SkyWay Capital Review: SkyWay.Capital Is Too Controversial To Invest In

SkyWay Capital
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SkyWay Capital Review
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SkyWay Capital is promising that you will be able to generate referral commissions at various ranks. However, there is no proof that you will make any significant profits from the company. Hence, you should avoid investing in this platform. Instead, use crypto trading bots to trade crypto quickly and efficiently to make profits.

SkyWay Capital is primarily a company in the transportation industry. The website of the company, SkyWay.Capital is marketing the company as a crowdfunding platform that allows you to invest in modern transport systems and get profits from such innovations over a certain period.

The company has been running since 2016. This entire history of the company is extremely controversial as the company has faced legal actions in different countries.

Therefore, it is important to thoroughly review SkyWay Capital to determine whether you can invest in it to make any profits.

Overview of SkyWay Capital

SkyWay.Capital states that the people can fully trust the company to make huge profits by investing in modern transport solutions of the company. Moreover, the platform is claiming to be a global project that can cater to all kinds of users all over the world.

Moreover, the company is trying to get investment from people by claiming that it will provide you with the opportunity to become a part of the global transport system. However, before you make any of these claims, you should know about the various controversial aspects of the company to make a smart investment decision.


Domain Insights of SkyWay Capital

SkyWay Capital is targeting a global audience as it is accepting investments from people all over the world. The analysis of SkyWay.Capital by Alexa shows that Vietnam (34%), Russia (18%), and Nigeria (17%) are contributing the highest amount of traffic to the website.

Owner of SkyWay Capital

According to SkyWay.Capital, Evgeny Kudryashov is the director and owner of the company. The website also provides income addresses in London. He is also quite active on social media platforms.

Kudryashov has been a part of several MLM platforms before. However, most of the work history of Kudryashov is available in Russian. Hence, it is difficult to find out the exact companies in which he was involved.

Registration Fee of SkyWay Capital

As expected from a company like SkyWay Capital, it does not have any retail products. The company wants you to invest in the affiliate membership of the company to get any kind of profits.

Once you sign-up at SkyWay.Capital, you will have to invest at least $500 in the company to get access to the MLM income opportunity. This is a very large amount compared to many other similar MLM schemes.

Income Structure of SkyWay Capital

SkyWay.Capital is promising certain ROIs to the users to get their investment. For instance, the website has a profit calculator according to which an affiliate can get $30 on investing $1.

However, the marketing video of the company makes it clear that the affiliates have to invest at least $500 to get 500 units in the company. It promises you that the value of each of the units will go up 22% every day.

 Yet, the website is not providing any specific information about how such profits will be generated and provided to the affiliates. As a result, it is difficult to believe the various claims of the company.

Referral Commissions

Referral commissions are a major part of the income structure of the company. SkyWay.Capital provides the following breakdown of these commissions:

  • Partner Rank on which users have to invest 30 to 200 units.
  • Agent Rank on which users have to invest 50 to 300 units.
  • Consultant Rank on which users have to invest 3001 to 2000 units.
  • Manager Rank on which users have to invest 1000 to 10000 units.
  • Leader Manager Rank on which users have to invest 5000 to 20000 units.
  • Top Manager Rank on which users have to invest 5000 to 50000 units.

The company is promising that you will be able to generate referral commissions at these various ranks. However, there is no proof that you will be able to make any significant profits from the company. Hence, you should avoid investing in this platform. Instead, use crypto trading bots to trade crypto easily and efficiently to make profits.


SkyWay Capital has faced legal challenges due to a lack of regulation in several countries. Let’s discuss some of them one by one:


In 2017, the Financial Supervision Authority (FSA) of Estonia issued a warning to the people who were investing in SkyWay Capital and described the company as a dormant shell company. FSA warned the users that the company was not registered in Estonia and, therefore, the authorities were not offering any financial securities.

New Zealand, Greece. and Germany

In 2018, New Zealand issued a similar warning that described SkyWay Capital as a potential scam. The reason behind this warning was that the company was promoting its affiliate membership heavily in New Zealand. Yet, the company is not registered with the FMA of New Zealand.

The warning by New Zealand was also motivated by the fact that other countries like Lithuania and Belgium had also issued these warnings. The purpose of such warnings from different countries is to make sure people are not walking into a trap by investing in the company. Germany and Greece also took action against SkyWay Capital after a few months.

Features of SkyWay Capital

SkyWay.Capital claims to have many different features and modern technology to make sure users invest in the company and get profits. Some of these features are:

Huge Profits

The company is claiming that anyone can invest in the company and make a huge amount of profits. However, the business model of the platform makes it clear that there is no guarantee that you will make any profits.

It relies on how many members you recruit in the company. This kind of business model is not sustainable. It is possible that you might not be able to even recover your initial investment.

SkyWay Capital

Legal Registration

In the FAQs section of SkyWay.Capital, the company claims that it is legally registered with several renowned authorities all over the world. However, the company does not provide the name of such significant authorities. 

Instead, the available evidence contradicts such claims. Countries like New Zealand, Germany, and other countries mentioned in the previous section have issued warnings against SkyWay Capital for lack of regulatory compliance. 


SkyWay Capital is presenting itself as a renowned name in the transport industry. Yet, the website does not provide any actual details about such earning opportunities. Instead, the platform seems to be like any other MLM scheme that gets investment from users by promising them certain returns over a period of time.

You should also keep in mind that the company has been running since 2016. Yet, there is no official information about any of the transport projects in which SkyWay Capital was involved. This clearly points to the fact that the company is only presenting itself as a transport company to seem like a genuine and legitimate platform.

The business model of the company revolves around referral commissions like any other MLM company. This also shows that the company is using investment from the new users to pay the old users. However, the platform can collapse anytime due to a lack of recruitment.

The fact that the company is promising daily ROIs up to 22% is also extremely suspicious because it will not be able to fulfill such promises. Moreover, the company has faced tremendous challenges in countries like Estonia, Germany, New Zealand, and many others.

Therefore, these aspects of SkyWay Capital show that the company is essentially a Ponzi scheme. You cannot make any significant profits from the company. You should be using crypto trading bots for legal, efficient, and profitable crypto trading. 

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