SamXtrade Review: Avoid This Company at All Costs

SamXtrade Review, SamXtrade Company
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SamXtrade Review
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SamXtrade promises its clients a guaranteed daily return from cryptocurrency trading. The company fails to be transparent in its trading operation, and it is only interested in client’s deposits. Invest with reputable cryptocurrency trading platforms to avoid losing your investment.

SamXtrade is a company that promises clients daily returns from cryptocurrency trading. However, the company fails to mention precisely what services they offer. It is hard to understand whether they are a broker or an account management company.

Consequently, we doubt that this is a company operated by professionals. This is a fraudulent company looking to steal investors’ hard-earned cash. The company is too shady, and no one should trust them.

SamXtrade Review, SamXtrade Company

There are many other companies like this. Their sole purpose in the market is to scam people. This company fails in every critical aspect. They fail in transparency, regulation, and fund safety. Investing with them will be bad news. You will lose all your money in no time.

Only invest in companies that have a solid reputation in the markets. That is the only you can avoid falling victim to companies such as SamXtrade. Use the best legitimate cryptocurrency trading companies to safeguard and grow your investment.

SamXtrade Review offers no insight into the services clients receive. The company is busy marketing itself as a trusted entity. However, they fail to say what they are offering. Therefore, they are asking investors to give them their money with no information upfront.

The founders of this company put a lot of effort to look like a legitimate company. The website,, looks appealing to first visitors. It would be very convincing to novice traders. However, any seasoned trader will see red flags immediately. There is a lot of missing information on the website.

Whois records reveal the website’s registration date as 4th October 2020. Therefore, the company has only been around for less than a year. However, they already claim to have over 4 million clients from 80 countries. There is no way that this is true. There is no traffic metrics for on This means that the website is not as popular as the company wants you to believe.

The company offers a live chat option on the website. However, they dodge any critical questions about the company. They are not transparent, and you should not trust them with your money.

Investment Plans

There are four main account types on the website. These include, the Basic plan, the Gold plan, the VIP plan, and the Deluxe plan. These investment plans differ depending on the amount of money invested.

The Basic plan requires a minimum deposit of $50 and a maximum of $499. This account promises clients a 3% hourly return on investment. On the other hand, the Gold Plan requires a minimum deposit of $500 and a maximum of $10,000. It promises clients a 6.7% daily return on investments.

Further, the VIP plan requires a minimum deposit of $11,000 and a maximum of $100,000. This plan promises a daily return of 8.8%. The last account type is the Deluxe plan. This plan requires a minimum deposit of $100,000. The maximum deposit is $100,000,000. It promises clients a 10% daily return on investments.

It is impossible to guarantee returns in trading. This is because the market involves a lot of risks. You can go days without a profitable trade. Moreover, the prices fluctuate, and mining difficulty changes regularly. This makes price prediction almost impossible in the cryptocurrency market.

Even worse, the company places time ranges on the account types. The basic account has a 24 hours time range. This goes up as you go up the accounts. The Deluxe account has a ten days’ time period.

Unfortunately, the company does not say what this time range is for. It is impossible to know whether this is the expiry period for the accounts.

SamXtrade Deposit and Withdrawals

The company does not say what the deposit and withdrawal method is. However, the transaction history they provide only shows Bitcoin transfers. This is not an ideal deposit method. This is because it poses a lot of risks to customers. It is impossible to trace or recover funds in this payment option.

This company asks for too much money from clients. However, they do not offer reliable payment options. The Deluxe plan asks for a minimum deposit of $100,000. That means that clients can lose their life-savings to this company.

Founders and Physical Location

This company follows the theme of fraudulent companies. They normally do not reveal the founders of the company. This is the case with SamXtrade. The founders of this company operate in full secrecy.

Even worse, there is a lot of concern about where the company operates from. The company will say they operate from Australia. However, Whois records reveal the website’s registration location as Panama. Therefore, this company is lying about its location. Moreover, the broken English on the website and the live chat section proves this.

Regulation and Fund Safety 

The regulatory status of this company also raises a huge red flag. The company claims to be a regulated entity. However, we have found this to be a lie. They are only saying this to attract customers.

Even worse, they falsify regulatory information from ASIC. The information they provide on their website is a lie. The account number provided matches a different company on ASIC records.

There is no telling what this company will do next. They are doing everything in their power to convince people they are a legitimate company. Their only interest is to scam individuals.

SamXtrade Scam Review, SamXtrade Contact Information

Consequently, this company cannot assure you of your funds’ safety. Only regulated companies can assure funds’ safety. Regulatory bodies check to ensure companies meet legal requirements. This includes storing investors’ funds in secure banks. Additionally, companies need to have segregated bank accounts to meet regulatory requirements.

On the other hand, unregulated companies can operate without meeting these requirements. Moreover, there is no information about systems’ protection provided. lacks SSL certification and other protective measures. This means that hackers can access and steal your funds. Additionally, they can easily steal your personally identifiable data.

SamXtrade Customer Reviews takes the lies a step further. There are several fake customer reviews on the website. You can tell they are fake by the language used. All the reviews contain grammatical errors. This shows that they are from the same person.

No legitimate company sees the need to present fake reviews. SamXtrade is using this as a tool to attract unsuspecting individuals. Do not fall for this. Run while you still can.

Final Verdict

SamXtrade is not a trustworthy company. The people behind this company are liars and criminals. Their only interest is to con eager investors. Moreover, this company is not a regulated entity. They will disappear with your money should you choose to invest with them.

Further, the founders are unknown. They hide their identity to avoid facing the law. Additionally, they lie about where they operate from. The company operates from Panama but lies it is in Australia. On top of that, they present fake reviews to attract customers. Under these conditions, you will definitely lose your money.

You should only trust companies that have a reputable track record. Only such companies can offer you a safe investing environment. Invest only with the top legitimate cryptocurrency trading companies for your peace of mind. You will not regret it.


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