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A legit broker would notice any drawback that their clients are experiencing. Unfortunately, this is not the case with The links to their registration pages are broken. The company is keen on the people they allow to access their website. is a simply built website purporting to be offering forex trading services. The company is allegedly working with several ECN brokers in the market. They also boast of having a responsive customer support team that operates around the clock.

However, we are fond of scammers who make bold promises only to end up disappointing their customers. There is nothing for you in this nasty scheme. Their leverage is attractive but shall only push you to risky limits. Review, Company

SageFx also provides a demo account to their customers. It is a good thing to practice and get to trade before opening a live account. You get to familiarize yourself with the platform. Unfortunately, given that the legitimacy of is in question, we suggest you look for a more reliable legit forex entity.

The broker also advertises an MT4 trading account. They also have links to learning materials. Information is available via videos and reading content. We cannot verify if the information is beneficial and worth a try.

Their legitimacy is in question and this is the main reason we don’t recommend the venture to the public. Therefore, for your safety make sure to register with a regulated forex trading company. Your money as well as personal information shall be at the right hand. Review

A legit broker would notice any drawback that their clients are experiencing. Unfortunately, this is not the case with The links to their registration pages are broken. The company is keen on the people they allow to access their website.

They are probably using referral programs to deceive naïve investors. The platform does not want their business getting out to the public. Sadly, we cannot validate whether the information the company decorates its website with is genuine.

The available assets are; forex, cryptos, indices, commodities stocks, and commodities. The platform is available in Vietnamese, English, and Thai language. is mainly targeting novice traders in the market. You won’t find a professional trader wasting their time in such a losing scheme.

Despite this being another scam, the company proclaims to keep investors to toe with the trending news in the market. Usually, they use fat referral bonuses to get more victims. It is only the gullible investors who end up counting losses.

The best way to avoid the bad ordeal is to educate yourself on matters regarding trading. If you get the relevant knowledge, nobody can manipulate you into buying their vague financial narrative. You shall be able to identify fraud from miles away.

Trading Conditions allegedly offers an MT4 trading platform. They also advertise they will launch the MT5 soon. Unfortunately, this is propaganda of the dirty scheme. They do not have a trading platform, not even a web-based interface.

Therefore, we cannot fathom how plans to generate a spread of 0.1 or a 1:500 leverage. The Ponzi scheme is playing with the minds of novice investors. Ensure that you with a platform that provides the MetaTrader.

The interface has several execution types, numerous technical indicators, many charts, and even offers FIFO and hedging accounts. You can trade instantly without experiencing common drawbacks. Legit brokers are the way to attaining passive income.

Withdrawal and Deposits of

The investment entity guarantees investors swift and secure payment methods. Additionally, they allegedly continue to add various options. The company claims it only uses verified and trustworthy payment options to assist traders.

However, the only available payment option at is Bitcoin. The company wants to ensure that the payment made retain to the platform. There is no hope for traders in getting their money back. Cryptocurrency payment ensures there is full anonymity. Hence, you won’t be able to know the people that receive cash. Issuing a chargeback is also futile. claims it shall introduce debit cards, bank transfers, credit cards, and Vload options in the future. Doing business with this fraud shall lead to bad results. The least amount that one can deposit is $10 despite cryptocurrency payment being swift claims that the withdrawal process takes 2 to 3 days.

Regulation Status of is an offshore broker operating as it pleases. The company is based in a haven area that accommodates several fraudsters around the globe. St Vincent and the Grenadines government does not license online investment companies.

Anyone with background knowledge in trading knows this. also obligates their clients to make sure they adhere to their country’s laws before signing up with the broker. It is the obligation of investment firms to ensure they have a license in all the counties they accept customers.

The company claims it segregates funds in an independent bank account. However, this is another false statement to win the trust of the traders. The fraudulent entity is not working with a reputable financial institution.

Your money is at greater risk the moment you deposit. The 2-factor authentication does not limit the scammers from getting hold of your cash. is an offshore broker that is operating from an area that only God knows where.

Fund safety is something you shouldn’t expect from this fraud. There are numerous advantages that come with trusting a licensed platform. The only aim of is to steal from innocent people.

Contact Details and Customer Support

Investors need to be worried about this broker. Your personal information is at high risk. The entity has done a good job in concealing its identity. The firm is an offshore company that does not care to avail a customer support team.

The only way that you can reach them is via email. does not have a social media presence. We can bet that tracing this scheme is going to be a huge nightmare. Their office address indicates that the broker is from St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The chances of the venture responding to your query are minimal. Once the fraud gets what they want, they end up cutting you off. Nobody shall come to your rescue since this is a ghost broker whose whereabouts are unknown.

Moreover, despite advertising the attractive trading condition, we are yet to see a happy client that has cashed out from this system. There is no proof that this is the best investment broker in the market. With confidence, we can attest that this is a useless company.

The Domain Insight

Surprisingly, has been in the industry since March 2020. They recently renewed their domain. The expiry shall occur after a year. The company is anonymously registered.

Therefore, it is impossible to know the con artists behind the firm. The traffic that is visiting the platform is unappealing. The company does not have a trading performance. They should showcase their performance to prove they are worth the take.

Final Verdict

Stay away from any unregulated forex trading company. does not have the best interest of their clients. The people behind this venture are only looking out for their well-being. If you know what is best for you, only trade with legit entities.

There are thousands of regulated forex trading companies in the market. These companies do not intend to steal from traders. You stand a better chance of increasing your trading knowledge. There are also several testimonials from their clients. Make sure to check out the trading results.




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