Status Markets Review: Can You Trust the Platform

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Status Markets Review
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Status Markets speak highly about its trading activities. However, it has nothing to show. We cannot find their trading results, and this is a big concern. You should be able to see the track record of the company you choose as the trading partner.

Status Markets is an exposed fraud, and trading with them is unwise. The venture is doomed to fail, and anything on their website is only meant to generate sales for the con artists behind the venture. Nonetheless, the company continues to target investors across the globe.

Status Markets Review, Status Markets Company

The company claims it is a lovable broker using the powerful MT4 interface. The main purpose of the firm is to create a conducive trading environment for its clients. You cannot expect to get a positive outcome from a rogue venture. The safety of your money should be every trader’s concern. A company that is not willing to secure the funds and data of customers is a waste of time.

Status Markets is a scheme lying about its history. According to the information the entity provides, it brags it was established in 2017. The company does not mention anything about existing using a different name. Minor details like these should be taken very seriously. Who knows what the firm is hiding.

The unethical broker lacks integrity and transparency. Clients may think that they are entrusting their funds to genuine and trustworthy individuals. However, this is far from reality. The ghost workers lack all the aspects of generating a passive income for traders.

Invest with proven legit forex trading entities in the industry. These are reliable schemes that are regulated and operate in full transparency. All the necessary information is at the disposal of the public. Review

Status Markets is offering educational materials. It is always a great thing for the investment venture to avail knowledgeable resources to improve the trading skills of clients. High-quality resources play a big part. Sadly, fraudsters gather basic trading information that is substandard.

The market is volatile, and there are many investment firms in the market. All of them are trying to outdo the other. It is still a shock that scammers are exploiting investors. The first thing that you should check out before depositing your money is whether a firm is licensed. This will save you the trouble of losing funds.

Status Markets speak highly about its trading activities. However, it has nothing to show. We cannot find their trading results, and this is a big concern. You should be able to see the track record of the company you choose as the trading partner.

The registration process is swift. The exposed scam requires users to verify their information using IDs. There is no guarantee that the entity will not share your data with a third party. An SSL certificate is not enough to protect you. The venture also brags that its team is competent and comprises expert traders. Unfortunately, as stated, they are nowhere to be seen.

The Domain Insight

Status Markets is a company that has been in the market since September 2020. The entity registration is only meant to last for one year. The information of the registrar is not visible to the public. This is a venture that is determined to operate behind closed doors. Anonymity is not something that a platform should be proud of as it paints an awful picture. Unfortunately, we do not know the location of their target audience. The company has global traffic of 3,400,621, which is not much.

Trading Condition 

Status Markets allegedly has over 100 assets. It is important to diversify your account as a form of risk management. The venture has several trading tools and allegedly does not charge commission. The firm promises that it will generate profit immediately if you deposit funds. Review, Features

The fraudsters’ venture will never mention the risks that come with trading. It is utopic to think that only profits are going to be generated. The firm is dealing with forex, indices, commodities, and shares. The firm promises extremely tight spread and fast trade execution.

Status Markets is offering an MT4 despite being a scam. It is not an easily acquired interface, and the con artist behind the venture did dig their pockets. The spreads are unfavorable as traders require to pay more. The EURUSD pair has a spread of 4 pips. The leverage ranges from 1:1 to 1:1000, proving this is an illegal broker.

Status Markets Withdrawal and Deposit

The listed payment methods are bank transfer, credit, and debit card. The firm claims it does not charge withdrawal or deposit fees. When it comes to fees, offshore scams tend to inflict heavy charges on their customers as the law cannot punish them.

Status Markets does not see the need to set up a minimum deposit requirement. The least amount to cash out is $50. The scheme offers bonuses to investors, and there are hefty requirements that customers must meet to get money. Clients can’t attain a $5 million turnover if they take a $200 bonus. This is a scam that will hold the money of traders.

Customer Support and Contact Details

The company provides a UK address,s but it originates from Marshall Island. The area is infamous for hosting fraudsters. The entity is lying about being located in a reputable country for transparency purposes. It further provides an email address and a phone number.

Keep in mind that Ponzi schemes cut their victims off after gaining access to their funds. You will not be able to trace down the venture as it is located in an unknown area. It will soon exit the industry, leaving you high and dry.

False Clients Testimonials

Status Markets has several reviews that are obviously fake. They are cherry-picked and only praise the broker. There are no profile pictures of the customers or social media platform links. The least the firm could have done is to feature proof of payment.

The statements praise the entity as the best CFD entity. Customers are reporting drastic increases in their returns months after joining the company. The platform team is also presented as a helpful one. Sadly, if you are not keen, you are going to fall for a dangerous entity.

They are also paying random people that have not used their platform to endorse them. Status Markets is not a profitable broker, and it is going to withhold payment. There are several complaints from those that have already made losses. It has become hard to trust online reviews as fraudsters manipulate the information being left. However, you can always check with reliable third parties.

Regulation Status of Status Markets

The broker is on the warning list of the FCA. Turning a blind eye to the regulatory body warning puts you in greater danger. Status Markets does not qualify to offer its services in the United Kingdom. Investors should, therefore, deal with licensed companies only.

Marshall Island does not have a financial regulator. It is, therefore, an ideal location for the Ponzi scheme. This company is anonymous, and it will be hard to track them after closing down their business. Regulated entities segregate funds in top-tier 1 banks. They also report their daily trading activities to the financial watchdogs.

Final Verdict

With all the red flags we have featured, we do not expect traders to fall victim to this bogus venture. Your money is not secure with the venture, and we suggest you refrain from trading with them.

Here is a list of the best reliable forex trading entities in the market. The entity can help you in making real-time profits. Invest wisely and normalize running a background check on a firm.

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