SizeMarket Review: Beware of this Shady Broker!

SizeMarket Review, SizeMarket Company
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SizeMarket Review
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SizeMarket is an anonymous investment broker which claims to offer various trading instruments and forex services. The company has characteristics of a scam and it is only interested in client deposits. Avoid losing your funds by investing with reputable forex trading brokers.

SizeMarket is a company that allegedly assists investors to trade in the way that they please. They brag about utilizing the latest technology in their activities. Moreover, they also assure traders that they will have multiple tools to use.

How can you believe the word of this platform when their website is marked as unsafe? The entity does not have an SSL certificate that protects investors’ data. Therefore, you risk your info landing in the wrong hands.

SizeMarket Review, SizeMarket Company

SizeMarket is trading forex, indices, commodities, metals, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and Shares. The platform is diverse and they target investors from all backgrounds. However, the main problem is that this is just another scam in the making.

Investors need to register their accounts, verify their data, deposit money, and begin trading. The whole process seems swift. Unfortunately, those that fall for this scheme will end up counting lose. It is important to research a platform to have an insight.

There are several transparent and reliable forex trading brokers that are legit. You can trust them with your funds. The security of these ventures is top-notch. Additionally, customer support is also remarkable. You should not settle for less. Try them today! Review

SizeMarketclaimsm that it has deposit protection and insurance. They are also trading BTC. The entity brags that it is an award-winning venture. However, they leave out information about the entities that awarded them this title.

The firm is anonymous and the people behind the organization do not care about transparency. It is important that investors know the qualification of the people they are entrusting with their money. Otherwise once the funds are lost there will be nowhere to turn to.

SizeMarket is another waste of cyberspace. Once they try to stay relevant by displaying all false information. The broker claim to be licensed. Furthermore, they also showcase fake reviews from their imaginary clients.

You will never find expert traders wasting their valuable time on shady platforms like SizeMarket. In most cases,s novice traders are the ones that fall victims to fraudulent platforms. The registration process is swift but with multiple loopholes.

There is no verification of the information provided. Furthermore, the scammers want to steal from their clients immediately. It is easy to acquire information from the website free regarding forex trading. You only need to take your time and get the right education.

SizeMarket Trading Conditions

SizeMarket has three investment plans. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $500 which is double the average market standard. They offer spread as low as zero pips and a leverage of 1:500.

The broker promises a spread of 0.1 pips. They are trading indices, EFTs, commodities, currency pairs, and metals. Unfortunately, there is no sign of trading taking place on this platform. They are targeting investors from Russia and European Nations.

SizeMarket presents a Web-based trading platform. It is a common interface that scammers utilize to manipulate the data. You might assume that you are winning sales while in reality,y you are just losing. Avoid being lured by these features into trusting an entity.

Legit investment scheme avails MetaTrader software. It is famous for having several charts, customizable EAs, and the interface is used by several traders in the industry. Investors need to be careful while trading. It is not every broker that you encounter is legit.

Withdrawal and Deposits

SizeMarket is accepting funds only via cryptocurrency payment. Unfortunately, this is one of the methods that you cannot reverse the payment. Moreover, it is not easy knowing to whom you make the transaction. Investors need to be keen when dealing with shady brokers.

The minimum amount that you can cash out is $15. The amount is too huge considering that there are legit brokers that charge less than $1. Investors should look for reliable entities in the market. Moreover, we also do not know if there are hidden charges involved.

SizeMarket Regulation Status

The website of this platform should be decorated with multiple licenses. The government requires that every investment firm should be regulated before starting up their business. However, SizeMarket thinks that it is unexceptional.

The government is keen on ensuring that traders are well protected. Therefore, they enforce strict rules. This platform does not segregate the funds of the investors. Money deposited will go to the scammers’ pocket.

The benefits of trusting regulated brokers are countless. You have the guarantee that your funds are secure SizeMarket will one day disappear from the market without any traces. Investors should be cautious with such ventures.

Contact Details

SizeMarket features several buildings in different countries. They purport that this is their area of operation. However, this cunning platform fails to provide their physical address. We suspect that they are targeting investors from Singapore, Canada, Sweden, and Germany.

Nonetheless, if they contact you and you are not from the mentioned location it would be best to report them to the authority. The only way that investors contact the platform is via email. It is not a convenient method as you might wait till eternity before hearing from the broker.

SizeMarket is an offshore investment company that their real location remains unknown. Trusting them with your money will be a bold step but not rewarding. As investors make sure that you trade only with the best platform that has the best interest for you.

Is SizeMarket a Profitable Broker?

SizeMarket is nothing but a pure scam. The entity will not help you realize financial freedom. They are only after defrauding innocent investors. The entity is full of lies and displays false information to win over traders.

The company is not licensed which is a huge red flag. The trading conditions of this platform are appealing. Therefore, it is easy for novice traders to trust them. Unfortunately, this will only lead to automatic loses. Exercise caution when dealing with this firm.

Despite the online investment being profitable, this does not mean that you will become rich overnight. You need to put in the effort. Moreover, you cannot just be making profits. The assets which SizeMarket is dealing with are highly volatile.

SizeMarket Scam Review, SizeMarket Account Type

Furthermore, the Terms and Condition page of this company has missing info. Investors do not know the conditions or the duration that an account is considered dormant. Do not sign up with them without knowing what you are getting yourself into.

SizeMarket is an offshore platform that has no intention of making anyone rich. The broker will only leave you high and dry. Even their website is marked as unsafe when visiting. This is a clear sign that you are putting your data and money in danger.

Finally but not least the initial capital which this company is asking for is very high. You can find better firms in the market that accept as low as $100. Moreover, the payment method does not permit investors to issue a chargeback.

The Domain Insight

The platform has a low Alexa traffic of 5,994,682.  Unfortunately, it remains unknown the location their audience is coming from. Nonetheless, the company was registered in July 2015. Their domain will expire on July 2021. They have been in the industry for a long time yet they have not made any attempts to clear up their name.

Final Verdict

SizeMarket is an anonymous investment venture that happens to be a scam. They are not reputable and the broker is surrounded by multiple loopholes. We do not recommend this shady entity to the public. Invest with legit forex trading firms that are licensed by the government.


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