Spark Global Limited: an Unregulated Broker

Spark Global Limited Review, Spark Global Limited Company
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Spark Global Limited Review
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Spark Global Limited claims to be a reliable forex trading broker. The company fails to provide enough information on its website for users, and it is operating anonymously. Invest with the best forex trading websites to earn genuine returns.

Spark Global Limited is a forex broker that promise to provide a world-class trading environment. The developers claim that SGL is an obvious choice for all types of traders. This platform has only been around for a little over a year. Therefore, it is impossible to see how it can compete with better-established platforms.

The forex space sees more and more companies come up each day. Unfortunately, most of these companies cannot deliver quality services to clients. Even worse, most of these companies are only in it for the money.

Spark Global Limited Review, Spark Global Limited Company

Therefore, it is vital to do enough research before choosing a trading broker. Luckily, we did the research for you. We found out that Spark Global Limited is not a trustworthy company. There are any red flags that we uncovered during our research. This review will provide you with the details we uncovered.

If you are looking to make money in the forex space, then you should look elsewhere. Only trade using the best forex brokers in the market. Such platforms are trustworthy and have been around for a long time. They will provide the best environment to safeguard and grow your investment.

Spark Global Limited Review

The website does not offer users much information about what the services provided. There is no mention of the spreads or leverages the customers should expect. The developers want traders to invest without disclosing this crucial information.

The Spark Global Limited trading platform caters to users by providing a rich user interface. It is a MetaTrader 5 platform with a customizable trading environment. This is the most popular trading platform among traders. It is refreshing to see SGL support it.

The developers censure to provide abundant liquidity for traders. For that, they cooperate with the world’s top liquidity providers. These include CFH, LMAX, and Currenex. SGL combines that with its deep market depth. The developers promise to meet nearly 50 million contracts in a single order.

Further, SGL allows traders to enter the international market directly. This is possible due to the STP-ECN bridge technology. This gives traders high trading volumes to help them get the best deals.

However, this platform may not provide high trading volumes as the developers claim. The website is not popular among traders. It currently ranks 6,366,573 on Alexa rankings. Therefore, it is unknown to seasoned traders.

In any case, Spark Global Limited promises speedy and smooth operation. This is because they have the highest specification server architecture. As such, they promise execution in milliseconds.

Founders and Customer Support

Many fraudulent companies do not introduce the founding team to the public. They do this to avoid anyone tracking them down. This is the case with Spark Global Limited. The website does not introduce us to the people behind the operations.

Owners of legitimate companies do not see the need to hide their identities. Moreover, revealing their identity would be better for their business. It would help improve the trust customers have in them. The lack of transparency by this company hurts their reputation.

Even their customer support is not reliable. They have a live chat option. However, this option is only there for aesthetics. The agents are always busy. The automated bot only tells you to leave a message with your email. However, there is no mention of how long it takes for the team to respond to customer queries.

The other option is to email the team via But, there is no guarantee that the team will respond to your queries. This is a characteristic of companies only looking for money. They have no commitment to customer satisfaction.

Pricing and Features

There is no mention of the pricing structure on the official Spark Global Limited website. They leave everything to the customers to figure out. They do not mention the minimum deposit they require to open an account. This shows a lack of professionalism by the team.

Still, they promise to provide a personalized trading platform. The platform comes with a variety of advanced features and a multi-channel support deal. The developers promise a high-quality platform for liquidity.

Spark Global Limited Scam Review, Spark Global Limited Features

Additionally, the company promises to provide low latencies and flexible connections. Customers can access FIX and FPI using Spark Global Limited. The team promises to put customers first.

However, the lack of important information on the website does not communicate that. They do not cater to novice traders. There are no tutorials or introductory resources. Legitimate companies will always ensure to help their customers. They will provide enough information to get traders oriented to their systems.

Further, the company has a white mark plan program. This program allows customers to create their own brands. It helps with regulatory license application and building of trading systems. They promise to help developers establish a radiant image in the trading space.

Regulation and Fund Safety

This company claims to have regulatory licenses from NFA, FinCEN, and FSA. However, there is no evidence to support this. Additionally, a quick search on the websites of these organizations reveals worrying details.

This company is not an NFA member. You can find this out by searching it on the NFA website. Additionally, the company is not listed on the FSA website. This shows that the company is lying to attract unsuspecting individuals.

Even worse, the FCA issued a warning against using its services. The FCA only issues such warnings after receiving complaints from public members. The SFC also issued a public warning against using Spark Global Limited.

It is impossible to trust such a company to provide funds’ safety. They can do anything they want because there is no regulatory body keeping them in check. Moreover, there is no evidence of SSL certification on the website. This means that the website does not have the necessary protection against hackers.

Can You Trust Spark Global Limited

There are so many missing details on the Spark Global Limited website. For starters, they do not tell customers what the pricing structure looks like. The developers leave the users to figure everything out for themselves.

Additionally, there is no mention of the deposit methods that the company supports. This reveals a lack of professionalism by the company owners. Moreover, the website does not introduce us to the founders of this company. It is impossible to tell the background these individuals have.

Further, this company lies about their regulation status. They are not listed by the bodies they claim. This is enough evidence to show that the company is not regulated. They can do anything they want.

Moreover, some regulatory bodies have issued public warnings against using this company. Therefore, you should trust Spark Global Limited.

Final Verdict

This is not a trustworthy company. The design of its operations spells a disaster waiting to happen. Run while you still can. This company is unregulated and lacks transparency. Under such conditions, it is easier to get scammed than it is to make any money.

You should only use trading platforms that have proven to work for a long time. Only such companies can provide a safe trading environment. Ensure to only use the best forex brokers in the market. This is the best way to ensure you do not get scammed.


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