SwisDerm Review: SwisDerm.com An Untrustable Cosmetics Pyramid Scheme

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SwisDerm is a traditional MLM company that is promising several income opportunities in exchange for certain investments from the users. According to its website, SwisDerm.com, the mission of the company is to promote affordable and accessible beauty and healthcare products all over the world.

Since the company is asking for a significant amount of investment, it is important to review this company in detail to determine whether you should invest in it.

What is SwisDerm?

SwisDerm describes itself as a platform that is promoting premium-quality beauty and healthcare products to help all kinds of people get access to reliable products. Moreover, SwisDerm.com is claiming to have a team of highly experienced and qualified people behind this company. It claims to have efficient and reliable customer support as well.

However, most of such claims are untrue as the company does not have a smooth customer support system. It is not making the products easily accessible because potential customers have to invest in the income structure of the company before buying any products.

Another disturbing fact about this company is that there is no official information about who is running the company. Instead, it is only promoting itself as a professional and reliable platform.

SwisDerm.com is trying to present itself as a Swiss company. However, it is actually based in Malaysia. There does not seem to be any connection with Switzerland. This kind of marketing shows that the company does not want to disclose its origins and is even lying about its location.

Products of SwisDerm

SwisDerm has an extensive product catalog. Some of the major products of the company are:

  • S Factor to fight skin aging.
  • Hydrating lotion that reduces wrinkles and brightens the skin.
  • SwisWhite Cream enhances the overall skin appearance.
  • 3S capsules for anti-aging.

Most of the products focus on skin whitening. It is quite disappointing that even in this era, the company is trying to present the idea that white skin is superior to other complexions. This kind of marketing technique is prominent in every other marketing material. 

There are many other products listed on SwisDerm.com. However, the website does not mention the price of any of the products and ask users to invest in the company to buy any of the products.


This kind of business model is unfair for the customers because even if they are interested in any particular product, they cannot buy it from the company. This shows that the primary objective of the company is to attract as many affiliate members as it can. It also shows that the affiliate members are the only source of revenue for the company. It does not have much interest in promoting and selling the products. 

How to Join SwisDerm?

If you want to earn any kind of profits from Swisderm.com or buy its products, you have to buy one of the following packages:

  • Fast Start package that costs $60 and contains 1 free product.
  • The Bronze package costs $120 and contains 2 free products.
  • The Silver package costs $340 and contains 6 free products.
  • Gold package that costs $780 and contains 14 free products.
  • Platinum package that costs $1400 and contains 28 products.

The company is trying to convince users to invest as much money as they can to help them in earning maximum profits. However, the following income structure shows that there are very limited earning opportunities for users. Therefore, it is much better if you avoid investing in this platform.

Instead, you should consider investing in crypto cloud mining companies. These companies provide legal, efficient, and reliable services. As a result, you are able to mine your own crypto coins and earn a good amount of profits with the help of these crypto mining platforms. These companies have been operating in the crypto industry for quite a long time, so you can trust them. 

Income Structure of SwisDerm

The income structure of SwisDerm is like any other MLM company. However, it is quite disappointing that SwisDerm.com does not use a comprehensive income structure in one place. Instead, the following aspects of compensation are collected from various.

The following analysis has been put together from various SwisDerm affiliate presentations and marketing material:

Recruitment Commission

The company is promising a 40% commission on the money made from directly recruiting new members. This means the following recruitment commissions are distributed on direct recruitment:

  • Recruit a Fast Start affiliate to generate $12
  • Recruit a Bronze affiliate to generate $24
  • Hire a Silver affiliate to generate $72
  • Hire a Gold affiliate to generate $168
  • Recruit a Platinum affiliate to generate $335

However, the recruitment bonus of the company is disappointing because it shows that the affiliates will have to continuously keep working on hiring and maintaining more and more members. As a result, the company is not suitable for passive income, as you will have to devote a significant amount of time, money, and energy to this platform. 

Other Bonuses

SwisDerm is offering a variety of other bonuses like residual commissions, infinity bonuses, and rank achievement commission. The purpose of offering these commissions is to attract as many affiliates as possible.


Under the infinity bonuses. The company is promising a commission of between 4 to 8% to the high-ranking members of the company. However, the website does not provide any specific criteria for such profits. It is not clear how such profits will be distributed among the members. Whether the company will provide its products along with such profits is not clear as well.

Similarly, the company is also promoting its rank achievement bonuses. It claims that the members can generate such bonuses in the form of expensive products like a smartphone worth $200, a motorbike. A car of about $5000, and even a house worth $50,000: yet, SwisDerm.com does not provide any qualification criteria for these profits. 


There are many different aspects of SwisDerm that make it quite clear that the company is not suitable for a large investment. First of all, it is important to reiterate the fact that the company is lying about being a Swiss company. It is a Malaysian organization. There is another company operating with the name of “SwissDerm,” so there is a very high chance that this platform is trying to take the benefits of a well-established brand by making a copy. 

Another disappointing fact that about SwisDerm is that despite having an extensive product catalog, it does not allow people to buy its products without buying the affiliate membership. It shows that the company has no major interest in generating revenue by selling products. Instead, it is focusing on attracting more affiliates.

This kind of business model is not sustainable because the company does not have any external source of revenue. It means SwisDerm will collapse when the recruitment stops. The income structure of the company also shows that the business model of a traditional Ponzi pyramid scheme is being followed.

Therefore, you should avoid making any kind of investment in SwisDerm because there is a very high chance that you will not make any profits and even end up losing your money. Instead, you should consider investing in crypto cloud mining companies. You can fully rely on such platforms to earn a good amount of profits by mining your own crypto coins. These companies have modern technology and years of experience in the crypto industry, so you can trust them. 

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