Solidusmarkets Review: Avoid this Unprofitable Offshore Broker

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SolidusMarkets Review
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SolidusMarkets embraces anonymity. They have failed to provide information about the team. Therefore, we are aware of whether experts are involved but from the look of things whoever is behind the entity is a tactical scammer.

SolidusMarkets is a company that has only been in the market for less than a year. Nonetheless, this does not stop them from bragging about their services. The platform views itself as a genuine and trustworthy entity. However, a thorough background check will prove this is far from the truth.

Solidusmarkets Review, Solidusmarkets Company Review 

First, the platform claims multiple existing customers. Even the best trading entities take time to build their reputation. They will not have thousands of existing clients without having a tracking history.

SolidusMarkets embraces anonymity. They have failed to provide information about the team. Therefore, we are aware of whether experts are involved but from the look of things whoever is behind the entity is a tactical scammer. Choose crypto ventures that operate in full transparency. 

SolidusMarkets Trading Conditions and Accounts 

SolidusMarkets offers a web trader interface. Investors have access to customized chats, the placing order button, and technical indicators. These are basic features compared to reputable trading software. Review, Features

By using platforms such as the MetaTrader investors can place orders automatically. They also have access to advanced tools. Also, they can have access to multiple markets and customized scripts and EAs.

SolidusMarkets claims to be trading commodities, cryptocurrency, indices, stocks, and forex. The broker provides a spread of 6 pips to customers. The limit is unprofitable and way above the average standard market which is 1.5 pips.

In their attempt to appear legitimate, they offer a leverage of 1:30 which is what the United Kingdom financial bodies approve. However,  the agency does not license companies trading crypto derivatives.

To create a conducive environment for investors it is only professional traders with adequate trading skills and funds who can trade on high leverage. Unfortunately, the scheme has failed to provide audited trading performance.

Withdrawal and Deposits 

SolidusMarkets advertises two payment methods: wire transfer and digital currencies. Unfortunately, it is only the latter method that is working. Cryptocurrency payment limits investors from issuing chargebacks. Additionally, the identity of the account recipient is concealed. 

You immediately lose access to your money once you hit the deposit button. The company accepts a minimum deposit of $500. Again this is double the market standard. They are also genuine companies that allow investors to start trading with an amount of $5. 

The problem with offshore companies is that they inflict agent charges on customers. Unfortunately, the scheme lacks customer reviews and it is impossible to know the experience to expect.

SolidusMarkets Regulation Status 

The must be a parent company and a financial body overseeing the activity of any investment platform. SolidusMarkets claims that DigitalGenius LLC  is behind its activities. They do not provide contact details or location of their owner.

The venture provides a license number without indicating the financial body that approves its financial activities. This is just a Ponzi scheme trying very hard to remain relevant.

Fortunately, the FCA has exposed the scammers for illegally targeting United Kingdom citizens. There are other reputable financial watchdogs in the industry protecting investors from dealing with fraudsters by setting up strict rules for brokers.

For instance, in the UK financial platforms are required to deposit a capital of £730,000. They also must participate in a compensation scheme. Investors are protected on the negative account balance.

Licensed platforms report their daily trading activities to the authorities, unlike offshore firms. They also partner with reputable banks to segregate their accounts. Dealing with a genuine platform grants you peace of mind.

Final Verdict

SolidusMarkets is an exposed scam that we exit the market unceremoniously. They have several red flags posing a hazardous risk to potential clients. Avoiding them and looking for more authentic and reliable crypto companies offering the best experience to clients.


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