Swift Options Trade Review: Swiftoptionstrade.com a Dirty Scheme

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Swift Options Trade Review
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Swift Options Trade brags it has won several awards from various organizations. Nonetheless, the scheme fails to disclose the title it holds or who awarded them the trophies. The crypto firm is surrounded by uncertainty.

Swift Options Trade is a company that allegedly enables users to trade and transact cryptocurrencies. The firm assures clients it does not have hidden charges. The venture allows clients to trade BTC. They have a user-friendly interface that works swiftly. 

Swift Options Trade Review, Swift Options Trade Company

However, you should not make the mistake of entrusting your digital currencies to a shady entity. This is a platform that lacks a trading history. The venture is also working as an exchange, and stealing funds from clients is easy.  They are not recognized by coinmarketcap, which makes them a poor choice.

The platform is also trading Binary Options. Making money via this option is not easy as the shady firm claims. Binary options are risky, and it’s more of gambling rather than trading. No wonder they have been banned by the EU regulator.  Swift Options Trade is a bogus venture, and it is impossible to generate returns with such a scheme.

They also have a Bitcoin wallet. Do not even think about safeguarding your cryptos in this fraudulent entity. Additionally, the venture also allegedly claims it trades forex. They advertise high leverage and even offer margin trade. 

Swift Options Trade is not a trustworthy venture. If you want to trade cryptocurrencies, here are the top-notch companies to utilize. These are platforms that are famous in the market.

Swiftoptionstrade.com Review

Swift Options Trade appears like a round investment firm offering various assets classes and services. They also claim to be offering Bitcoin Mining activities. They are allegedly using ASIC hardware to yield high ROI for clients. Customers can also mine automatically. 

However, mining activities are associated with huge charges. The company fails to disclose how it handles the fees and how they distribute the cost to customers. It is most likely that the venture will charge hidden charges. Trusting an offshore entity is an unwise decision. One that can lead to devastating undesirable results. 

Swift Options Trade brags it has won several awards from various organizations. Nonetheless, the scheme fails to disclose the title it holds or who awarded them the trophies. The crypto firm is surrounded by uncertainty. 

The platform fails to provide sufficient information that shed light on their services. Cryptocurrency investment opportunities will not make you rich overnight. This is an anonymous firm, and it does not have the best interest of traders.

The murky firm assures its victims they will start generating profits immediately after making a deposit. Keep in mind that there is no fund safety here. The venture has DDoS encryption. However, this should be the least of your worries when you are dealing with fraudsters. 

Who is the Founder of Swift Options Trade?

The company chose to operate discreetly. The investment firm fails to mention the founders and credit its team. They are targeting novice traders as they are the ones with inadequate knowledge of the market. The entity brags it uses the latest technology, yet there is no evidence of investment services and products.

Swift Options Trade states it puts more emphasis on educational programs. It is great for them to educate the public, but we hope the materials are high quality. The account managers are nowhere to be seen, and there is a high chance this is a platform being run by a sole fraudster. 

The Domain Insight

 Swiftoptionstrade.com claims it has been in the industry since 2016. Lying about such minor details is unwise and uncalled for. The Whois.com analysis shows that the venture made its first digital footprint in May 2021. Their company aims to be in the market for only one year. 

Regardless, the shady scheme states it has handled over 4 million transactions. Nonetheless, there is no evidence the company is trading and mining. The lack of a track record makes their operation questionable. 

A short time frame raises suspicion. You cannot rely on Swift Options Trade. The traffic visiting the platform does not match the returns it advertises. Investors seem not interested in the services the scheme is offering. 

Customer Support and Client Reviews

We do not recommend sharing your personal data with a bogus venture. The company can misuse your information without your knowledge. Swift Options Trade does not have clients reviews despite advertising tempting profits.

Swiftoptionstrade.com Review, Swiftoptionstrade.com Testimonials

The only thing the entity has is false testimonials that are so obvious. The reviews are written in statement forms. There are no images or social media links from the clients. Therefore, we cannot prove the statements come from their actual traders. We cannot spot any proof of payment. Furthermore, on third party websites, there are no client feedbacks.

Swift Options Trade Investment Plans

Swift Options Trade has four investment plans. The venture markets itself as a genuine forex broker yet fails to disclose the currencies pairs available for traders. The leverage and spread information are also missing.

We also are unaware of the trading platform available. We cannot spot one, and this proves the entity is not trading. Nonetheless, the minimum amount to deposit is $1000. The perks to expect are unfeatured. The entity showcases a 60% ROI, but we do not know its duration to attain the profit. For all, we know it could be in a matter of hours, days, months or years.

The high profit is only meant to lure in innocent traders: the more you deposit, the higher returns to expect. However, even the best investment entities in the market do not advertise anything close to what this broker presents. 

Regulation Status of Swift Options Trade 

Swift Options Trade boasts it has a license from CySEC and FCA. These are some of the reputable financial bodies in the market. It is a big red flag when an investment scheme fakes its regulatory status. After checking on the database of the financial watchdogs, we did not find this Ponzi scheme in the list.

Furthermore, the company features an address from the USA. Hence, it should have a license from the NFA. The stringent body would not permit the firm to collect funds from traders. It does not qualify. The body requires a scheme to deposit $2 million in its name to receive a regulatory certificate. 

The FCA also needs a legit firm to deposit 730K EUR. The amount is used as compensation to investors in case of insolvency. The illegal company is dangerous, and they can steal all your savings.

Withdrawal and Deposit

The entity is accepting funds via Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Stellar coin. Cryptocurrency payments cannot be reversed when made. Additionally, you cannot trace the person that received the money.

This has become an ideal method for con artists. They can conceal their identity. The minimum amount that Swift Options Trade requires from traders is ridiculous compared to what legit companies take.  

They do not mention the fees that clients have to pay. However, this does not mean that you should not expect charges. Ponzi schemes tend to be shady, and they will feature hidden charges that reveal upon your withdrawal requests.

Final Verdict

Swift Options Trade is a venture that deals with Binary options trading, forex trading, ETF trading, and forex trading. However, we do not know the strategy that the scheme is using. They fail to provide trading results. Furthermore, this entity is not licensed. 

The company goes the extra mile by featuring a false licensing number. Invest with the leading cryptocurrency trading ventures in the world. These are legit firms that will generate real-time returns for investors. 

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