Shaklee Review: Should you Invest in Multivitamin MLM Scheme of

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Shaklee is a highly renowned company in the supplements industry. It provides a variety of products related to personal hygiene, health and fitness, and cosmetics. The website of the company,, features all of these different products. Multivitamins are the most heavily promoted products of the company.

Even though the company has managed to establish a reliable name in the industry by providing numerous products for a long time now, it is the MLM side of the business that has to be reviewed in detail. The purpose of this review is to determine whether you invest in Shaklee. Keep reading to get all of the information about this company.

What is Shaklee?

Shaklee Corporation was established in 1956. The original owner of the organization, Forrest C.Shaklee, is believed to be the first person who manufactured and distributed vitamins in the USA. The headquarters of the company is in Pleasanton, California.

Now Roger Barnett is leading the company since 2004 when the company was acquired by Activated Holdings. In fact, Shaklee has changed quite drastically after this acquisition. Barnett has a long history of working in the finance and e-commerce industry. However, he does not have any previous experience of working in the MLM industry.

Overall, Shaklee has never run into any serious regulatory or legal issues. It was once involved in false advertising and retail price rigging, but both of the matters were resolved quickly. On the other hand, a long-time distributor of, John Cranney, has been involved in a number of Ponzi schemes and the MLM scheme of this company is quite similar to them.

Products of Shaklee

Initially, Shaklee was only acting as a multivitamin company. However, now the company is offering a variety of products related to weight loss, personal care, and cleaning agents. Following are two of the most popular packs of

  1. The price of the immunity challenge pack is about $250. The company is also providing a discount for first-time buyers. This package includes two Life Shakes, Vitalizer, and some other products along with free shipping for the members.
  2. The second major package is the prove it challenge pack that has a price of $249. Along with other products, it contains special 7-day supplements for healthy cleansing.

The purpose of discussing these packages is to inform you about the criteria for joining the Shaklee. The company is making it compulsory for users to buy at least one of the packages. It means you will have to invest at least $250 for full participation in the income structure of the company.

Shaklee Products also states that if users want to get access to the entire online retail store, they have to buy the packages. In other words, these packages are the only way to get any kind of compensation from the company.

This means the company is asking for a very large amount of money as an investment. However, the company’s income structure shows that you do not have many chances of making any significant profits. Therefore, it is much better if you avoid investing in

Instead, you should use the quick, reliable, and genuine crypto trading bots. These bots are well-established in the crypto trading industry, which means you can fully rely on them for crypto trading and earn a good amount of profits. 

Income Structure of Shaklee

The income structure of is quite confusing because the website does not provide any clear or concise information. Instead, the purpose of the entire information is to advertise and market the company. However, it is quite clear that the business model of this company is quite similar to many other MLM platforms.

The income structure has the following bonuses and commissions:

Retail Commissions

Retail commissions are an essential part of any MLM company. The companies use such commissions as a free marketing tool to make people promote the company and sell their products. Shaklee is attracting affiliates and investors by promising significant discounts to people who want to earn retail commissions. As a result, they will be getting products at a lesser price than the wholesale price.

Personal Bonus states that the members have the golden opportunity of earning personal volume group bonuses as well. The company is promising these bonuses on the basis of personal volume. The website provides the following breakdown of such bonuses:

  • Receive a 4% bonus by generating 250 PGV each month.
  • Receive an 8% bonus by generating 500 PGV each month.
  • Get a 12% bonus by generating 1000 PGV each month.
  • Get a 14% bonus by generating 1500 PGV each month.
  • Receive a 20% bonus by generating 2000 PGV each month.

However, the company does provide any specific information if this compensation also considers affiliate volume and purchases of the hired affiliates.

Shaklee is providing information about various types of compensations. Yet, this information is not enough as the eligibility criteria for different bonuses, and retail commissions are quite unclear. Moreover, the documentation of the company has not been updated for quite some time now because the details of retail commissions were published back in 2013.

Affiliate Ranks

Shaklee also promises income on the basis of the following 12 affiliate ranks of the members:

  1. Affiliate Rank for which you have to register as a Shaklee distributor.
  2. Director Rank
  3. Senior Director Rank
  4. Coordinator Rank
  5. Senior Coordinator Rank
  6. Executive Coordinator Rank
  7. Senior Executive Coordinator Rank
  8. Key Coordinator Rank
  9. Senior Key Coordinator Rank
  10. Master Coordinator Rank
  11. Senior Master Coordinator Rank
  12. Presidential Master Coordinator Rank

All of these different affiliate ranks have varying compensation criteria in terms of the generation of personal volume, group volume, and maintaining a long list of recruits.


First of all, it is important to reiterate the fact that Shaklee has been around for a long time now, which means the company is providing efficient and reliable products. However, the MLM side of the company does not enjoy this much popularity because there are many loopholes in it.

The company is claiming of paying more than $9 billion in bonuses and commissions. However, there is no proof that has paid this massive amount. Moreover, the business has gone through massive transformations in the last few years because the multivitamin and supplements industry has become highly competitive. 


Even if you are willing to invest a large amount in the company, there is a very high chance that you will not earn any significant profits. The major reason behind this deduction is that the income structure of the company puts the burden of continuously recruiting more members on the affiliates. wants you to keep recruiting people and generating massive personal volume sales to earn any kind of profit. This kind of business model is only suitable for the company itself as you will not be generating any considerable amount of money. Despite the initial claims of providing income opportunities to the members, the company actually does not have any reliable earning channels.

Therefore, you should not invest in Shaklee because you will not be able to make a good amount of profits from its MLM scheme. Instead, you should consider using the crypto trading bots that allow both experts and beginners to earn profits via crypto trading. These bots have a variety of trading preferences and are very efficient and fast, so you can rely on them. 

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