RxBitcore Review: Beware of this Crypto Clone

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RxBitcore is another clone, and we have to expose the risks of investing with the platform. Learn more in our detailed rxbitcore.com review.

RxBitcore is another crypto scam; rxbitcore.com is a clone of other crypto scams. It has come to our attention that the platform is swindling anyone who deposits with them. Once you invest with the platform, forget about earning any ROI. We have to expose the store’s dubious antics of claiming to offer crypto investments. RX Bitcore is another scam waiting to pounce on unsuspecting investors. Here’s more in our detailed RXBITCORE REVIEW.

About RxBitcore

The homepage is precisely the same as other crypto scams with similar names. These include FXCoinMarketing, Maxtradebitcore, Subfxcore, and more. These platforms belong to the same group of scam artists.

RxBitcore Pros and Cons

We have reviewed the other mentioned platforms. That’s why it doesn’t surprise that the platform in question is a fraud. It all adds up as every additional detail is the same as the other clones.

NOTE: When investing in crypto, you need to have creative crypto robots backed by experts. These robots offer the best in terms of accuracy and transparency. Experts and successful traders use the robots to stay ahead of the pack.

RxBitcore claims to have over 8,100 completed projects. The platform further goes and claims to have over 5,200 clients. We also see the platform boasting of having more than 4,500 workers. Unfortunately, none of them seems to have any links on professional job profile platforms.

There’s also the issue of their residency. All of the sister clones seem to share the same address. And that’s Doctors, Drive, Los Angeles, California. We suspect that these are offshore scam artists.

The platform chooses this location to try and provide the same allure. Most crypto platforms residing in the US have some credibility. And that’s what the platform is after when quoting the region.

Before you invest in any platform, experts recommend doing due diligence. Try and find out from other investors about their experience with the platform. You can also ask us to review a platform for you.

Accounts RxBitcore

RxBitcore offers three investment plans for their customers. These include Silver, Gold, and Premium accounts. Each of the mentioned accounts seems to guarantee a particular profit margin after the vesting period.

Here’s a closer look at accounts on rxbitcore.com;


It’s the most basic account, with investors having to deposit $500 to get started. However, the account promises investors a return of $3,000 and above. That’s more than 200 percent in ROI. Moreover, the platform guarantees the results in a matter of days.


For the gold account holder, members must deposit $1,500. You get a promise of making $9,500 and more. That’s an insane profit margin, over 300 percent. It’s why most investors signed up with the account.


As the name suggests, it’s the most lucrative account type. Investors must deposit a minimum of $2,500 and expect $16,000. The platform also targets institutional investors. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of the vesting period on each account.

Accounts RxBitcore

Account features

These accounts have what we call abnormal features and profit margins. No expert or robot can manage to achieve such heights. The problem is that the market is ever volatile, especially in the crypto space.

The platform also doesn’t mention the acceptable vesting period from what we can see. The minimum investment period in an average crypto investment is three to four months. With RX Bitcore, the platform promises ROI in a few days.

Since the platform claims to offer forex trading, there are no trading features. Traders don’t know the good deposit for trading or leverage set for trading assets. We suspect the platform is looking to trade on your behalf.

There’s also no demo account to test how viable these accounts are to clients. You need a demo account to ascertain the promise the platform claims to make. It seems the platform wants investors to take their word for it.

Business owner

No information regarding who owns or runs these clones. And that makes RxBitcore an anonymous crypto investment platform. But, of course, anonymity should be your last resort when it comes to investing.

With an anonymous platform, there’s no way of recovering funds. Those who claim to get help from recovery agents are part of the scam. Only regulators have the power to freeze bank accounts belonging to the owners.

A recent investigation revealed that these agents are part of the scam. The agents don’t have the mandate to offer any services. Most likely, the agents get your contact from the platform for a small fee.

The agents will contact first by claiming to have won a lawsuit against the platform. Then, the agents will want you to send or cover legal fees to get part of the settlement. Please don’t, as these agents will quickly bold after sending them funds.

Client testimony

Are funds safe with rxbitcore.com? NO

There’s no positive review of the platform anywhere on the web. Instead, the platform seems to operate in the dark. For example, you won’t even get to see any social media profiles on the platform. That’s how insane the platform appears.

You would expect such a platform to have some footprint in the online world. Especially if the platform claims to offer investment services via the online portal. We see a platform trying to hide from the public’s eye.

Compliance, License, and Registration RxBitcore

RxBitcore is not a compliant trading platform. There’s no legal framework, thereby giving the platform all the necessary avenues to scam investors. Makes sure to check with regulators to confirm whether a platform is safe.

These regulators include ASIC, BaFIN, CFTC, CNMV, CONSOB, CySEC, and the FCA. Others include FINMA, NFA, and the SEC. These regulators ensure there’s a fair trading environment for all parties.

Contact and support

Don’t expect any contact from staff members. The platform avails a phone number that rarely goes through. We suspect the platform is using a virtual phone number. With the number, members think the call originates from Los Angeles.

We see a platform trying to control the communication process. The platform limits communication to written form. You can only send an email and hope to get a response in time. That’s not going to happen.

Deposit and fund safety


Your funds are far from safe with a platform that fails to offer insurance cover. The platform also fails to segregate accounts as dictated by trading regulations. Instead, the owners hold funds in a single offshore bank account.

There’s also the issue of website safety. The website is prone to third-party attacks. Without DDoS protection and SSL encryption, hackers can easily take over and steal your information. Most likely, hackers can get your banking data from the card you deposited funds with.

Deposit and withdrawal channels

There are several deposit and withdrawal channels available on the platform. These include bank and wire transfers. The platform will insist on crypto deposits due to the anonymous nature of transactions.

Withdrawing funds from the platform remains the biggest challenge facing members. Yet, no member has had the chance to withdraw funds for the past two months. And that goes to show no one profits from the listed expected ROI.

Final thoughts on rxbitcore.com

Your funds are far from safe with the platform, and no one gets to withdraw.

PS: Invest in crypto robots that offer definitive trading results.

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