SmartContractLimited Review: A Vicious Scam

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SmartContractLimited Review
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SmartContractLimited fails terribly when it comes to transparency measures. Just like scammers, they promise traders the world without any suitable approach that you can fully rely on.

SmartContractLimited is a forex broker that claims to be the leading financial innovation. Also, they aim to be your helping hand in the future of financial assets. However, we do not think this is the experience you will receive from them. They do not seem to fit a legit platform for trading, so in this unbiased review, we highlight the murkiness in SmartContractLimited.

SmartContractLimited Review, Company

Consequently, transparent crypto brokers use tried and tested strategies for trading, and the returns are pleasing. Transparency should always be a priority while choosing a broker to trade with. They offer investment services on; Forex exchange, Digital currencies, Commodities, Stocks, Gold, etc.

SmartContractLimited’s website is poorly done, and a lot of important information relevant for trading is missing. Furthermore, they try so hard to hide their murkiness from customers, but any expert within the niche will at first glance notice the red flags they showcase.

Accordingly, trading is not child’s play, and you should know about the venture before making any investment steps. SmartContractLimited urges newbie traders that they do not need to understand trading and that they offer you education. Thus you would expect them to feature materials to aid your knowledge. You will be shocked to discover there is no helpful data, and they only explain basic trading terms.

SmartContractLimited Review

SmartContractLimited fails terribly when it comes to transparency measures. Just like scammers, they promise traders the world without any suitable approach that you can fully rely on. They assure you of professionalism and a good customer-friendly interface. The risks of dealing with criminals who have no experience in the market are very high in this investment firm. Moreover, the founders’ information is hidden, raising more doubts about the promises they grant traders.

Consequently, this means that SmartContractLimited was anonymously brought into the trading world with one sole purpose, which is definitely to swindle your funds. Also, scammers are fond of hiding personal data, and once SmartContractLimited is unable to generate enough funds, they open new platforms and rob innocent traders.

How SmartContractLimited Operates

SmartContractLimited, just like every other scam company out there, will find means of luring you to deposit hard-earned money. Meanwhile, they try and resemble a transparent entity. They promise you high attractive bonuses and profits without any trade plans. You will end up receiving phone calls and alerts urging you to seize the opportunity of one-time offers. Hence once you fall for the catch, then they are done doing any business with you. So they may result in blocking your data from accessing any services they offer.

Nevertheless, if SmartContractLimited were really attracting the alleged profits, the traffic numbers would be higher. In addition, this entity may only be attracting negative returns meaning losses, and they cannot brag with such data. Traders can use MetaTrader, and the software is available for download on Android and iOS devices. However, how the software operates is also a mystery that investors cannot clearly outline.

The kind of algorithms it uses is also unknown and shows some murkiness in the style of operation. They do not feature any past trade results for traders to determine the kind of returns to expect. SmartContractLimited gives traders 6.6pips on EURUSD spreads. Besides this information, nothing is known regarding the style of the platform of operation. The services they render you are extremely costly with no risk measures in place.

Funds Safety

SmartContractLimited accepts multiple deposit methods such as; Skrill, Neteller, MasterCard, Maestro, and Visa. However, the question that is probably whirling your mind is, are your funds safe? Well, your money is not safe with this shady broker. The risks of losing your funds and your personal information may fall into the wrong hands. Moreover, they do not feature a refund policy or any banking information that you can guarantee your money is within reach. Hence once you make a deposit, then getting your funds back is going to be a fuss.

SmartContractLimited does not feature any past trade transactions showing deposits or withdrawals to determine transparency in payments. Consequently, some customers are even complaining about losing money, and you will not get any preferential treatment. The minimum trade amount is $250, which is very costly for a company that works in a similar likelihood as SmartContractLimited.

Client Feedback

SmartContractLimited will shock you with the kind of reputation it has been able to gather. Many customers are complaining about having lost their income, and they do not have single positive feedback. Also, they use false testimonies of alleged happy traders they claim have made profits through the SmartContractLimited.  Nevertheless, the customers whose names have been mentioned and images do not even align. They even do not have any association with SmartContractLimited, and their names have been used against their will.

SmartContractLimited further claims to have won awards for the best broker. The awards are imaginary, and this is a straight warning sign not to participate in any trades with the entity. Accordingly, testimonials are highly welcoming to any broker. However, without any suitable evidence, the same data may just be bait.

Regulation and Customer support

SmartContractLimited allows its users to contact them 5 business days, yet they do not openly reveal any contact information for the same purpose. Moreover, working contact support further boosts your trust with the trading platform. Therefore reaching SmartContractLimited for any queries that you have will be a difficult task. Meanwhile, legit forex brokers will always feature email support, telephone contact, or a chat section. We would suggest that you stick to the demo account until further updates, but they also do not have a demo account.

Regulated brokers are reliable, and they last in the market for a long. On the other hand, you can easily find all the important regulation data and verify the same. SmartContractLimited does not fall under any regulatory body; hence we can conclude that they are unregulated. Thus they are illegally generating funds from the public. In addition, different countries have made it mandatory for investment firms to feature regulation before indulging in any business with citizens. SmartContractLimited can barely afford to pay regulation fees. How would they pay your profits?

Accordingly, the founders of risk facing criminal prosecutions. Thus this could be the reason they hide the same data from customers. The platform can also decide to go against trade guidelines whenever they choose to do so.

Final Verdict

SmartContractLimited does not have any reliable approach towards trading, and your funds may fall into the wrong hands. They promise traders top-notch services, yet the level of qualifications they hold is hidden, raising more doubts about their offers. The kind of returns you should expect from this venture is also not known. Transparency should always be a vital factor in determining how reliable an investment firm is. The level of murkiness that SmartContractLimited showcases are highly unacceptable.

Therefore to prevent yourself from the embarrassment of losing your hard-earned funds. You should make wise decisions, invest with tried and tested crypto brokers and watch your profits increase reasonably and with few risks.


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