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Sealark Fx Review
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Sealark Fx targets investors from the UK, yet they do not have the permission of the FCA. The company is a scam that will leave investors high and dry. We do not recommend this venture to the public. Invest with the best forex trading companies in the market instead of wasting funds at this Ponzi scheme.

Sealark Fx is an illegal scheme that assures investors they will enter the market at a convenient time. The entity promises great wealth to its clients. The platform also claims that it is the leading forex trading broker in the market.

Investors will enjoy fast, simple, and global services. Moreover, this shady firm also states it avails low spread. You can trade multiple currency pairs in the market. These include AUDUSD, EURUSD among others.

Sealark Fx Review, Sealark Fx Company

Sealark Fx proclaims that it executes a trade at high speed. The venture states it offers transparent services. Unfortunately, this is a company that is capable of featuring false information to entice traders. They send investors unique ancillary charts that are professional.

Investors can access them using the computer, or mobile applications. Moreover, this venture also states it has low trading rates. They present an opportunity for both novice and veteran traders to explore the industry.

Making money has never been so easy. There are several online investment ventures that you can utilize to earn a decent income. However, the market is also plagued by several scammers who eye for the funds of newbies investors.  Trade keenly and ensure your safety is guaranteed. Review

Sealark Fx is offering Forex, indices, commodities, and investment consultancy services. The venture claims that it is offering an MT5 trading interface to its clients. You can trade using multiple devices.

The company is using the latest technology to fulfill the desire of its clients. The entity’s main objective is allegedly to help their customers attain their goals. Investors are assured of the use of the latest trading tools.

Sealark Fx markets itself as an innovative, transparent, and excellent trading firm. They usually conduct thorough research on behalf of their clients. The platform has adapted to the changing and volatile market.

Additionally, the entity meets the requirements of its clients. Orders are executed at high speed. There is a lot of repetition on their website, which shows a lack of professionalism. Furthermore, this website is unprofessionally built.

Instead of wasting time at this shady venture, you can use reliable forex trading companies in the market. These platforms are regulated and operating as per the law. Investors will attain real-time trading results.

How Does Sealark Fx Operate?

Sealark Fx is an anonymous investment company that is dealing with a number of assets. The firm is a Ponzi scheme that does not hide its shadiness. After going through their website, we did not find anything unique.

The company has been in the market for over a year. However, how this broker operates remains a mystery. The venture provides insufficient information regarding their business. The entity is unprofessional and only after traders’ funds.

Once you share your personal data with these fraudsters, they will keep calling. Con artists are very tactical and convincing. You will end up giving them all your savings. It is easy for them to steal all your money in the blink of an eye.

Withdrawal requests are never processed. Sealark Fx does not provide their address. Therefore, you cannot visit their offices in case of any problem. Moreover, it is also not possible to contact them via phone.

Trading Conditions

Sealark Fx brags that investors will trade using the MT5 interface. Unfortunately, the company does not have a link that can open the platform. The MetaTrader5 interface is one of the best in the industry.

Sealark Fx Review, Trading Conditions

Investors’ cam trades automatically, utilize charts, use VPS, financial calendars, and trading signals. The company offers a spread of 0.6 on EURUSD currency pair. The leverage that Sealark Fx provides is luring (1:500).

It is beyond what the regulatory body of the UK offers. Investors should stay away from this platform. Sadly, nothing good will come out of this company. The risks that investors are exposed to are very high.

Sealark Fx Withdrawal and Deposits

Sealark Fx is a platform that does not disclose the requirements for withdrawal and deposits. Moreover, we also do not know the payment method which the broker accepts. It is a big mistake to venture with this firm without knowing what you are signing up for.

The information regarding account inactivity is also not available. The company fees are undisclosed. This venture may inflict hefty charges to their clients. Scammers usually exploit their customers. They will be making money out of their clients.

Sealark Fx Contact Details

Sealark Fx claims that is an entity that has their headquarter in London, UK. However, this broker does not feature their actual address on their website. The corporate that manages its investment services is also mysterious.

You can expect the worst unprofessional treatment from this suspicious broker. Additionally, the venture does not have a telephone number that their customers can use for easy communication.

Mysterious anonymous forex trading companies are very dangerous. How can you trust such a firm with your money? It gets even worse when you have to share your contact details. The scammer will continuously keep contacting you until you give them money.

Regulation Status

Sealark Fx appears to be targeting investors from the United Kingdom region. Furthermore, this platform is not licensed by the FCA. The financial Conduct Authority is one of the best financial watchdogs in the world.

The government is trying its best to protect its citizens against dealing with Ponzi schemes. Therefore, they enforce strict measures to protect their customers. A company must deposit a minimum amount of 730K EUR as initial capital.

The funds are meant to work as compensation to investors in case of insolvency. Additionally, investment platforms need to report their daily transactions. It is also important that they work together with reputable financial institutions.

All these and much more measures ensure that the funds of traders are safe. Our best advice to you is that you stick to regulated brokers. There is much benefit that you will enjoy rather than risking the safety of your money and data.

The Domain Insight

Sealark Fx made its first digital footprint in October 2019. The company is registered for a period of 3 years. The registrar of the firm is Erik Inc. It is most likely that this venture is based in Hong Kong. Their client’s geographical location is not known. However, the venture has a low Alexa global ranking of 4,326,012.

Is Sealark Fx Legit?

Unfortunately, this is an illegal trading company that is a complete waste of time. The venture is a scam, and the lack of sufficient data regarding their trading activities is enough proof. Moreover, the entity does not have a license from the FCA.

The venture is operating on its own accord without being managed by anyone. The information of their founder and the team is unavailable. The firm is only after investors’ funds. There are better ways that you can use to earn real-time returns.

Sealark Fx trading conditions only shows the rewards that traders will acquire. However, we do not know the minimum acceptable funds. Furthermore, this venture’s characteristic is shady, and lack of contact eliminates the chances of investors going after them.

Final Verdict

Sealark Fx brags about having the best features in the market. The platform claims it has low trading fees, and fast order execution. Their website looks shady, and there is a lot that is missing. Moreover, this firm does not disclose the trading conditions that it offers to its customers. Invest with the best forex trading companies that have already been regulated by the appropriate government.

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