Stonux Capital Review: Trustworthy or Not?

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Stonux Capital Review
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Stonux Capital has already been blacklisted by the Spain financial body. The CNMV does not permit the organization to conduct any investment services. Therefore, the government will not come to your rescue once the firm decides to steal your savings.

Stonux Capital is a platform that lacks originality. The only thing that we can credit them about is for using beautiful colors on their website. The company is allegedly trading cryptocurrency assets. The firm assures investors they don’t necessarily have to do anything.

You can leave all the hard work to them. The entity assures traders of high returns. The firm brags that it is a professional investment scheme. They rely on their high-end technology and team of experts to generate stable returns for investors.

Stonux Capital Review, Stonux Capital Company

Stonux Capital is offering Forex and binary options assets as well. For starters, Binary options are hazardous. They have already been banned by the EU financial body because of the risks that come along. Moreover, we highly suspect that there are no investment services taking place in this venture.

The platform states that its main aim is to act as a catalyst and assist more investors in using blockchain technology. The entity is not licensed, and they are operating as they please. You need to avoid this venture like a plague.

There are multiple legit crypto trading companies that have quality trading tools. These platforms also have a qualified team of professionals behind managing their operations. You can trust them with the safety of your money. Review

The platform states that it is transparent and efficient. The company presents its founder who is Philip Smith. The firm boasts that it utilizes a long-term risk management policy. Therefore, you cannot make losses with them. The venture only promises the best outcome to its customers.

However, this is a fictional character that the scam has created. There is nobody by this name that is responsible for the activities of Stonux Capital. We searched everywhere online, but we did not find any relevant results.

The company only puts up this information to confuse their customers. The entity also claims that it is operating from Belgium. They are targeting and accepting traders from all over the globe. The platform is also acting as a crypto exchange.

It is a grave mistake to trust a shady firm with your crypto. The entity is only making bold claims of generating profits. Unfortunately, we do not know the mechanism that the venture is using. They only showcase an SSL and a DDoS certificate to prove the money of traders is secure.

However, this is not enough guarantees. You need to verify whether an investment firm has a license before blindly giving them access to your hard-earned funds. The broker also states it has multiple payment methods but fails to disclose the ones available for their clients.

Regulation and Registration Status of Stonux Capital

The company brags that it has licensed from IFSC, which is the financial body of Belize. They also claim to be regulated by CySEC and CFTC. Unfortunately, this is a self-licensed broker that is not worth your time.

Stonux Capital has already been blacklisted by the Spain financial body. The CNMV does not permit the organization to conduct any investment services. Therefore, the government will not come to your rescue once the firm decides to steal your savings.

The dirty Ponzi scheme can do whatever it, please. They violate their own terms and conditions. The entity is capable of mishandling its clients. Once they realize they are not getting any money, they will exit the industry.

Your money will be trapped in their system. It is impossible to issue a chargeback as scammers don’t avail of credit card payment options. Once you cash in, you automatically lose access to your funds. The best thing is to trade only with licensed ventures.

Investment Plans of Stonux Capital

The broker has three investment plans. The minimum amount that you can deposit is $100. The customer support operates 24/7. They also provide professional charts, and the package runs for 4 days. They guarantee 5% daily ROI.

The more money you give, the higher your reward. The Bronze plan grants 6% returns for 5 days. The total amount to expect is $15,000. Their mega package is the gold account which requires a deposit of $15,000.

Traders are guaranteed 10% profit for 5 days. The reality is that you will never come across a platform that has such a short maturity period. Moreover, it is not possible to acquire such high returns in a short time span.

Additionally, none of their customers have come forth to showcase their payout. There is no evidence that the venture is going to generate profits. The big figures they advertise are for PR only. Avoid this entity.

Client Testimonials

Investors claim that Stonux Capital has transformed their lives. The broker is being marketed as the best firm that mind-blowing investment plans. They are recommending the platform to anyone that wants to grow their portfolio fast.

The traders are promoting the gold plan. They claim that it has the best features. However, all we see are some investment plans, and the only thing that varies is the money you deposit and returns to yield. Scam Review, Testimonials

The fact that the entity is involved in binary options trading is enough to keep you off. The company has left behind the endorsement themselves. They steal images from the internet and imply that these are their trustworthy clients.

Stonux Capital does not have any benefits that wait for you. We also learned that they are involved in crypto mining activities. The broker does not have a license or a registration document.

Customer Support and Contact Details

The registration form indicates the company is operating from the UK. Their office address is Gossetlaan 38, 1702 Dilbeek, Belgium. The only way that you contact the entity is via email. The phone number is only available for the VIP members.

However, you are not going to get a response from this dirty scheme. Stonux Capital is an offshore venture. They are not operating as per the requirement of any government. You cannot expect professional services from this dirty scheme.

The information from the third-party websites also suggests that the people are losing from this venture. You should refrain from trusting this dirty platform. They will ignore your email. The company is trying to get more money from their customer by claiming they will give you their phone number.

It does not matter because they are going to blacklist you. You will not get the profits that the firm advertises. Invest with genuine companies instead of losing funds from this Ponzi scheme.

Final Verdict

Stonux Capital is a blacklisted crypto trading company. The broker is also not paying. We do not know the location of this offshore entity. You need to trade with the best crypto firms that are licensed in the market. You are going to generate real-time returns.

These ventures provide factual information that can be validated. Scammers, on the other hand, only care about themselves. They will feature misleading and false statements to get more customers.

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