Simple Tradex Review: a Nasty Ponzi Scheme

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Simple Tradex Review
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Simple Tradex does not even try to win over traders with a moving sales pitch. The entity is only after making the anonymous fraudsters behind the scheme profit. The con artists are lazy and we hope no one believes their lies. 

Simple Tradex is an investment venture that claims it is a trading venture and a reliable partner to all investors across the world. They promise a 28.6%  rate of returns to all their customers.

The withdrawal process is allegedly instantaneous. The company also brags that it has top-notch security measures. Therefore, customers have nothing to worry about as the funds’ safety is a top priority of the firm. 

Simple Tradex Review, Simple Tradex Company

Simple Tradex, despite being a forex broker, is also a reliable friend. They are accepting both novice and expert traders. You do not need any fascia skills to kick-start your trading activities. The platform also claims that it has advanced trading tools for the skills. 

Ironically, the website puts everything under one payment.  The genuine company will have multiple pages that feature their about us page, terms and conditions, withdrawal, and deposit. This scheme lacks professionalism, and the red flags are visible.

Invest with transparent forex trading platforms that are transparent and legit. You will generate real-time returns. These are legal brokers that have been in the industry for years. Review

Simple Tradex does not even try to win over traders with a moving sales pitch. The entity is only after making the anonymous fraudsters behind the scheme profit. The con artists are lazy, and we hope no one believes their lies. 

The company does not offer security to traders. The only thing that they have is an SSL certificate. We cannot also find their verified trading results. The platform has no right in calling itself the best venture in the industry. 

They do not care about their clients. We suggest that you look for a more reasonable broker as there are thousands of valid companies. Simple Tradex does not introduce its team to the public. How can you know that they are authentic while we can only comprehend the scheme for being discrete? 

Newbies are the only people that fall into the trap of Simple Tradex. The expert traders can recognize the red flag at first glance. Researching on a platform will save you from making a big mistake. 

Simple Tradex Registration and Regulation

Simple Tradex is a company that does not consider the guidelines set by the regulatory bodies in the market. The firm is a dirty Ponzi scheme unfit to be in the industry. You cannot rely on a venture that does not have a license. 

Moreover, there are no terms and conditions that bind the users to the platform. The entity will only jeopardize your investment. They can also inflict undesirable conditions on traders. The firm does not have a parent company supervising its financial activities.

Therefore, they can always choose to do whatever they please. Your money is at high risk if you choose this shady broker. They do not segregate the funds of investors. Hence, the deposit may be going directly to the account of the con artists.

There are numerous advantages that traders enjoy by choosing a legit company. You will receive compensation if an unforeseen risk occurs. The regulated platform also has desirable trading conditions for traders.

Trading Conditions

The scheme offers leverage of 1:100. It is funny how Simple Tradex boasts great trading conditions, yet there is no trading software. The only thing that the platform has are useless trading charts.

There are no trading activities taking place in this sham venture. Walk away from them while you still can. We recommend that you choose a transparent forex company that is offering the MetaTrader4 or MetaTrader5. Review, Trading Conditions

Regulated brokers offer the best conditions to clients. You can even trade automatically using EAs. MetaTrader has advanced tools, indicators, and several applications. The leverage of Simple Tradex is also risky to the traders.

Several financial bodies in the market don’t permit such high limits. This is another confirmation that Simple Tradex is unworthy of your trust. Their only intention is to steal from innocent traders.

Simple Tradex Withdrawal and Deposits

The services of this company are unpleasant and costly. The minimum deposit is 2000, which is far beyond the market standard. The scheme is an extortion venture that aims to reap where it didn’t sow.

The forex industry is competitive, and each company wants to stand out from the stiff competition. You can get multiple legal entities accepting even $2. We suggest that you stay away from Ponzi schemes that want to devastate investors. 

The payment methods available at Simple Tradex include; Gift Cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin. We haven’t come across a single genuine company that accepts gift cards. This should prove to you that you are dealing with fraud.

The BTC payments are also futile, and it is impossible to recover your funds once you make a deposit. It can also be hard to claim funds using PayPal, especially when there are no products involved. You are purchasing a service from this scheme.

Simple Tradex does not offer the Credit and Debit cards option. This is one of the safest methods in the market. It allows traders to issue a chargeback from up to 540 days. The banks want to protect clients against fraudsters invading the market.

The only way of avoiding con artists is by sticking to legit brokers. It is no surprise that the company does not have a terms and conditions policy. Hence, we don’t know the charges that the platform requires from traders upon withdrawal.

Everything is clear that Simple Tradex is not a trading venture. Therefore, you do not have any business with them. In case their marketers approach you to report them to the authority. 

Simple Tradex Contact Details and Customer Support

Signing up at Simple Tradex requires you to submit personal data. Ironically, this Ponzi scheme fails to share its country of origin and office address. Trusting them with your money is an unwise decision.

They also do not have a customer support team. You will need to resolve any issue that you face individually without involving the company. This is unprofessional. A reputable forex entity will not risk its PR by leaving out such critical information.

Simple Tradex is a worthless firm. They will disappear in the thin air, and tracing them will be hard. Anonymous companies are dangerous, and they hide their true identity to circumvent being caught. 

The Domain Insight is a scheme that has been in the industry since April 2020. The venture lacks a trading history. Their young domain also suggests that the firm doesn’t intend to be in the market in the future. 

The lifespan of their registration is only one year. Moreover, the registrar’s information is missing. The traffic visiting their site is also knee-high. Once you trade with the venture, you will dance to their music. You can only have yourself to blame when things go south. 

Final Verdict

Simple Tradex is a shady company that is ignorant about the law. They are offering critical services but cannot bind by the law. The murkiness of the broker is astonishing. Their determination to remain anonymous affirm that the venture is not after the wellbeing of investors. 

Invest with the best forex trading companies in the market. These are transparent platforms that are reputable. Their trading history proves that traders can have peace of mind. Trade wisely and research before making a deposit. 

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