RoyalSwiss Review: A shady Broker

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RoyalSwiss Review
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RoyalSwiss does not have a single factor we can use to assert that your funds will be safe. There are no past trade results either to know the kind of returns to expect.

RoyalSwiss is a forex broker that provides the ability to trade with confidence and benefit from major trade instruments. It provides investment opportunities on; CFDs, Indices, Forex, and  Cryptocurrencies. 

In the quest to identify if RoyalSwiss is legit for trading services we had to conduct thorough research. Therefore as you read further to determine if the platform is legit or not you might reconsider the decision to deposit funds with the company.

Meanwhile, there are well-organized and trusted forex brokers that you can count on and achieve top trading results.  RoyalSwiss features multiple reasons that they would like you to earn trust with them and consider investing with them.

RoyalSwiss Review, RoyalSwiss Company

RoyalSwiss claims to make traders’ lives easier through simplified withdrawals. The withdrawals are processed within 24hours. Do not be so quick to deposit a single coin with the investment firm yet. They expose so many similar traits to scammers and you will end up losing money.

Additionally, they offer trading tools that help to boost your trade growth. They provide over 300+ assets with access to Meta Trader 4. Also, they guarantee 24/7 customer support. Review

RoyalSwiss investors achieve higher profit levels via educational tools. Also, they allegedly feature frequent market analysis and webinars updates. They also claim to focus on your success and they believe in limitless possibilities.

Moreover, you also gain access to popular instruments for currency pairs and Cryptocurrencies. They fail to provide a lot of relevant data and no trading activity seems to be taking place here. Without past trade history for a couple of months, you will only end up making the anonymous founders rich.  

The kind of algorithm and technologies that are that in use to come is also not known. Trusting the wrong kind of software will not generate any profits for you. RoyalSwiss is suitable for download on iOS and Android devices. How the software operates is also not known.

They do not have any details on the pricing and to get access to a lot of features you need to complete registration. Again they might be after the funds you deposit and personal data only.

Trading Conditions of RoyalSwiss

RoyalSwiss traders can access the services from across the globe. They feature an app that is easy to download and access with a user-friendly interface. The company assures funds’ safety and personal information yet the security measures that are in place are unknown.

They feature a smart trading tool package that has an expert indicator, advisor, and management tools to help you get successful trade executions. Meanwhile, there is no data on the kind of qualifications the team holds.

You risk trusting the wrong trade directions and this may have some significant losses. RoyalSwiss founders are also anonymous there is also no data on their whereabouts.

The company owners details are very important as it helps in and boosting confidence with the investment firm. They definitely have a hidden agenda because there is no reason to hide such info from traders.

Funds Safety

RoyalSwiss does not have a single factor we can use to assert that your funds will be safe. There are no past trade results either to know the kind of returns to expect.

The safety of your funds is always a top priority before any investment decisions. The methods of operation also entail a lot of murkiness.  They do not feature any positive feedback on social media. Therefore the claims of making trading easier is a definite lie and not worth wasting a single coin. does not have any banking information that you can rely on. The anonymous founders may even be storing funds for themselves while you end up with heavy losses. 

Meanwhile, they accept multiple payment methods; MasterCard, Skrill among others. There is no customer that is seen to successfully withdraw any funds from the company. Scammers will hold your funds for a long time and even ignore your calls. In addition, some will even delete your details.

RoyalSwiss Regulation

RoyalSwiss is not a regulated platform and is operating illegally while generating funds from the public. There is no transparency in the platform unlike in regulated forex brokers. The founders of RoyalSwiss risk facing criminal prosecutions. Hence this probably why their data is hidden.

Different countries due to the rampant increase in scammers have made it mandatory to provide regulated trading services. Therefore for most countries generating funds from the public is illegal without regulation. Review, Features

The company may also disappear at any given time without notice with all your funds. Furthermore, the company also may be shut by law enforcers for the illegal acts. Accordingly, legit investment firms will even boast regulation data to earn more traders.

Though you should be able to verify any documents the platform provides. RoyalSwiss is not recognized by any regulator and this is a major red flag. The company can easily go against trade guidelines at its own will.

RoyalSwiss Contact Support

Provision of contact support is not always an issue. The main concern is if the data is working and the time it takes to receive a response. Professionals will respond to your query almost instantly. However, in pyramid schemes, you will only receive customer support until you deposit funds.

RoyalSwiss also showcases similar traits they feature location address, Sincron Ltd House of Francis, Room 303, Ile Du Port, Mahe, Seychelles. Thus we did research and to our shocking realization the location. The address has nothing to do with Therefore the telephone +442035296445 and email support may also not be of assistance to you.

Final Verdict

RoyalSwiss exposes a lot of shadiness in their methods of operation. They also do not look like a trading platform. They mainly focus on partnership programs and affiliate marketing. The trading tools they claim to have are also not reliable. 

Since launch the platform has not been making any traders profits Consequently if they were making any investors rich. The same should be visible via trade history. Moreover, you should also be able to verify the same data that is provided. They also are not under any regulatory body.

The safety of your funds is not a guarantee under They are not regulated and they can simply disappear with your funds without a trace. Therefore before investing you should do some thorough research on the investment firm.

Investing without prior knowledge is also no advisable and RoyalSwiss is not suitable for newbie traders. They have no educational data to help you understand trading. Thus you should stick to the demo account till they verify their details. Accordingly, you can choose legit forex brokers that use verified strategies for pleasing results.

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