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Sanki Global
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Sanki Global Review
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Review Summary

Companies like Sanki Global are not suitable for investment because even if they not scams, they cannot provide any significant profits in the long run. Instead, if you want to generate a good amount of money in both the short and long term, you should use the crypto trading bots for efficient and reliable crypto trading.

Sanki Global is an MLM company that has its headquarters in the USA. However, the company is mainly targeting international territories. promotes a wide range of products and services for users. The main focus of the company is on its MLM scheme to attract more users and get investment from them.

This article will thoroughly review Sanki Global and all of its important factors like features and MLM scheme to ensure you are able to decide whether you should invest in it. Let’s start with some basics.

Overview of Sanki Global

The origins of Sanki Global are quite suspicious. It has main offices in the state of Nevada of USA, but the company is mainly promoting its products in Mexico. The website of the company,, also states that the origin of the company is from Japan. The CEO of the company is Alejandro Lopez Tello.

According to the corporate bio of Tello, he has an experience of more than 16 years in marketing, strategic planning, and other such business ventures. Nowadays, he is acting as the Founder and Board of Directors of Sanki Global.

Domain Insights was formed in 2010. The company has gone through many changes in the last decade, especially in terms of its MLM scheme. In fact, it is quite surprising to see that the products of the platform have no evolved much. Instead, the company is now primarily focusing on getting more affiliates and make them invest in the company.

The analysis of the websites shows that Mexico (95%) is contributing the highest amount of traffic to This clearly shows that the company is heavily relying on Mexico to sell its products as well as promote its affiliate memberships.

Products of Sanki Global

Sanki Global is providing many health and wellness products like supplements. claims that the company makes all of the products via modern nanotechnology to provide maximum benefits to the users. Moreover, the website is also promising that all of the supplements and products are thoroughly tested via clinics.

Some of the prominent products of Sanki Global include Belage and Kronuit Fire. The company claims that you can improve your health, wellness, and even intelligence by using its products. Yet, Sanki Global seems to be relying on the MLM side of the business rather than focusing more on its products. 

However, there is no proof of fact that the company is using any verifiable clinic testing procedures to ensure the quality of the products. It is highly possible that the company is lying about having such modern business processes to attract more people. 

How to Join Sanki Global?

You will have to pay $49 for the basic affiliate membership of However, the company encourages users to buy the higher packages of the company to earn the maximum amount of money. 

The website provides the following breakdown of these packages:

  • Basic Package that costs $270
  • Executive Package that costs $530
  • Pro Package that costs $1150

Even though the company mentions the name of these packages, it does not provide any further details about these packages. It shows that Sanki Global is expecting users to spend a large amount of money without even providing reliable information. 

Companies like Sanki Global are not suitable for investment because even if they not scams, they cannot provide any significant profits in the long run. Instead, if you want to generate a good amount of money in both the short and long term, you should use the crypto trading bots for efficient and reliable crypto trading. 

Income Structure of Sanki Global provides a list of a total of 12 affiliate ranks that exist within the company:

  1. Starter Package
  2. Starter Certificate Package
  3. Duplicator Package
  4. Bronze Package
  5. Silver Package
  6. Gold Package
  7. Platinum Package
  8. Diamond Package
  9. Double Diamond Package
  10. Triple Diamond Package
  11. Ambassador Package
  12. Crown Ambassador Package

Retail and Recruitment Commissions

Sanki Global encourages its affiliate members to keep promoting the company on different platforms to generate retail commissions. This kind of tactic is common in many other MLM companies. states that the affiliates of higher packages can earn up to 65% retail commissions. 

Similarly, the business model of Sanki Global is heavily relying on recruitment commissions. At the first level, affiliates have to recruit at least two members. The number of positions keeps increasing on each level. 

  • Recruit a member of Basic Pack to generate $40 and $20 on levels 1 and 2, respectively. 
  • Hire a member of Executive Pack to generate $80 and $40 on levels 1 and 2, respectively. 
  • Recruit a member of Pro Pack to generate $200 and $100 on levels 1 and 2, respectively. 

Other Bonuses

Other than the traditional bonuses of the MLM scheme. Sanki Global is offering a variety of other bonuses to attract more investment. Some of these bonuses are the coaching bonus and the savings bonus. 

According to, if you directly hire the affiliates, you can generate 25% of the residual commissions. On the other hand, the company is promoting the savings fund as some kind of life-changing opportunity.

It claims that 9% of the company sale volume is placed in the Savings fund to provide allowances, bonuses, and gifts to affiliates. However, there is no specific information available about these funds. The company does not discuss the specifics of the bonuses. Instead, Sanki Global is asking affiliates to maintain their membership for a long period of time to qualify for these bonuses. 

This type of income structure shows that there are a lot of ambiguities in the income structure of It keeps asking for more and more investment without any solid guarantee that you will actually be able to generate profits from it. 

Use of Modern Technology

It should be noted that Sanki Global keeps mentioning having modern and exclusive technology that can produce premium-quality products. states that the purpose of using this technology is to ensure the nanoparticles of the company’s products can provide cellular nutrition to your body. 

Sanki Global

Despite such massive claims, there is no proof of the fact that such kind of technology even exists within the company. All of these claims should not be taken too seriously. Hence, it is possible that the company is only using them as a marketing technique to make it stand out from the other supplements company.


As discussed in this thorough review of Sanki Global, there is a lot of missing information about the company. does not even mention complete details about the income structure. This kind of lack of information is unacceptable from this type of company that has been operating for more than a decade now. is making a lot of unverifiable claims. It seems that the company is desperate to promote itself by making some very tall claims, even if it is not capable of fulfilling them. It is also asking for a high amount of initial investment to provide any kind of earning opportunities. 

Moreover, the business model of Sanki Global does not favor the affiliates. You will have to work constantly to attract more customers and make them buy the products to generate retail commissions. These factors ultimately point to the conclusion that Sanki Global is not a suitable investment. 

You should avoid investing in Sanki Global because you will not be able to generate any significant amount of profits from it. Instead, use the crypto trading bots for trading and earning money from the highly profitable crypto trading. 

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