshore scheme is most likely going to withhold their withdrawal request. They are an offensive scheme that you should avoid indulging in at all costs. Their anonymity is also worrying. 

Invest with the best forex trading companies in the market. You will get the best outcome in the industry. The safety of your money is guaranteed in regulated ventures. The support is also responsive. The entity has nothing to hide, and its location is available for everyone to see. 

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