Swiss Capital Bank Review: An Outrageous Venture

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Swiss Capital Bank Review
  • Contact Details and Customer Support
  • Regulation and Registration
  • Fund Safety


We also cannot spot the trading performance of the Swiss Capital Bank. Without knowing how the scheme is operating, you risk joining an offensive scheme. Verified performance guarantee on what to expect. Moreover, if the entity had reviews of their clients, it would help shed light on their services. 

Swiss Capital Bank is a platform that claims it has several trading assets. The venture also provides tight spreads for its clients. They brag about having the best support in the market. The scheme also states it has several methods of payment. However, it turns out that these are not safe options. 

Swiss Capital Bank Review, Swiss Capital Bank Company

The scheme is not reliable. They provide several false statements. Additionally, the scheme contradicts itself with various statements. This is not a reliable business. Once you register, you must verify your account. The scheme needs your ID and proof of residency verification. 

We are against sharing such critical data with offshore schemes. Only God knows what they will do with the data. The scammer can steal your money and sell the info to criminals. Giving them your phone number invites numerous calls from the Ponzi schemes. The sales reps are pretty convincing. Therefore, every time they will promise the best results to make you deposit money. Stay away from shady company for the sake of your sanity. Review

Swiss Capital Bank is allegedly trading cryptos, commodities, and forex. They boast of having the best trading tools, charts, and indicators. The scheme does not discuss anything like the safety of funds. They fail to disclose the financial institutions they partner with.

Unfortunately, this company does not care about improving the trading skills of investors. There is no negative account balance protection. They also do not supervise the accounts of investors. In case you lose all your savings, there is nowhere to turn to. The firm also claims it does not charge a commission.

 Swiss Capital Bank lacks transparency. They do not reveal the people that are behind the scheme. If the venture has nothing to hide, then it would credit the financial analysts and account managers. The risks measure that the scheme is applying are unknown. Invest with some of the best forex trading companies

Swiss Capital Bank Regulation and Registration 

Swiss Capital Bank is a company that does not have a registration form or a license. Nonetheless, the venture allegedly states it has licenses from reputable financial watchdogs. The Estonian jurisdiction protects the legal documents of the firm claim investors. 

However, this is another falsehood. The platform is unworthy of your trust. They are on the warning list of FINMA (Switzerland Financial Market Supervisory Authority). Investing with a blacklisted firm will only lead to negative results. In all the countries, the company is accepting traders from doing it illegally. 

The firm is also not working with a reputable financial institution. Hence, your money has a high risk of landing in the fraudsters’ pockets. There is no investment taking place in this dirty scheme. If you want the best results and peace of mind, invest with regulated schemes.

Trading Conditions and Accounts

The scheme has a web trader interface. Some of the leading brokers in the market offer the best trading interface. There are three accounts available. The minimum amount that investors can deposit is $250. However, it also indicates it takes $100. Contradictory information is not a good sign on the image of the platform. 

The spread for most of the currency pairs is 1.2. It is as per the market standard. The problem is that the venture is not genuine. The leverage that the firm offers is 1:10. This is lower than what the financial bodies permits. The UK government accepts 1:30.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The payment methods available include; credit and wire transfers. There are other secondary payment methods like Pradez, NeoBanQ,  GumBallPay, and TexCent. These are shady options that investors cannot issue a chargeback with the firm.  The least amount that clients can cash out is $250 for wire transfers. For other methods, it is $100. If you accept the bonuses of the venture, then you must meet the necessary measures. 

The inactivity accounts are charged a 10% fee. It is indefinite the duration when an account is considered inactive. At one section, it claims 3 months while in another 6 months. Moreover, percentage form fees are unfair to the investors.

Contact Details

The entity allegedly claims it has offices in the United Kingdom. Switzerland, and Austria. The location of the entity is unknown. How can you trust a venture that uses a random address to trap your money? They cannot even afford to hire reliable customer support. 

It is impossible to go after the con artist once they decide to leave the market. One way to know if a venture cares about investors is to see if they have invested in offering world-class customer support services. Legit schemes will have an active phone number, responsive email service, and social media presence.

Swiss Capital Bank Clients Testimonials

Swiss Capital Bank is allegedly offering the best trading services to investors. However, it is odd that the scheme does not have reviews from traders. One of the ways to determine the quality of services that you are going to get from a venture is by checking what their customers have to say.

A transparent and genuine scheme will have the necessary information on third-party platforms. Be wary of nonreputable schemes. Ponzi schemes also have a way of using false information. It is normal to encounter misleading data online.

Are Funds Safe at Swiss Capital Bank?

Unfortunately, if you join Swiss Capital Bank, forget about fund safety. For starters, the scam does not have information about its founders. Additionally, the qualification of the individuals is unrevealed. It is most likely that you will be trusting incompetent individuals with your funds. 

The banking information of the venture is not available. Once you deposit money, forget about recovering the money. Moreover, the withdrawal requirement that the scheme imposes on clients is unfair. It is vivid that the Ponzi scheme does not intend on releasing your money.

We also cannot spot the trading performance of the Swiss Capital Bank. Without knowing how the scheme is operating, you risk joining an offensive scheme. Verified performance guarantee on what to expect. Moreover, if the entity had reviews of their clients, it would help shed light on their services. 

Swiss Capital Bank is also not licensed. They fake their regulatory status. This is the kind of scheme that will say anything to win the trust of investors. Refrain from doing business with an offensive scheme like this company. Scammers will leave you highland and dry without caring. They only look after their greedy needs. 

The Domain Insight

Swiss Capital Bank is a venture that has been in the market for only a few months. It was registered in September 2021. There are no trading results. Investing with a scheme that lacks trading history is unwise. The domain name is expected to expire after one year. There is not much traffic visiting the venture. 

Final Verdict

Investment is one of the ways that you could secure your future investment. However, if you choose a scam, you will regret joining unlicensed schemes. The safety of your data and money should always come first and this is something Swiss Capital Bank doesn’t offer. Moreover, ensure that the firm you choose has a good support team. 

Here is a list of some of the best forex trading companies in the market. These are legit schemes that have been in the market for years. The safety of your money is guaranteed. You sleep sound knowing they are going to be there even when the market is volatile. 

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