Scent-Sations Review: is a Disappointing Candles MLM Company

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Scent-Sations Review
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Review Summary

Scent-Sations is not a reliable investment opportunity because its income structure is highly suspicious. The eligibility criteria of the higher affiliate ranks are very strict, due to which you will not be able to make any significant profits. Hence, you should avoid this MLM company. Instead, use the efficient crypto trading bots that provide a variety of trading options to generate profits.

Scent-Sations is a company that sells candles, wax melters, and other such products. The company has been operating since 2002. However, it has gone through numerous changes over the years. The income structure of the company, especially, has evolved as is not putting more focus on the MLM side of the business. 

Investing in Scent-Sations might seem like a good investment opportunity from the first glance. However, there are several important features and aspects of this company that you should consider before making any final decision. 

What is Scent-Sations?

Scent-Sations has was established in 2002 by Robert Scocozzo. The owner of the company claims that he has been involved in the MLM industry for about three decades now. However, there is no information available about Scocozzo before this company. gives details about many other individuals involved in the company in different positions. Overall, the company seems like a legitimate and genuine platform that has managed to keep functioning for a long period of time with maximum compliance with the authorities. 

Yet, the recent changes in the company indicate that instead of focusing on the products, the company is mainly relying on the investment of the affiliate members. As a result, Scent-Sations promises a number of incentives to the users so that they will invest in the company.

Domain Insights

The analysis of shows that the USA (88%) is contributing the highest amount of traffic to the website. It is not surprising because the company itself is operating from Pennsylvania. The marketing of the company also makes it clear that Scent-Sations is mainly targeting the US market. 

How to Join Scent-Sations? is quite ambiguous about the registration procedure. Other than the actual membership packages, the company is enticing users to buy some additional packages. These packages are:

  1. Show Pack that costs about $135.
  2. Sample Pack that costs about $200.
  3. Fast Start Pack costs about $500.

The company does not provide any further details about these packages and the products included in these packages. However, it is assumed that the main difference between these packages is the number and type of the products. 

In terms of the basic affiliate memberships, provides the following two main options:

  1. Associates Package costs about $10.
  2. Distributer Package costs about $15.

The difference between these two packages is the fact that the members on the associates can only participate up until the Diamond rank while the members of the Distributer rank get the opportunity of full participation. 

Income Structure of Scent-Sations

The income structure of Scent-Sations heavily relies on the referral and recruitment commissions like most of the other MLM companies. promises these commissions on the basis of the following affiliate ranks:

  1. Gold Rank, at which you have to hire at least one affiliate. 
  2. Ruby Rank, at which you have to hire at least two affiliates. 
  3. Emerald Rank, at which you have to hire at least three affiliates. 
  4. Sapphire Rank, at which you have to hire at least four affiliates. 
  5. Diamond Rank, at which you have to hire at least five affiliates. 

A similar pattern is followed for the rest of the total fifteen affiliate ranks. At every rank, an affiliate member has to recruit and maintain a certain number of affiliates. This qualification becomes more challenging when you reach the higher ranks of the income structure. At higher affiliate ranks, the members of Scent-Sations have to also make sure that their recruited members are investing in the company.

This kind of business model is similar to many MLM companies. There is no use in investing in a company like Scent-Sations that is asking you to continuously focus on recruiting more members. Even if you manage to make some small profits from it, they will be very insignificant compared to the amount of time and energy that you will have to put into it. Therefore, you should not invest in Scent-Sations. Instead, use the crypto trading bots that provide significant profit through a wide range of trading options.  

Recruitment Commissions

The recruitment commissions at Scent-Sations revolve around the additional packages offered to the users. provides the following breakdown of the recruitment commissions:

  • Generate $10 by hiring a new member on the Show Pack level.
  • Generate $20 by hiring a new member on the Sample Pack level.
  • Earn $125 by hiring a new member on the Fast Start Pack level.

Generally, companies like Scent-Sations also focus on retail commissions for better marketing and promotion of their products. However, the company does not provide any specific information about these commissions. Instead, it only encourages users to make their friends and family buy the company’s products so that they can earn the maximum amount of profits. 

Other Bonuses

There are many other bonuses listed on Some of them are rank achievement bonuses, leadership bonuses, and car bonuses. Such bonuses offer a significant amount of money to the users. However, it is important to note that all of these bonuses are for the members of the higher affiliate ranks in the company. 

You will have to spend significant time and energy on recruiting people to climb the ranks. The conditions for the higher affiliate ranks seem too strict for a company like Scent-Sations because it can be quite difficult for you to make people invest in its products. 


Some of the details about the income structure of Scent-Sations are very confusing. For instance, states that the company has a leadership bonus pool to reward the hardworking affiliates of the company. Yet, the website does not provide any further information to validate this information. 

Such kinds of general claims without providing any specific information only point to the fact that the company wants you to keep investing in the company and recruiting other people without providing reliable information. 

Final Verdict About Scent-Sations

Once you look at the business model of Scent-Sations carefully and thoroughly, you will realize that there is nothing new in this company. It is similar to any other MLM company that wants to get as many affiliate members as it can. 

Even though Scent-Sations seem to have an extensive product catalog of various kinds of candles, the primary focus of the company is on the MLM side of the business. The website of the company,, also shows that it wants you to become an affiliate of the company and recruit other people.

In terms of the income structure itself, it is evident that the company is not keeping up with the times and changes in rules and regulations. The company is forcing its members to buy the products so that they will qualify for various kinds of commissions and bonuses in the MLM scheme. However, such kind of business model can be a huge red flag as per the rules of FTC. 

Therefore, it can be concluded that investing in Scent-Sations is a bad move. Even if you manage to generate some kind of profits from the company, they will be very less as the income structure does not favor the affiliates at all. You will have to continuously look for new affiliate members and make sure you are able to maintain them. You can easily avoid investing in an MLM scheme like Scent-Sations by using crypto trading bots. These bots are user-friendly and hence, suitable for both beginners and experts. As a result, you can earn a significant amount of money via crypto trading.  

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