Starek Forex Review: Unregulated Broker

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Starek Forex Review
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Starek Forex is a ridiculous forex company. The entity does not care to disclose the minimum amount that investors can deposit. Usually, you find brokers having a number of accounts.

Starek Forex claims that it is the future of trading. The venture does not have limits for investors. The scheme states it has only one focus which is to understand the needs of their clients. They are using cutting-edge technology to generate more returns. Moreover, the venture also claims it wants to build outstanding relationships with traders. 

Starek Forex Review, Starek Forex Company

If you read the information available on the website, you would think this is one of the best ventures. However, the reality is this is a sales pitch. Scammers have an  A-game marketing strategy. However, when it comes to delivering results, the venture chickens out. They leave their customers high and dry.

The venture also claims it provides the best trading tools. Starek Forex provides a fund manager to every client. Our main concern is that the scheme has not bothered to avail the educational background of the venture. Their failure to credit the team raises doubt. We cannot validate if the people that are handling the funds of traders are qualified.

Invest with transparent forex trading companies. These are schemes that have a past trading history. You will trade knowing that your money is safe. Moreover, their customer support is also reliable and responds in time. Review

Ionically, Starek Forex is speaking about fund safety. We find this unlikely, considering that the entity is operating anonymously. If they have nothing to hide, all the necessary data would be availed to the public. Moreover, the venture has an SSL certificate. This document ensures hackers do not steal the data of investors.

However, this should not be your worry as this offshore scheme could themselves sell the information to criminals for money. This is far much worse. There is no point in panicking if your money is safe. All you have to do is choose a reliable and genuine entity to trade with. 

Moreover, Starek Forex does not feature banking information. There is no segregation of funds. The money that you deposit is at a higher risk of going to the con artists’ pockets. You cannot recover the money from the schemes. The company avails its top traders. The information could be manipulated. The company should instead provide their verified trading results.

The market is volatile. Therefore, it is hard to predict the direction that the assets are going to follow. The company should ensure it operates according to the regulatory bodies’ requirements. 

Trading Conditions of Starek Forex

Starek Forex provides an MT5 interface. This is one of the best trading platforms in the market. Its features are fantastic. The scheme is a Ponzi scheme. Unfortunately, there are several hitches that we discovered. The software is not working. The registration process also gives some errors. 

The spread for the EURUSD pair is 0.2 pips. The scheme requires clients to pay less and the more returns the traders are going to yield. However, we suspect the venture is doing this to win over more people. The leverage is that of 1:100. It is beyond what the regulatory bodies permits. 

The FCA only allows leverage of 1:30. This is a validation that the venture does not originate from the United Kingdom. The venture is targeting traders from the region without adhering to set guidelines. 

Withdrawal and Deposits

Starek Forex is a ridiculous forex company. The entity does not care to disclose the minimum amount that investors can deposit. Usually, you find brokers have several accounts. This enables clients to choose what best works for them. Sadly, in the case of this scam, there are no account tiers. 

The method of payments is also hidden. This is no surprise as scammers tend only to accept money using means that do not permit traders to issue a chargeback. They also have undisclosed fees. These are the kind of companies that will refuse to handle your withdrawal requests. 

This is a discrete entity that you should not be risking your money with. It is also possible that the company is accepting only those that have been referred to the scheme. 

Regulation Status of Starek Forex

The venture allegedly claims it is operating from Britain. However, this is only to mislead clients to believe the company is transparent. Investors’ funds are not safe. The moment you make a deposit, you are going to lose everything. The people that are managing the company are dangerous con artists. 

It shall be impossible to go after Starek Forex. This is because the fraudsters are anonymous. This is a murky business that is going to leave you high and dry. Moreover, they are not reporting their daily trading activities to the authority. Therefore, it is hard to know what is happening behind closed doors. 

In case of bankruptcy, investors will not receive even a single penny. Investing with a licensed company grants you peace of mind. You stand a chance of enjoying great trading conditions. 

Starek Forex Contact Details

 You cannot even rely on Starek Forex to provide their real location. The venture provides a false address. Traders that join the entity with the hope of making profits are in for a rude shock. How can you trust a dark broker with your data while they lack the courtesy of granting their office address? 

If you encounter any challenge in the entity, you can be assured the platform will overlook the situation. The company does not have a reputable customer support team. Every form of business invests heavily in its support team. They hire a professional team. 

Lack of Clients Testimonials

Starek Forex advertises high leverage and tight spread. This is enough reason for them to acquire several traders. However, this is not the case. The scheme does not have reviews from its clients. It is important to choose a reputable broker. At least you will know the kind of services to expect. Review, Features

There is no proof that anyone has earned. However, you also need to be cautious. This is because Ponzi schemes utilize their market. They pay random people to review them. The information is misleading as once you make a deposit. You will lose everything. 

The Domain Insight

Starek Forex is a privately registered company. It made its first digital footprint in June 2021. The platform aspires to be in the market for only one year. It also seems investors are not interested in the services of the broker. The traffic that is visiting the website is not appealing. 

Why would you risk trading with a Ponzi scheme that does not plan to be in the market for long? You are only going to get an undesirable outcome. Once the broker is exposed, they will close down their business. Your money will be trapped.

Final Verdict

Starek Forex has multiple red flags. The worst one is that the scheme lacks a license. They also do not have a legal document. Hence, if the venture violates its terms, there is nothing that you can do. They also do not have a customer support team. Resolving the challenges that you face is going to be a nightmare. 

Here is a list of some of the best forex trading companies in the market. These are platforms that have been in the market for years. Investing with them guarantees you will get professional services. You can as well check out their performance. 

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