Starcryptofx Review: Another Unregulated Platform

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Starcryptofx Review
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Starcryptofx wants to delude investors into thinking it’s a legitimate crypto investment platform. Learn the truth in our detailed review.

Starcryptofx ( claims to help you get a profitable outcome. The platform offers one of the highest ROIs we’ve ever seen. But, of course, Star Crypto FX wants to take investors for a ride. Once you deposit funds with the platform, it’s the last you will see of it. The platform is notorious for blocking withdrawal attempts. Soon, the platform plans to delete accounts of victims. Learn more in our detailed STARCRYPTOFX REVIEW.

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About Starcryptofx

Starcryptofx pros and cons

According to the about us page, Starcryptofx is claiming residency in the United States. There’s no such platform registered under federal or trading laws. We have an attempt by offshore-based scam artists to try and penetrate the U.S market.

We can straight away tell you that the website is a fraud from the word goes. Judging from the aesthetics, it’s clear we are dealing with a clone platform. We have seen this website design in hundreds of other crypto scams.

The about us page contains several misleading statements. These include their running days and total withdrawal amount. In addition, the platform even bloats the number of investors who signed up with the platform.

All these claims attempt to try and convince investors that the platform is legit. The platform wants to create an idea that you can get profit quickly. In short, we have a get-rich-quick scheme thanks to

The platform also claims to have world coverage as it’s a renowned brand. These are false claims as no one knows where the platform resides. It’s a classic get-rich-quick scheme that quickly becomes a crypto exit scam.

Before you invest in any platform, we recommend doing some due diligence. First, try and find out what makes the platform viable. Then, weigh in the pros and cons of a platform before committing funds. An excellent example would be reading our crypto and forex reviews.

Acceptable funding methods

Since this is a crypto investment platform, the owners prefer crypto deposits. You can also deposit funds via bank and wire transfers. Once you fund your account with the latter, the amount reflects in your account within 24 hours.

The platform will send an email with a notification of receiving payment. After that, however, you have to wait for the vesting period to lapse before enjoying your profits. When this time comes, that’s when you start getting problems.

Withdrawal is not possible as the platform gives excuses for why it’s not possible. For example, you get an email claiming your bank account doesn’t accept their system. Others get an email claiming the quote on the account is wrong.

These are attempts to try and fool investors into believing it’s their fault. The truth remains, the platform failed to release withdrawals. We strongly believe the owners are laughing all the way to the bank.

Accounts Starcryptofx

Starcryptofx offers four plans to interested clients. These include starter, silver, gold, and platinum. Each of these accounts comes with a promise of getting a high ROI. Let’s take a closer look at each of these accounts;


For the starter account holder, there’s a minimum deposit requirement of $300. It sounds fair to naïve investors as most will ask for $500 or more. The account comes with a guaranteed ROI of $2,778.


You have to deposit $700 to get started with the silver account. The account’s only feature is that members get a professional chart. Unfortunately, we don’t understand why the chart as the platform does the investing for you.


There’s a minimum acceptable deposit of $1,000 and the same features as the silver account. In addition, members get a promise of getting accurate trade alerts and a guarantee of making $7,167. That’s a 100 percent ROI margin.


It’s the most exclusive account of them all. Investors have to deposit $1,500 and hope to make $9,556. That’s an insane turnaround, considering the platform promises a vesting period of seven days.

Accounts Starcryptofx

Account features

There are some issues we have to raise that are obvious to us. First, the high ROI is impractical as no expert or robot can achieve these margins. The crypto market is volatile, and chances are, you are bound to make some losses.

We have an issue with the vesting period, which is way below what you would expect. The minimum vesting period in a good crypto investment platform is three to four months. So any platform promising less is taking investors for a ride.

On the about us page, the platform boasts over $11 million invested on the platform. The platform goes ahead and claims members have made withdrawals estimated at around $2 million.

What this shows is that members are sharing their deposit amount. Those who invested earlier get to withdraw part of their ROI. The platform uses these members to convince others to sign up.

It’s a classic pyramid scheme that wants to enrich a few by sharing the funds of the many. There’s no way the platform will allow newbies to withdraw profit. The platform even fails to inform members on which investment options the platform uses.

Business holder

Despite the platform claiming to reside in the U.S, there’s no business registry. The platform doesn’t have a valid document to prove it is registered in the States. And this means we are dealing with an anonymous and unregulated platform.

You need to be vigilant and avoid anonymous investment platforms. These platforms often fail to offer the security of funds. In addition, you won’t get your funds back if things turn south, which they usually do.

Hiring recovery agents is not recommended. An investigation revealed that these agents are part of the scam. The agents will contact first by claiming to have filed a lawsuit against the platform.

An email is sent claiming the agents won, and a settlement was made. All you have to do is pay legal fees to get part of the settlement. It’s their last move to ensure they take as much as possible from naïve crypto investors.

Client testimony

Are funds safe with Star Crypto FX?

We also see there’s a client testimony section on their homepage. These testimonials are not genuine as the platform wants to fool investors. There’s no positive review of the platform from independent platforms.

Contact and support

You get redirected to a message board despite having a live chat tab. Members have to leave their contact details and wait for a response. In most cases, the platform will only respond to deposit queries.

Deposit fund and safety with Starcryptofx

Your funds are far from safe with an anonymous and unregulated platform. Star Crypto FX fails to have a legitimate business registry. We note that the store doesn’t segregate accounts. Once members make a deposit, the owner transfers funds to a private account.

Members also fail to get insurance cover for deposits made by clients. So you won’t receive any compensation from the platform if it goes under. That’s why you need to invest in a proven platform that guarantees the safety of funds.

License and regulation Starcryptofx

Is legit or a scam?

Starcryptofx is not a legit platform as it fails to comply with investing and trading regulations.

Our verdict

Please stay away from unregulated platforms such as

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