Solid Invest Review: a cheeky scam

Solid Invest Review, Solid Invest Company
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Solid Invest Review
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Solid invest clams to be a reliable crypto trading company which has been around for a few years. The platform claims to have a good customer base promising high returns at reduced risk. However, this is not the case because the company does not have any proof of operation.  Furthermore, Solid invest is operating illegally and has been banned by CySec as a scam. Choose your crypto trading investment company wisely to avoid losing your investment.

Solid Invest is a company that claims it wants to help investors in their trading activities. The platform is dealing with digital currency assets. They are promising traders the best security on their funds. Sadly, this firm has nothing to offer. Despite being in the industry for months, there is no evidence of trading activities.

However, this entity is another scam to avoid. The registration process is allegedly fast. The platform is offering a trading commission of 0.87%. They assure investors that their portfolio will grow at a speedy rate.

Solid Invest brags about having a top-notch security measure. However, the only thing that they have is an SSL certificate. This document will is not an assurance that your money is safe. The individuals that you should be scared about are the ones running this venture.

Once they decide to exit the market, there will be nowhere to run to. The company is discreet and operating on its own accord.  The personal data of investors are at high risk of being lost to a third party. The firm can sell this data or contact you unprofessionally.

Solid Invest features their recent withdrawal from their clients, and the information showcase big earnings that can contribute to newbies depositing funds in this entity. Unfortunately, the red flag of this suspicious company should not be taken lightly. Avoid losing money by finding a reliable trading partner. Review

Solid Invest brags that it has a qualified team that will help you in trading activities.  They also present investors with trading tutorials. Therefore, increasing the skills of traders playing a critical role in their future returns. The venture also claims it offers trading charts, and high-quality trading tools.

The company is accepting investors from all over the world. The shady platform also states it has transparent fees. Therefore, there are no hidden charges to their customers. It also holds that the success of their clients is their main goal. Online investment is one of the best passive income-generating methods.

Solid Invest Review, Solid Invest Company

The market is plagued by fraudsters who are tactical and convincing. We have seen reputable companies being hacked as well. The important thing you can do is to put your money’s safety as the main priority. Ensure you research a company before depositing your hard-earned money.

Solid Invest is advertised as a transparent venture that has great trading conditions. The company allegedly clearly outlines its fees, investment plans, and trading costs. Therefore, investors can project their daily earnings. Unfortunately, this is not possible.

The cryptocurrency niche is unpredictable and volatile. The best crypto trading companies will feature their trading results for traders to access their credibility. Moreover, they do not make unattainable promises to their clients. You can also read their happy clients’ testimonials.

How Does Solid Invest Operates?

It has become a custom for scammers to take advantage of investors. They use all sorts of convincing tactics to appear as legit brokers. Solid Invest is one of those shady companies that are cunning and manipulative. Once you research this platform, the first thing you will encounter is positive reviews from their promoters.

However, there is no proof of earning or existing verifiable client experience. The average win rate and drawdown of the firm remain unknown. Moreover, there is no evidence of trading activities taking place. The paid promoters will manipulate you into giving the entity access to your money.

Solid Invest Scam Review, Solid Invest Features

Refrain from trusting an anonymous broker with your money. The minimum amount that you can deposit in this entity is not outlined. Leaving out such critical data shows the unprofessionalism of this platform. There are complaints from traders that Solid Invest is not processing withdrawals.

We could not verify if the listed payment methods are working. If you have to deposit funds in any new venture, we recommend using the credit card option. This allows you to issue a chargeback up to 540 days. Companies that promise to make you rich end up being Ponzi schemes.

Solid Invest Contact Details

Solid Invest does not reveal its actual location. Investors can contact this company via email, telephone number, or by filling out the contact form at their website. Nonetheless, this broker appears to be operating from Germany. The customer support is operating around the clock.

However, the platform has several red flags. Their anonymity nature does not serve the company any good. Despite their claims that traders will enjoy great, professional services, it is hard believing information coming from a blacklisted firm. The entity will collapse, and clients will not be able to contact them.

Fraudsters have a tendency of cold calling traders with enticing deals. Their call centre background will convince you there are trading activities taking place. However, Solid Invest will not generate or offer you any positive outcome.

Regulation Status

Solid Invest is a company that CYSEC blacklists. This is one of the reputable financial watchdogs in the market. Gry Matter Enterprise Limited is overseeing the operation of this firm.

Investing with a blacklisted entity exposes you to greater risk. The marketers of this company claim that this entity provides traders with high security and peace of mind. However, this is just another scam that will leave you high and dry. It has become a trend for shady platforms to take advantage of innocent investors.

Solid Invest does not segregate funds with top tier bank institutions. In the case of this platform exit, the market investors won’t recover their funds.  The company violates several jurisdictions set by regulatory bodies. Them accepting money from traders across the globe without having the necessary documentation is a big red flag.

You will not make an income using this bogus crypto trading venture. It would be best to deal with licensed entities that will never jeopardize your earnings. Trade carefully and learn to spot the loopholes in any trading system.

Solid Invest Domain Insight

Solid Invest is a company that lacks a trading history. The entity was established in May 2020. Their domain is expected to appear after one year. A registration that does not go beyond one year shows that this entity has no intention of being around for long.

The character is common with fraudsters they enter and exit the market as they please. The traffic that is visiting this website is also not huge. Investing in an infamous platform is a big mistake. One that will cost you money risking your safety.

Final Verdict

Solid Invest is a scam that is operating illegally. The majority of scammers use false information to get their filthy hands at innocent traders’ funds. Several things come into play in cryptocurrency returns. The company is not reliable, and neither are they regulated.

Moreover, the platform has already been blacklisted. Trading with them automatically leads to a loss of money. Multiple governments constantly warn traders against trusting anonymous unlicensed brokers. Therefore, there is nowhere to run to once this scam collapse.

Invest with the best crypto trading company that is transparent and reputable. Their trading conditions are ideal for traders. These platforms will never exploit their customers. Furthermore, they are licensed and their customer support team is professional and responds on time. The safety of your money should always be your main goal.

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